How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

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How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair – Here you are given a free plan of wood according to which you can build a simple chair – a bogie chair.

A bogie chair is a simple chair made of two pieces of wood (planks) joined together in a interlocking structure. A long tenon is cut from one piece of wood, and must be fitted with a mortise made from another piece of wood. The bog chair is also known as stargazer chair, X-chair, bog chair and Viking chair.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

The chair can be connected to the Vikings and people who lived in northern Europe, but there is no evidence to confirm where it came from. Some evidence shows that, most importantly, this type of chair originated in Africa. The chair came to Europe in the 19th century and became popular in the early 20th century. The construction of the Bog chair is simple and very practical – you can fold it in one place quickly and it takes up little space when unfolded.

Pallet Viking Chairs For The Manliest Man Caves • 1001 Pallets

The dimensions of the finished seat will be: Length 484mm (19.05 inches), Width 300mm (11.81 inches) and Height 1114mm (43.84 inches).

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

When folding the bogie seat, it will need a little adjustment because of the design rather than the preparation. A small change in the length of the mortise in relation to the tenon will cause a small change in the angle of the boards (see the picture below).

There are many types of bog chairs, and the only difference between them is the type of woodworking joint used to connect the boards together. Two types of bogie seats can be seen in the picture below.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

This Is One Of Three Viking Chairs I Made. These Are Super Simple, And We’re My First Ever Project. There Was A Request To See What It Looked Like So Here It

Bog chairs are the best for woodworkers who are going into the grind, because they have a large size that can make beautiful designs. Sometimes these chairs become real works of art.

Dimensions are given in millimeters, while the dimensions given in inches are in the parentheses (1 ” = 25, 4 mm).

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

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American Viking Chair

The wood I used for this chair is 7 feet long, 11 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches thick. At first I used driftwood to make these chairs because they look good and are free. If you choose to use reclaimed wood, make sure it has not been treated.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Cut the board into two pieces. For this chair I made one piece 40 inches long and the other 51. Dimensions can vary according to your preferences.

Cut two inches of wood from both sides of the board starting 15 inches from the other side of the board.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Learning How To Make A Campfire Chair Using These Diy Steps

Place the end of the first board 15 1/2 inches from the bottom of the second board and trace around the edge. Remove enough wood to slide the first board into the second hole at an angle.

Put the two pieces together and give it a try. If you are not satisfied with something then this is your chance to make it right.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Planks are not cut at an angle, so some wood must be cut. This picture shows the sign for this step.

Viking Chair Texas

I want to remove the light from the boards to replace the wood with cheese. However the only necessary step here is to relax in your new chair.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

How chemicals were used to restore the 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. The Viking Chair from Leibregts in Kars is a real fun that is cheap, easy and makes a great addition to the campsite. They are also called bog, engine or stargazer seats. Because of the angle and height of the back, these chairs support your neck while you watch the stars and are very comfortable!

The first step in building a Viking chair is to cut your 8 boards in half to 4. Use your hands here and it really helps if you can level the boards so they don’t move when cut. If you want to see how to make easy stackable sahaors, check out my DIY video here. For electric tools, you can use a jigsaw or circular saw to make this cut easier.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Wooden Viking Chair

Mark your mortise slots, making the slots about 12″ from the bottom of the board and 8 inches wide. Measure a line 2 inches from the sides so that your space is in the middle, stand for half of your board over the mortise line and note again. Now your mortise will be the exact ‘size’ of your board to fit.

Attach the largest piece you can find to your brace and drill into the center of the mortise, where the X’s are at the top. Sit the friendly Viking on the boat to keep it stable, and watch the cutters fly! Be sure to put the scraps under the place you are drilling, to avoid breaking and cracking. For electric users, simply open the hole to fit the teeth of your jigsaw and cut the mortise.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Clean the mortise with your mortise chisel and rubber mallet. It doesn’t have to be perfect to start with, cut it but let it and test your fit.

Medieval Quatrefoil Folding Chair

Mark 2″ offsets on your second board and cut with one hand. These should be about 12″ from the end of the board, see the picture below in the post for details.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Now here’s the fun part. A true Viking does not cut wood, he chops it with an axe! About 2″ from the side of the board, use your mallet and hammer to start splitting the wood next to the offsets you just cut. The wood will split along the grain, so make sure it matches your offset.

You don’t want the wood to be too far from the center of the board, or it will loosen. Use a hammer and a lawnmower to finish the split. Splitting wood is also called ‘riving’. Electricians may want to draw a line along the length of the board and cut out the shape with your jigsaw.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Viking Chair Rustic

Take off the rest with your hat and check your fit. Finally, put the parts of the Viking chair together.

It has now been over 6 years since I built my Viking chair and the results are in. Even with complete protection, the seat holds up very well.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

He survived 6 winters in Massachusetts, left outside. He also saw a few campfires, full of mead drinking and skaldic bragging!

Vintage Primitive Handcrafted Viking Stargazing Wood Chair Campfire 2 Piece Seat

You can see a comparison of the seat outside, left, and one that has spent its days inside, right. I saw something about making Viking chairs from a piece of wood, but I wanted to see how to make it easier. 2 x 4s control. Each chair is made of 4, 2 “x4″ x 96” pine and costs about $ 10. When making these chairs if you want the chair to look like a piece of wood, you need to cut all the edges around the face that joins the other.face using the table saw.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Another option is to use solid wood, so you don’t have to finish the wood used outside.

Use 2, 2 “x4″ x 96” and cut according to the cut sheet, cut on the corners is very beautiful so that it can be any size and any angle.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Viking Chair Plans

When all the trees are cut, make the lines and as shown in the picture. Run a bead of glue over the mating face, and hold with clamps until the glue dries.

After the glue dries, sand all the faces of the boards. Use a power sander to make it faster. I did it with 100 then 220 grit. If you are trying to finish you will want to go as high as 400.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

Put your chair, or chairs, together and make sure the seat back is comfortable. If it is tight, burn all the areas that cause problems.

Viking Chair / Beautiful Wooden Chair / Deck Chair /

Now you can paint, or paint your sofa the color you like. I chose to use the paint on the exterior. After painting or staining, use a coat to prevent water from entering the wood. You can use a spray or brush.

How To Build A Wooden Viking Chair

How the respray was done back on the 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. With libregts in cars

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