How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

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After years of designing, coordinating, learning, waiting, and creating, my fabric line is finally available for sale (find the store here ), so this week marks the official release of Free Spirit Fabrics’ Bunnies, Birds, and Flowers.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

We teamed up with some talented creators and Instagrammers to showcase the outfits. They are wonderful quilts. not me They show super fancy sewing projects. I’m going to show a super easy no-sew project for my readers who don’t sew or quilt.

How To Make Cloth Napkins, A Step By Step Guide

While thinking of a great no-sew project, I was working on setting the table for a photo shoot and realized that I had sold most of my dyed burlap doilies when we moved.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

I had a moment of inspiration. My fabrics are perfect with the table setting and the linen napkins are ridiculously easy to make. This is a project I can share! Personalized No Sew Dinner Napkins.

Let me tell you…  this project is so easy. It’s almost embarrassingly easy compared to other tutorials I’ve written. Sometimes, though, we want a plan that’s ridiculously easy. And the best part is that it doesn’t come across as a simple craft project. It’s like, “Wow, where did you find napkins that perfectly match your style and dishes?”

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

How To Sew Cloth Napkins With Mitered Corners

Measure four 18″ x 18″ squares with a quilting ruler and mark with a pencil on the back of the fabric. This is where a quilting ruler comes in very handy as you can easily secure the corners at right angles so you don’t end up with a trapezoidal doily.

Cut along the pencil lines with pinking shears. This gives the handkerchief a nice look but prevents the fabric from fraying.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

Just check the wipes with an iron and they are ready to use! You can wash and reuse them like any other cloth napkins.

Cloth Napkins A Fun Beginner’s Sewing Project

Consider all options! Simple cafe curtains that can be hung from table runners, holders and clips. Just because you don’t sew doesn’t mean you can’t create a custom bed for your home.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

And if you want to be fancy, you can always add an embroidered border or stitched details around the design. Whether you want to keep it simple or add some custom details, this is a great way to open up your tablecloth options.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring other things made from my clothes (the web and my stories) on Instagram. I’ve already previewed the quilts I’m making and I’m excited to share them! If you want to watch, here are the creators taking part in the tournament…

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

How To Sew Mitered Corner Napkins

To learn more, check out the BB&B lookbook here, the full fabric line, and the free Spirit Fabric Locator shop here.

This is another exciting milestone in a business that started with the goal of earning just $200 a month to help with shopping. And I feel like I haven’t said thank you in a while, so yeah

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

. Thank you to all my readers who have followed and supported me on this journey. Thank you to my family, friends, mentors, coaches, clients, customers, cheerleaders and everyone who believed in me and took a chance.

Diy Cloth Napkins

I’m Marion, Miss Mustard Seed, wife, mother, color enthusiast, lover of all things home and entrepreneur, author, artist, designer, freelance writer and photographer. To learn more about me, my blog and my business, read more… Make these DIY linen dinner napkins from cheap linen and give your table a classy, ​​classic feel. The more you wash these wipes, the better they look!

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

I promise these DIY cloth napkins are so easy, your table setting will give you amazing bang for your buck. A linen napkin is best. The more you wash them, the softer they get!

This post was originally published in 2018. I’m still using my first cloth wipes and loving them. For the purpose of updating, I bought bed linen and made another set of napkins. The second set is featured in this post.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

Sew Handmade Cloth Napkins

It’s hard! There are many factors that determine how much fabric you need to make this linen napkin. Let’s start from here…

To make six 20 inch squares, I recommend buying 2.5 yards of fabric. The fabric should be at least 45 inches wide. After cutting six napkins, I had a few left over.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

Now it’s time to share my linen source so you can make your own DIY linen napkins. Years ago when I started my Etsy shop, I was looking for 100% affordable lingerie. Trust me, finding it is not easy. I started shopping on eBay, but it soon turned into an unexpected situation. I knew I needed a reliable place to get the same bed over and over again.

Diy Fat Quarter Cloth Napkins

Joann Fabric appeared in response. This Sev Classic underwear comes in 3 colors. Natural, black and white. Natural is a dark, linen color and is my favorite. The white is actually a soft ivory, not a bright white. I’ve never bought black but I’ve seen it in stores and it’s just as nice as the other colors. This linen is currently full price at $21.99 per meter, but I would never pay that. I always buy it when it’s on sale or I have a coupon. It is very affordable and of excellent quality.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

When I bought the linen for this second set of wipes, I noticed that it was quite different from what I had bought previously. As you can see in the picture above, the fabric is looser and the color is darker. I love how the second set turned out. They are big, the tassels are beautiful and the handkerchief is very soft after washing. Every time you wash them, they get softer.

After the first washes, the edges no longer crack. There will still be stray threads and threads, but not as many as in the beginning.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

No Sew Cloth Napkin Pillow Covers

May be. If you take them out of the dryer right away and give them a good shake, they will curl nicely. There may be some wrinkles, but this is normal for underwear.

That’s it! The best advice is to stick to washable, natural fabrics with a good weave. A good choice is 100% cotton. Cloth napkins always add a little flair to any meal. However, the price of a beautifully decorated fabric napkin can add up quickly. My solution? Make your own cloth handkerchief without sewing! You can totally sew these doilies, but 1.  I hate taking out the machine and 2.  not everyone sews. To guide:

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

I’ll save you the trouble of looking at a picture of me cutting a 17 inch square of fabric. Remember, if you don’t plan on hemming the fabric, choose a narrower fabric so you can fray the ends a bit. If you’re new to fabric shopping, look for one that doesn’t have a bunch of string hanging from the cut end. Also cut some thin strips of fabric. If you don’t have extra/scrap fabric, I suggest buying one of the smaller quilting patterns (about 1/8 yard). You don’t need a lot of clothes.

Diy Dinner Napkins — Learn It. Make It. On Bluprint!

Below is a short list of Heat’n Bond. Be sure to start and end the strip right at the edge. I know it’s hard to imagine this almost transparent item doing anything, but I can promise! Finally, place a strip of colored fabric on top.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

However, I had better results with throwing in the towel, turning on the iron, and hitting it. It’s a lot easier to grab a dirty beach towel than it is to find where I put the ironing board in the basement.

Finally, trim the excess material to the edge of the tassel. If an area doesn’t feel secure, you can always squeeze a little more Heat’n Bond under the fabric and iron.

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

How To Make Fabric Napkins (video Sewing Tutorial)

Yes, they are washable! The fabric can get a lot of wear and tear (although I love the look) and if you heat dry them, some of the heat’n bond can loosen. I was too lazy to put some Heat’n Bond through the iron to fix unsewn material or torn hem on the pants.

Do you like these articles? Get occasional updates by joining my mailing list (no spam, no, no, no) or subscribe to my RSS feed. Who doesn’t love a no-sew craft project?! Create your own cloth napkins using these easy instructions in no time! A creative and economical project where you can finally use those fabric scraps. Mix and match or get different outfits like we did here

How To Make Cloth Napkins Without Sewing

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