How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table – If you’re short on space but want to entertain, try bar or table height for more seating in a small space.

We have a small deck and have to have dinner at least five times a night. But I didn’t want a table so big that it took up our entire floor. So I decided to have a bar height or counter for our outdoor dining area.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

But I wanted something heavy and big that wouldn’t blow (or move) in the wind. And an elephant is something that doesn’t cost dollars.

How To Build A Fold Down Outdoor Bar

I used 2x boards for the seat. It’s a Douglas fir, so it’s better than pine or whitewood, but if you live in a particularly humid area, choose cedar or what locals use for outdoor fences, gazebos, and patio tables.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

I use a Kreg Jig for all my woodworking basics. This is a miracle tool, and you need to attach the 4×4 legs of this project. In this plan, you pay, and once people around you hear that you have a Kreg Jig, they become your best friend. It is good to prepare one table for two families.

The Kreg Jig allows me to attach a 2×4 flange to a 4×4 leg and hide the nose inside.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Diy Outdoor Bar With Concrete Countertop

From there we added the cross string. It’s just a 45-degree angle that can be cut with our blending tool.

Above, we started with the center panel, joined it perfectly, and then worked our way out. Here we used a 3-inch deck.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Our favorite color is BEHR MARQUEE® – it’s a true coat, smooth and easy to apply. It’s expensive, but I’m sure you’ll use less and not have to buy paper. Pay now or pay later, right?

Diy Wood Bar Carts

2 – 2×4 @ 30-3/8″ – cut both ends at a 45 degree angle, short end to short end, no ends

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Drill 1-1/2 inch holes on both sides of the front panel. Attach the 4x4s and center the 4×4 posts (about 1 inch on each side of the 2×4). Use 2-1/2″ pocket pipe. Make two.

Measure and cut the bottom fabric and center support. Pocket hole or 3-inch twist.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Inspiring Outdoor Bar Ideas — The Family Handyman

Place the cross supports inside the table. Mark the top of the funnel and cut it with a hacksaw. Sew the pocket holes together. When I started designing and building this outdoor bar, I knew I needed a durable material that would withstand the elements. I mixed concrete for the top bar and cedar for the bottom. The result is a beautiful outdoor space with plenty of storage for drinks and food to keep your outdoor party going! To make it even faster, all the tools and materials I used in the projects are listed below!

This project was sponsored by my friends at Home Depot. From a variety of shopping options, equipment rentals, and thousands of videos, Home Depot has the tools and equipment you need to keep building and doing more.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

If you want to build a bar like this for yourself or your friends, be sure to check out the plans!

Tamarack Teak Outdoor Bar Table

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How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

To make this project, I purchased all of the items at overnight and had them ready to pick up the next morning. I went to the local Home Depot bright and early to pick up the car (select stores have curbside pickup until 6pm daily).

Once at the store, the process was easy. I opened the Home Depot mobile app and notified the store that I had arrived and was ready to pick up the order.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Reviews For Palmetto Craft Palmetto Boon Solid Pine Wood Outdoor Bar Table

I better get everything out on the truck so I can get back to that shop and start building asap.

I started by cutting all the pieces according to my plans and joining the two middle pieces that I made redundant. After the two pieces were joined, I used clear tape to “seal” the exposed melamine edges. This can cause concrete moisture to swell the melamine (think IKEA furniture left in the rain) and damage the concrete.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Using the formwork together, I use 100% silicone caulking to seal all the corners to prevent the concrete from coming out between the pieces.

Darby Home Co Layne Bar Height 35” Teak Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table

I modified it to add extra weight to the board for this work area. I cut 2 inches below the inside dimension of the board.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

To make mixing and painting the concrete top easier, I chose to use the Home Depot rental program and purchased a solar powered concrete mixer, which made the project much easier than using a bucket. 5 liter and hand mixer. Home Depot has rental centers in many stores nationwide, and the process is well-organized to get you back to your project quickly. They also rent trucks, so if the tools or equipment you need for a project doesn’t fit in your truck, you can rent a truck and get started on your next project!

I mixed the concrete in two batches. To mix the concrete, I first added water and pigment to the mixture and let it sit until the pigment and water were completely mixed. Then I add a 50 kg bag of concrete and work until the mixture is smooth. Then I added the other two bags 1/4 bag at a time. Every time I added concrete, I waited for the new concrete to mix with the already mixed concrete. I added more water as needed to maintain a good consistency, making sure not to exceed the recommended amount of water for the concrete bag.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Build An Outdoor Bar With A Pebble Top

As I poured the concrete into the mold, I used a sharp trowel and my hands to work the concrete into the surface, making sure there were no large gaps. When the mold was complete, I pressed the repair into the concrete to hold it in place.

Then I mixed the second batch of concrete and filled the form. I used 2×4’s to level the top layer (allowing the concrete to flow over the top of the form) and saw the form down until the form filled the 2×4’s evenly. At this point I shake the form to remove air bubbles from the concrete. The tool I was using broke halfway through the process, so I grabbed a hammer and hit it sideways, causing air bubbles to come out between the form and the concrete. As we later saw, this didn’t work 100% and all I had to do was take the reciprocating (needle removed) and run it over to the mold to breathe all the air out.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

I smoothed the surface using a magnesium float with a vibration formula. Once the concrete was firm enough (not pushed with fingers) I scraped the surface higher. It’s important to note that during the swim and walk phase, I kept the tools handy after using the wet paddle.

Kanyon Bar Height Harvest Table Set

I let the concrete sit for about 3 days and then, as the name suggests, it was time to unload the stairs! “Pop” might not be the right word, it’s like creating a character in the workplace. I disassembled the sides first and systematically removed the work area using a pry bar, a 5 in 1 tool and a hammer.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

As you can see, there are enough air pockets in the concrete, as evidenced by the small voids at the edges. I mixed some patch and paint mixture as tightly as I could and started filling in the holes. I used a towel to work the mixture into the hole and let it dry, shaving off the excess with a metal tweezer. After the patch dried for 24 hours, I sanded the entire work area.

The instructions told me to wait 30 days for the concrete to fully cure before sealing. Anyway, I’ve only waited a few days and so far everything seems fine. For application, I use a foam roller and use 2 thin coats instead of one heavy application.

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

Large Teak Wood Orleans Bar Table, 38 Inch Round By Chic Teak Only $782.63

While waiting for the concrete work surface, I started working on the stick frame. The first thing to do is cut the board to length.

The next step is during grinding

How To Build An Outdoor Bar Table

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