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How To Make A Portable Workbench – Take your tools with you with this portable workbench! It hides under the bed and easily pops out to be a stable workstation. We love using it for home builders, small spaces or on the go.

You can set up this portable workstation with basic tools for around $40. It’s a quick and easy project with step-by-step illustrations, workshop and cut lists, and video tutorials.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

How To Make A Portable Workbench

I was looking to make a “borrowed” workbench with all the tools, but couldn’t find a design. We’re playing bean bag games this fall and it blows my mind. Why not create a work chair with folding legs that looks like a bean bag toss game? What if we could use the space to place and store tools?

Easy Portable Workbench Plans

When folded flat, it’s roomy enough to hold all the tools needed for most DIY projects. It can be carried (though usually by two people) outside of a balcony, into a car, or up and down stairs.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

There are no hinges – the legs simply open and lock into place at an angle.

This project is very quick and easy to make. We’ve prepared the process for you to watch!

How To Make A Portable Workbench

My Portable Workbench Finished. Saw Flips Over To Make Smooth Worktop. Finished Size Is 30

All you need for this project is a drill and a saw (and some hand tools like a tape measure and glasses). You can create many projects using just this tool. But I want to give you a basic checklist that you can use to build almost any project.

Measure the length and width of the plywood. If your plywood is not 24″ x 48″, please adjust the size on the cutting paper.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Secure the plywood to the base with 1-1/4″ screws, the screws should be slightly lower than the plywood.

Extended Work Top

Subtract np from the corner as you did in the video to allow the leg to rotate without getting cornered.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Drill 1×6 holes on the sides as shown, same on both sides, and use a small drill bit to drill the bolts.

Insert the bolt with the washer forward between the edge of the 1×6 and the leg, then in front of the nut. Tighten the nut to secure.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Folding Mobile Workbench

Stack the support legs in the storage area as shown. Draw with a pencil. This portable workstation is perfect for anyone with a small studio or no studio at all!

It clips anywhere and is small enough to be stored without taking up much space.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

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Folding Workbench Plans Diy Garage Storage Work Bench Table With Shelf

8′ Long 2×10 Twin Screw Vise Kit You’ll Need 4 – 1/4-20 3′ Boom Bolts 4 – 1/4-20 Knob Super Speed ​​Drill Extender Red Screw Locker Optional Accessories Bench Clamp Inline Clamp Clamp Clamp

How To Make A Portable Workbench

If they are bent in any way, you can use a plane, hand planer or sandpaper to flatten them in preparation for the adhesive.

Glue the 2 pieces together to get a thicker board and trim the edges to widen the countertop.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Sturdy, Knock Down Workbench

If you don’t have a drill press, you can make drill guides using steel bushings in some sections.

You want to avoid drilling deeper than 3-1/2″ or the dog stool will get stuck in it…

How To Make A Portable Workbench

The holes should be about 8 inches deep, so a drill bit expander will help achieve that depth.

Building A Portable, Collapsible Workbench

There should be about 1/16 of a space left and right for the tenons for the nuts to go into, but not tapered from front to back.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

It’s easy to make a mortise by punching out most of the waste and removing it with a chisel.

For exact placement, align the material used for the jaws with the centerline of the drilled hole for the threaded rod.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Portable Workbench Build Plans — 731 Woodworks

Then drill an oval hole with two holes 1/4″ from the centerline.

Using the red thread lock, permanently attach the knob to the screw on the two-screw vise set.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Then drill 2 holes for stops in some boards using the same drill guide.

Mitre Saw/ Table Saw Workbench Plans

Put the workstation on the bolt, use the knob to lock it in place, and spray flush with the top.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

One piece is about 5 inches long and the other is about 9 inches long, which gives you room to attach it to your workbench.

Use a Support bit to drill a recessed hole so the bolt head doesn’t protrude from the bottom, then drill all the way through to a stud large enough to fit the stud.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Workpro 48 Inch Foldable Workbench Wall Mount Space Saver, 500 Lbs. Capacity

The chair can be taken anywhere! You can attach some horseshoes directly using the holes drilled into the feet.

This is perfect for someone who works in an office or doesn’t have a full storefront.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

You don’t need a shop to use this chair! Simply attach it directly to any desk in your home!

How To Build A Mobile Workbench

Please remove the aircraft brake when using the aircraft. All you have to do is lift it high enough to prevent your stuff from sliding forward, but lower it so that it doesn’t get in the way of your plane.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Usually no clamping is required for this preparation, but for extra security, the In-Line Dog Clamp can be used to lock the workpiece to the stop plane.

Strangely enough, it is also very easy to fix the product with some dog stools and online dog clips.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Workbench Cnc Plans, Downloadable And Customizable

Tap the tops of your product to lock it in place, then tap the back to release it. Very fast and easy.

Since the holes I drilled in the jaws are oval, you can easily clip them to the angled parts. I loved.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

You can clamp it in the vise longer by using the extra holes drilled on the side of the vise.

Diy Folding Workbench

If your sheets are longer than 16 inches but too wide for a vise, you can flip the table over and use this perforated tooth with a vertical desk dog clip. Creates a mobile workbench that folds down to approximately 7 inches. All you need is two 2 x 4 by 3/4″ plywood and an 8′ 1×4.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Introduction Do you want a mobile office chair that can be folded up to 7 inches thick with a large work area? The materials needed to make a guide here cost around $100 at local sites. Or create any size that fits your home store by adjusting the frame size to fit the folding space.

Fix the frame rail (A) to the frame post (B) with glue and screws. Attach the retaining bracket (C) to the inner surface of the door sill.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Best Portable Workbenches

Tear 1×3 to 2 inches. Saw table width and diagonal at the length specified in the cut chart. Cut 1 inch. 2″ deep x 3-1/3″ wide ends. wide plate to form the mounting bar (D). Close the mounting strip and screw it onto the inside face of the frame support (B). Learn some great jigsaw skills here.

Place the 2×4 on the end of the folded support arm of the match. Attach the folding support arm (E) to the mounting bar (D) using the hinges and screws. The support arms should be folded flat above the frame line (A). Flip the frame over and repeat with the 3/4″ folded support panels (F). The plywood section protects the arms for play.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Open the support arms and panels. Clip the opening brackets together. Place the strap hinges over the connectors and tape them in place as you screw them in.

Diy Workbench Plans Perfect For Home Shops Of All Sizes

Close and tighten the assembly. Screw in the hook latches on the outside of the frame rails (B). Remove the clips and open the assembly.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Screw Head Screw (H) 5 in. from Top Housing (G). from the end of the bench.

Screw the wheels to the frame (A) after the seat is folded. Make sure you slide the wheels so they don’t crash while turning. Are you ready for your next project? Learn how to make a folding workbench for your home store.

How To Make A Portable Workbench

Saturday Morning Workshop: Folding Mobile Workbench (diy)

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The birth of this project was when I saw a woodworking YouTube video where April Wilkerson recommended the Rockwell JawHorse as a great gift for any woodworker. Considering that my father and brother were also carpenters and I was looking for ideas on what to do for Christmas, “Aha! Perfect!” I thought… until I checked the prices and realized that buying two of these would be way over my Christmas budget. Okay no problem. I’m the owner

How To Make A Portable Workbench

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