How To Build A Table Around A Tree

How To Build A Table Around A Tree – A few months ago, I noticed that our neighbors were removing a tree from their backyard. It was a beautiful old white oak tree, but unfortunately it blocked the light enough to put the entire front of their house in shadow, and they couldn’t grow anything.

I was lucky enough to catch some of the beautiful pieces they cut before the removal crew took them away (they were more than happy to give some away!).

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

So… the plan was to make my own version of the natural wood accent tables you see so often in stores these days. But without the hefty price tag!

Diy Tree Slab Coffee Table

This is an easy way to add a completely custom side table or coffee table to your home.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

You can find many online tutorials for making similar pieces, and many different techniques, but I covered this one. As a self-confessed newbie in this area, I chose simplicity 🙂

A note on where to get wood chips: As I mentioned, we were lucky enough to stumble upon it by accident. I did some research and you can easily pick up similar decks at local lumber yards, craft stores, or online (like you can at Save-on-Crafts).

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

Root Wood Table 15 11/16in Wood Side Table Tree Trunk Wooden Table Podium Rustic

Prepare the pieces of wood by giving them a sanding to smooth the surface and remove some imperfections. Depending on where you got your piece of wood, you can skip this step, but in our case, it came from the wood itself, so it needs a little TLC first.

We used course sandpaper (grit 60) and an electric sander to do the job. It’s still not perfect – I think you need a tree plan for that – but it’s certainly good enough.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

I decided not to remove the strap, it gives a very rustic look. After months of drying in our shop, it helped prevent more cracking until I could come up with this project!

Make A Round Table From A Tree In Ten Steps

Our piece of wood is about 5 inches thick (exactly how the arborists cut it) but I think it would work equally well with a thinner piece.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

After smoothing the surface, cover the wood with a coating (I used polyurethane, semi-glossy finish) to protect the wood from spills, heat damage, etc.

I applied the sealant with a foam brush and it took five or six coats to get a thick, even coating. When it dries, we end up with a nice, smooth finish.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

Rustic Tree Table

For our table, we chose hairpin legs, which are a very popular style at the moment. Depending on the look you want, the metal table legs can be left as is or painted to your liking.

The table legs we used – available here – are made of raw, uncoated steel. To reduce the risk of rust over time, I decided to give them a coat of spray paint. Alternatively, you can apply a coat of linseed oil or beeswax.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

By the way, I can highly recommend the Etsy seller we used…great quality metal feet at a great price (about $8 each) and super fast shipping. You can also specify the exact size you want.

Live Edge Ash Tree Wood Amazing Natural Form Wood Slab, Coffee Table 52 X 47cm

Next time I might be more adventurous with color, but since this is my first attempt at making any kind of furniture from scratch, I thought I’d play it safe 🙂

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

Finally, place the cut on a flat surface and place the legs, making sure they are evenly spaced. This can be a little tricky because of the irregular shape of the piece of wood…I put it on the blind.

Once you’re happy with the placement, attach the legs with some wood screws (as long as the thickness of your table allows). You may want to use a drill to make the holes for the screws.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

How To Build A Table Diy Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s For Home Decor With Videos

That’s it. Now we have a DIY wood piece table. I’m very happy with how this little project turned out. It cost about $35…not too bad!

Let me know what you think… Have you tried anything similar? How did it work for you? Wrap your tree with long-lost relatives with one of these beautiful wooden benches. If you’re looking for some unique outdoor seating in your backyard and a large tree or two isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, one of these custom-made benches that wrap around the base of a tree is a great addition . in your yard. There are some wooden benches you can buy pre-made, or if you have some woodworking skills, there are even plans to help you build your own.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

You have two different designs for hanging out around a tree, a social mode where everyone faces the tree, which includes a table for drinks, snacks or games, and another mode where everyone faces. From the tree. A wooden bench facing the outside can be a way to sit outside and enjoy nature for non-social purposes or interacting with others.

How To Make A Diy Tree Slice Table

We couldn’t find the source of the wrapping tree table/bench above, but if you have some good woodworking skills or know someone who can look at a picture and make a project for you, that’s probably your best bet. This incredible wooden folding table is a great addition to any backyard and provides a great surface to hold your drinks and food while you socialize.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

Another interesting design idea for a wooden bench is the snake-like wooden table design in an ‘S’ shape. The base of this covered wooden bench is also made of stunning stone gabions. This bench design offers more seating than other designs and seats on either side of the bench depending on which way you want to sit.

This wooden wrap-around wooden bench has a standard design for a bench and is made from 5 straight sides that come together in the middle. It has up to 5 seats with a backrest for each seat. This wooden bench is pre-made and available on Amazon.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

Wholesale Customize Rustic Diy Natural Round Wood Pine Tree Slices Table Mat For Christmas Decorations

This is another similar wooden bench made for a small tree in the middle of the bench. A similar hexagonal shape allows for 5 seats and provides additional planters above the bench for growing additional plants or flowers. These are available as projects on Etsy so you can make your own cheaply.

If you are looking for a minimal design wooden bench that is easy to build and fold your wood, this is for you. Bench building plans are available on Etsy for very low prices. All you need is wood and some DIY skills.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

If you want to find a pre-made tree bench or tree table, you can find more on Amazon or Etsy. Or if you’re looking for more inspiration to build your own wooden bench or tree table, check out some great examples of benches below.

Seating Around Tree Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Amazon Services LLC is a partner in the Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenue. DIY weekend project. What a lovely place to sit in the shade of an old oak tree.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

Or elm. Or maple, or sumac, or apple! You can do this wherever you live – a tree is a tree! If you live in a tropical climate, you can do this under a palm tree. Or a big old mesquite. Or a weeping willow – a hidden wooden bench.

Can you imagine how many people can sit on a bench built around a giant California sequoia? Take a look in your own backyard. What kind of trees do you have? Which one gives shade to the sun? Check out the 11 best projects we’ve seen.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

These Wrap Around Tree Benches Provide Beautiful Outdoor Seating Around The Base Of A Tree

The skill level of this tree bench is moderate for DIY – not a beginner project, but there are very detailed and no-nonsense instructions that you can follow with this old house. They estimate the cost at $770 and the time required at 20 hours.

The creators spell it all out for you – template making, cutting, wood type, stain – everything is perfect for you. So even though it sounds complicated, you have a lot of help.

How To Build A Table Around A Tree

There was a lot of drilling involved in this design and its results

Cooke Grandview Fire Pit Table

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