How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

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How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion – I always try to make a video when I make a tutorial, but this is one of those projects that I can say never happens. So I took a lot of pictures and I tried to describe what I was doing. I’m putting this post on my DIY Outdoor Cushions so if your outdoor cushions are looking sad, worn or worn, you don’t have to buy a new set to fix things up. . You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive new pillows. The beauty of this project is that not only did I save money (even more than the cost of replacing the cushions), but it has a bright vibrant fabric with more prints and colors than your look when shopping for outdoor seating. For example, green, red and beige are the only color themes available for outdoor furniture this year. As you can see, this is not my color theme!

All the fabric in this project is from Hobby Lobby. Yes, they were on sale so I stocked up. If you go to the entertainment and you have a smartphone, be sure to get one of their digital coupons. It only takes a minute and you don’t have to waste paper and ink to print it, just show them. I found the “cords” that tie the 4 chair backs, the umbrella and 3 rocking cushions. I won’t go into too much detail about hemp. As a starting point, I use old hemp as a pattern. But here’s a quick review.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

To start with, I measured an old umbrella so I could estimate how much fabric to buy. Then I added an extra farm just in case. If not, I’m thinking I could make it into a pillow or an outdoor scarf!

Finally Finishing The Outdoor Chair Cushions!!!

I used a nail clipper to cut the old hemp into pieces. I had to use my imagination for some parts because the fabric was so torn.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

My fabric wasn’t wide enough, so I cut one of the strips and stapled the two pieces together so it stretched out into one large piece. If you have a stable, this step will be much easier. If you have more complex fabric, you may need to buy more to make good prints. Also make sure to topstitch. This will make your final project stronger so it will hopefully last longer.

Be sure to lay it flat before making a cut. Measure twice and cut once…you know the drill.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

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I put the old umbrella on top of the new “bigger” fabric and cut the pieces. Basically, it is a 3-piece pattern consisting of a large center piece and two smaller curved side pieces.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty good. I had so many wonderful trips down the stairs and around the house bolting everything to the frame just to make sure it would still fit. I reused the velcro from the old hemp because it was still in good shape. The old canopy was more complicated, with a fabric tunnel in the middle through which a metal rod would pass. I skipped this step and it was just as good. I folded and pinned the front and back of the swing posts and just did a straight seam.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

Then I repeated the process for the sides of the velcro, making the cradle look like a giant shirt shape, and attached the velcro where it needed to be for proper attachment. In fact, you can skip the Velcro and sew it directly to the hammock, making this umbrella even simpler. Personally, I have no intention of getting this swing canopy before it falls apart and it’s time to make a new one! Now clean up your giant acid mess and take a well-deserved break so we can make your own pillowcases!

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Rocking cushions and tie-dyed chair cushions start the same way. Lucky for me, the width of the fabric I chose was PERFECT. I don’t really need to cut it. Be sure to measure your pillows by hand, or take them to the store if you’re worried about how much fabric to buy. I think it was all of a meter and a half. If it bothers me, I might even go down to the scary basement and find my receipt so I can verify it for you.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

So where do I start? The old hammock and chair cushions were actually cast! I don’t have a pillow so I used an inner pillow which also looks sad. I want to simplify this process as much as possible, so I decided not to repeat the beautiful tubes that immediately cover all options purchased in your store. So this project is not difficult at all. If you can sew a straight line or feel comfortable, you should tackle this pillow making project.

The yellow cushions are really hard old indoor sofa cushions and after all they look just as good and real as real outdoor cushions… so use what you have!

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

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The first step is to cut out all the old fabric. If you want to reuse the button, hide it, I decided not to add it again. My fabric was so beautiful that I didn’t think it was necessary. If your pillows have been out in the rain for years, you may find that the “white” pillow cover has also become moldy. I didn’t want to risk mold spores spreading to the new fabric, and I didn’t want to spend money on new foam, so I found a clear solution. Enter the classic white plastic waste bags. I used one on each half of the pillow. WARNING: The first time you sit down and the air comes out, there will be a hissing sensation. The kids and I thought it was a lot of fun, but if it bothers you, you can skip this step.

You can see the beautiful inner fabric on the right where I turned the corner a bit.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

Then lay the fabric making sure it is long enough to reach from one end to the other. I never cut myself. Again, I think it’s 1.5 yards, but it could be 1.75 yards. I would wait until you finish the first cushion to cut it shorter because you want to leave room for a seam between the two cushions and you will need it when you do the seat binding. More material for this. Turn the fabric inside out so that the beautiful side is on the inside and the dull white on the outside.

Hoang Co. Gray Outdoor Chairs W/ 2 Cushions

Now it’s time to straighten the fabric with the presser foot and sew a straight seam on the underside and right side. You’ll also want to zigzag or zigzag the fabric to make it more secure. WARNING: Do not sew the top closed!

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

Turn your project right side out so you can see the beautiful fabric. Note that I have a “real” outer pad on the bottom and a filler pad on top. The outer cushion is wider and actually covers the entire seat, the cushion is not too big. So good at the top you wouldn’t know if you didn’t. And after actually sitting in the chair, you won’t notice the difference in size.

I’m just going to show you again that the trash bag tie is in the middle and the smooth part is at the end.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

Diy Patio Chair Cushion

This next part is a little tricky. You can pin it so you can clearly see where you want to sew. Otherwise you risk not sewing in a straight line like I did. I have to admit I didn’t pay much attention to pressing it…not for ALL 7 pillows I made. Sew 2-3 rows of straight stitches on the right side of the pillow. This will help give the pillow a more attractive shape and help it stay folded in half.

The 2 rows of stitches you just sewed will prevent the pillow from sliding too far.

How To Make A Patio Chair Cushion

Now it’s time to add the pillow (or pillows). Be sure to use a garbage bag to tie it up and cut it up

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