How To Make A Hanging Table

How To Make A Hanging Table – Before going to bed, I like to work on the computer, watch a movie, read a book or drink a cup of tea. It can be difficult and annoying to put all these things on the bed, so I designed and built a table that can be raised and lowered above my bed to make my life easier. When I want to work on my computer, I just lower the desk to the right height and go to work, and when I'm ready for bed, I raise the desk and hit the lawn.

In this tutorial, you'll learn the steps and techniques needed to make your own hanging table. This is a useful and fun project that can easily be completed in a weekend and shouldn't cost more than $30 or $40.

How To Make A Hanging Table

How To Make A Hanging Table

There aren't many tools or materials for this project, and most of the things you need can be easily obtained from your local home improvement store. All in all, it cost me about $20 to make this table, but I had a lot of things I needed from previous projects (eg stain, polyurethane, screws, etc.). If you are starting this project from scratch, the cost of materials is only about $70. Liudan Folding Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Table Fold Down,mdf Floating Home Office Workstation Computer Desk,space Saving Hanging Table For Restaurant,kitchen,hotel,size Optional

Paracord ($10) – Used to hang the table, the amount needed depends on the size of the table you are making and how high you want to hang the table. For my table I used about 60 feet of cable. See step 10 for a formula to help you figure out how much paracord you need

How To Make A Hanging Table

Pine Board (Width 8″ X Length 10′ X Thickness 1″) ($20) – These are cut and glued together to create a table top. Remember that you can buy a ready-made coffee table or take one from an old coffee table. This will save you a few steps and the use of some tools.

4 Rollers ($5) – The rollers I used for this project were reclaimed from an old window that I bought at a local hardware store for a few bucks. Note that each window has 2 reels, so you need 2 windows to get 4 reels.

How To Make A Hanging Table

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8 Eye Nuts ($3) – The eye nuts I used were #8 X 1 5/8″, but you can use any medium size nut.

Wood and Polyurethane Stain ($12) – Used to finish the table top. I used Minwas PolyShade Pecan which is all stain and polyurethane which worked well for this project as it saved me some time, but the stain and polyurethane you choose to use is up to you.

How To Make A Hanging Table

Screws ($3) – Standard wood screws used to attach reels to table tops. I bought 500 screws from Harbor Freight and they did a great job for this project.

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4 – 3/8″ X 2″ Bolts and Washers ($2) – Used to attach the table hanger to the ceiling, these will hold the table hanger to your ceiling and to the fence.

How To Make A Hanging Table

Note that many of these materials are used in the of the table top, if you buy a pre-made table top you can remove materials such as the table top and biscuit joints).

Table Saw Biscuit Cutters Drill Bit Milling Cutter 1/2″ Milling Cutter Combination Square (aka Tri Square) Tape Measure Paint Brush

How To Make A Hanging Table

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The table top is made from 8″ wide X 8″ long X 3/4″ thick pine.  Cut the boards in half to make two 40″ long pieces and then glue them together. and patterned glue. on the table.

To raise and lower the table and hang it properly, there are four pulleys placed in the four corners of the table.

How To Make A Hanging Table

Installing the rollers turned out to be a bit difficult. The reels I used were designed in such a way that the reel wheel was extended under the reel, which meant I had to remove the wood from the table where I wanted the reels to be to get them. . it will fit well. To remove the wood, I used a plunge router with a 1/2″ router bit.

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Once you have each of the 4 spools in place you can install the spools but I advise you to wait to install them until you have the finish on the table as this will make the finish easier.

How To Make A Hanging Table

After installing the caster grooves, we added rails to both sides and back of the table. These rails serve two purposes, first, they keep things from sliding off the table if bumped, and second, they keep the table from bending over time and use. The back is cut from pine wood and glued in place.

Once the table was ready to go, I turned to hanging the table. Attach the table to the ceiling and hold the screws where the paracord goes to hold the table in place. As noted in the photo, the size of the wood used for the table hanger can vary (I used 3″ long by 3/4″ thick), but it is important that the hanger is the same size. Table (for my table this means a 40″ long by 18″ wide hanger). The reason the hanger needs to be the same size as the table is to position the eye screws that go into the hanger to be equidistant from the pulleys. Keeping the same distance will help keep the paracord from slipping on the pulleys as the table is raised and lowered. More information on the pulley and eye screw installation process will be provided in step 8.

How To Make A Hanging Table

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The finish depends on your personal preference. I personally like to apply two parts stain and then polyurethane, but for this project I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try Minwax polystains, one part stain and polyurethane. Overall I think this finish works well for this project, although I don't think I would use it on anything with more vertical pieces as it has height issues and runs and drips.table edges and table hangers. .

Once everything is done, you are ready to install the rollers. Install them as shown in the photo and be sure to use high quality wood screws as the pulleys and screws that hold them will support the table and anything placed on it.

How To Make A Hanging Table

When placing the eye screw on the hanger table, it is very important to consider the distance and direction of the eye screw. See picture and see instructions below for screw installation information.

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In total you will install 8 eye screws in the table hanger, 2 eye screws in the four corners. The idea is that the paracord goes through one eye screw, then down the spool to the table and then back through another screw at each corner. For more information on how to tie paracord using spools and screw eyes, please see the next step.

How To Make A Hanging Table

Note the direction of the screw eye, their movement is in the same direction, except for the two left sides of the hanger in the picture. Both are turned 45 degrees because this is needed when attaching the paracord in the next step.

Finally note the distance (14.5″ and 30″), this is the actual distance between the spools placed on the table. It is very important to place the eye screws the same distance as the distance between the spools because this will help the paracord to attach to the board without pulling on the spool.

How To Make A Hanging Table

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Once the tabletop and table hangers are ready, the next step is to test everything. I wanted to test the table to make sure it worked before I drilled into the ceiling of my room, so I did a test hanging from the ceiling in the workshop. It is recommended that you do a test setup as this will give you a chance to check and make sure everything is working before installing.

After a successful test, the hanging table is ready for installation. The 40″ length of the table hanger allowed me to move about 3 studs (16″ cents) making the connection very strong ie. I won't have to worry about the table falling on me while I sleep. To attach the board to the ceiling, I used long 2″ by 1/4″ screws with large screws.

How To Make A Hanging Table

Once the table wire is installed on the bed, the next step is to start attaching the paracord using screws and pulleys. Before tying, I estimate how much paracord I need

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