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How To Make A Table From Decking Boards – My 2×4 outdoor sofa (map here) and one piece arm rest (map here) go great together! I painted the exterior walls translucent and stained the terrace brown. And make the tree really beautiful! This is a beautiful and comfortable ensemble!

But I noticed it’s time to relax and use the partition. We really need a place to put drinks and snacks. and where we put our feet We need proper coffee tables.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

Design the coffee table to match the style of the 2×4 sofa and sectional by using the full size 2×4. Again, all you need is a drill and a saw, no Kreg Jig. Now I love my Kreg Jig to pieces. It is a great tool and I think everyone should have it. But I like to do projects that don’t require a Kreg Jig for some new woodcraft. Not ready to invest in all the tools? If you have a Kreg Jig, you can also use it for this project to hide the screws.

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It is a very strong and heavy coffee table. The wind will not take it away.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

Screw the end of the breadboard onto the pin assembly created in the last step. Attached to both legs and apron with cap screws. Repeat for the other set of legs.

Create the base of the table with the remaining long apron and the remaining short apron. attach with screws to the cover Place the center support on the long apron.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

Deck Joist Sizing & Spacing

Raise the table support to the work table on the scrap board 2×4 Attach the legs to the end of the deck with cover screws. Use at least six screws on each side About: hard worker, laugh. Faithful friend/brother/uncle/son of hobbyist carpenter and retired reality TV contestant 🙂 More on HunterWagnerDesigns »

First, I should start by saying that while this is a solution. “Step by step” but I did not go into all the details of exact measurements. It’s not because I’m lazy It’s because I customized this table top to fit the frame of the existing patio table. (At least for now….one day I will make the legs out of reclaimed wood.) So if you want to build this yourself. Use whatever measure works for you.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

***I also decided to add a picture with a 10 foot tall bear statue in the background….maybe that will get me a few more votes at the end of the day*** 🙂

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I have a plate top patio table that I bought years ago at a thrift store for cheap. It’s nothing special, but at least I can change the tiles when I’m tired of the look and want to change it up a bit. Existing tile counters can help. But I wanted to test my ability to make my first tablet out of 100% (well, 99%) reclaimed wood.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

I picked up craigslist trucks for free, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, and 4×4 that I use as cover. Based on the published photos, the tree looks good. I know this woman can take good pictures! The tree was in a very bad shape (nails piled up, some beyond repair, etc.), but it still sucks in the hands of a nice old lady who brought her sister to town this weekend. …that’s why he wanted them gone as soon as possible. He was very happy that I took the wood. He even took a picture of me next to my truck with all the trees on top of the bed.

When I got home I removed many pieces and started to assemble them into a square shape with connectors. and cut it with a frog To my surprise, after removing about 1/8 inch from each side, the wood looked very good.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

Deck Building Guide

This section is very simple. but it takes a lot of time After all the boards were squared and planed to 1 1/4 inch thick, I started gluing and attaching them together. I didn’t glue/attach all the Tabletops at once… just because I liked my design. I also realized that I did not have a clamp big enough to successfully stick them all together at once. (which ends in the middle) from edge to edge, but then stick the rest of the “beads” up.

I also used a special piece of cedar that I hung from a 40-year-old arbor that was taken down from the yard to give it a little more contrast. They cut two pieces of cedar with the nails still in them. I knew from the beginning And even if it is not the best for your blade. But I think it gives the table a cool look. And tell everyone he returned material.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

For the edges, I used an old pine 4×4 that I salvaged from dismantling a deck at a rental company I own. When I cut the 4×4 boards to 1 1/4 inches, I realized that the grain on these pieces looked very unique….the grain was very dense. And this is something you rarely see in your average hardware store these days. Pine can not withstand pressure like a table. So it can be polished lighter than other parts. from the table surface

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After gluing almost everything. I polished it for a few hours, starting with 60 grit, then 80, moving to 100 and ending with 220. After that I reached the last step. (So ​​I think) that is the polish layer breaks the grain. and it gives a nice poly fur. I think it could look better attached.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

I kept going back and forth on whether I made the right choice or not. because some pieces look very good…but in the end I think that the pressure given to the “green” show is too much. So I decided to use walnut stain First I stripped the edges cedar and pine. (Because I wanted to keep the natural look) and started tinting. After 2 coats I am satisfied with the color. and decided to paint the corner of the pine tree.

In the end, I just did not attach the edge of the pine. Also attach some screws and cover it with an oak dowel. I do this for looks more than anything else. And I love the contrast of oak and pine. I have enough old pine to finish the top, but I still need a lip to hide the rest of the old table. Unfortunately I don’t have enough old pine to finish the bottom. So I went to Home Depot and bought 1″ thick pine (the only source of material used in the project). I’m not sure if it was another pine or what. But you can definitely tell that the new pine has a very different reason..and not as tight.And because the old pine is at least 20-30 years old, the color difference is great.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

Deck Coffee Table Out Of Treated Lumber

Although I was not thrilled with the pine I bought. But I would like to finish this. So I decided to go ahead and install lip liner. I let it dry overnight and went back with 100 grit / 220 grit edge rounded corners. Then I covered the edge of the table with a router. I’m definitely not an expert on routers. but overall it turned out very well.

Then I applied tung oil to the edges, which brought out the color of the old pine. Unfortunately after oil. I decided to color the lower part of the lips. (New white pine) is the same color as the table top (walnut) The stain does not take much time. But it made the color dark enough that it didn’t stick as much as I let it. “natural”

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

After that, apply Polycoat 3 times, it calls all day! it’s not perfect but overall i really like the results. We love eating on our roof the most in the spring, summer and fall. So I wanted a table with more room for people to sit but no space. Our deck had plenty of space, just like the previous round table. Creating a custom schedule seemed like the perfect idea … at 25 weeks pregnant!

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Like all my home projects I always do this 100% myself.

How To Make A Table From Decking Boards

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