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How To Make A Stone Table – I saw this pebbled table runner and loved it at first sight, but I didn’t want to pay the high price that came with the purchase. So I tried to make mine. I didn’t know where to start to find the square mesh that was used for one of the stores and I like to do my projects with recycled materials so I looked around the house for something to use. I had an old set of blackout curtains, the ones with the rubber backing, and some beautiful old curtains. In two joints at 10 cm intervals, the idea is that the glue fully holds the curtain and the lining supports the weight when it needs to be moved.

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How To Make A Stone Table

How To Make A Stone Table

I bought a bag of flat river stones from the local garden center and washed them well to remove all the dirt. I left them on a towel to dry completely for a few days so the glue would stick to them better. And use a hot glue gun to stick them on the fabric. I started on the outside with the long flat stones and then filled in the middle with stones that covered more of the gaps. I’m a bit like making a mosaic. This process took several hours to complete, but the result was great.

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Once all the stones were in place, I helped my husband carry them to my closet. It looked really great and worked for a fraction of the cost of store-bought runners.

How To Make A Stone Table

For more great projects and ideas, find out how to get your DIY materials for free. or Christmas ornaments using unicorn spit stain.

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How To Make A Stone Table

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How To Make A Stone Table

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How To Make A Stone Table

I love a simple project, and sometimes they come out of nowhere. Like my #trashtoterracotta idea last year, this is a project that came about when I was in a DIY flow, just tweaking the materials I had and trying to think outside the box. I bought these pavers in Bunnings a while ago and after looking at them for a while I got an idea! Thus was born the travertine side table! This has to be one of the most basic ideas I’ve ever come up with, but I love the simplicity of the design and the fact that it’s so easy to make. I actually saw one I liked a while ago but it was $1500 which was a little out of my price range… I got it for $58 which I’m sorry to say I’m very happy about! It takes a lot of work to make this table because the legs are very (very!) heavy, but it’s worth it (just be careful not to drop them on your foot). And I’m very happy to see that so many people like it. After I shared this on Instagram and Tiktok a few days ago, Bunnings pavers are starting to sell, and I’ve seen hundreds of remakes (and many have been sold on the FB marketplace haha). I’m busy deciding on a hashtag for this project, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll join the Travertine Project team!

Before you begin, it’s important to wear sturdy shoes when handling these heavy cobblestones. Even with shoes on, you have to be very careful not to drop a cobblestone on your feet when handling them. You can also enlist the help of a friend to lift and hold the pavers in place while gluing. And don’t try to lift the finished side table yourself.

How To Make A Stone Table

Orren Ellis Modern Dining Table Gray Sintered Stone Tabletop With Carbon Steel Base 63

Lift the first paver on the short edge and place the glue on the long edge, perpendicular to the ground.

Lift the second paver and press it onto the glue, making sure it is centered on the first paver. This will ensure a good balance. Also check that both pavers are completely level with the ground and have good contact. If they aren’t or seem to be slightly out of line, consider rotating them so the right corner is flush with the ground with good contact.

How To Make A Stone Table

Here’s how the boards should look when the first two are glued together. Notice how a balanced T-shape is created.

Alva Modern Nesting Coffee Table Set With Sintered Stone Top, Lift Top Coffee Table Set Of 2, 31.5

Apply glue to the top edge of the T formed by the first two pavers. Add a good amount of glue to ensure a good hold.

How To Make A Stone Table

Take the third paver and place it on top of the first two. Make sure the head is in the middle of the base, make sure it is the same distance from both sides of the base.

The glue stays pliable for about 15 minutes once it’s set up, so you’ll want to use masking tape to hold it down if you find it slipping (I didn’t have to, but some people did). Then let the glue dry for at least 48 hours before moving or stirring it. (Note here the balance of the structure in the T-shaped photo).

How To Make A Stone Table

Made Goods, Cassian Acrylic, Beige Crystal Stone Top, Coffee Tables

Generally, heavy furniture should be attached to the wall if you have young children nearby. To wall mount this table, you can add some L-brackets (like these) by screwing or gluing them to the bottom of the table and then screwing them to the wall. If you want to screw the travertine in, use a drill bit, a diamond point and then press the dowel into the stone where you can insert the screws (find a post in the wall if your wall is drywall). A heavy duty superglue should also work to attach the L brackets. This table is in our studio right now (away from the girls) but when I move it around the house I will be adding these L brackets. It’s really easy to make.

I’m happy to use glue because after testing my design it seems to be pretty solid, but you can always add more support if you like. Especially if you feel your glue isn’t holding well or you think the surface of your stone might be too grainy or porous to hold (all stones are different). You can add more craftsmanship by screwing and gluing some additional L-brackets to the back of your side table where the pavers intersect at right angles.

How To Make A Stone Table

Be sure to wait for the glue to dry before moving it. That means at least 48 hours (or according to the instructions for the glue you used). My suggestion is also to make this design close to where you want to use it, as it is very difficult to move. When moving it, have someone help you, make sure you wear shoes and lift by the bottom and not the top. If you have to move it yourself, I suggest sliding it onto the floor after placing it on a towel or similar.

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I used fixing glue because I’ve had good results with it in the past, but I’m sure there are other

How To Make A Stone Table

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