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How To Make A Chair Into A Planter – For years I dreamed of a rocking chair. I searched magazines and websites that featured beautiful plants on patios, patios, and porches. I actually wanted to buy it, but the price was a bit expensive. I finally decided to take a chance and make one.

I bought this chair about 10 years ago with the intention of starting a new hobby. The back of the chair is torn and I want to retouch it. I also bought a set online. Comes with instructions and all materials to complete the corner chair. I never got around to it and eventually lost interest in acquiring this new skill.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

After deciding to make my own chair planter, I was looking at chairs at my local thrift store when I remembered they were in the garage!

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I dusted the chair and cleaned it with water and a mild washing-up liquid.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

As shown in the figure below, the channel is closed near the back of the chair. I used this as a starting point and cut the seat with strong scissors, keeping it as close to the edge of the seat as possible.

The center of the seat is easily removable as seen below. I kept the kit for a possible future project.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

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After removing the center of the seat, I had to remove the corner stitches along the edge. The wood is drilled through holes in the wood from top to bottom as seen in the image below.

So I took the wire cutters and cut the bottom seam, then used pliers to pull the seam out of the top of the chair. You have to pull and pull a bit. It’s slow because the channel is old and broken, so you can’t remove more than chunks at a time. It is also quite thick and difficult to cut. A piece is stuck in the hole and needs to be removed with a screwdriver.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

I removed all the sugar and got ready to decorate the chair.

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I didn’t want to sand, so I used leftover chalk paint: Waverly Inspirations Acrylic Chalk Paint. The price is quite affordable and I love the colors available.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

I like to clean wood with chalk paint. Even though wood has a glossy finish, chalk paint shines easily and adheres to a high-gloss finish. It is best to use a natural bristle brush to apply chalk paint. Gives a smooth finish. If you are using a synthetic brush, leave plenty of brushstrokes where the original finish is showing.

I also used folk art and American acrylic paint for colors not found in chalk paint. Another reason why I love chalk paints is their durability. I can easily apply matte or glossy acrylic paint over chalk paint and the coverage is excellent.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

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I use both glossy and matte finishes as I plan to cover the finished chair with a strong protective material like Folk Art’s Satin Sealer Outdoor which has a nice satin finish in a nice balance between gloss and matte.

Note: The bottle of vitamins pictured below is one of the things I used to mix the paint to the desired color.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

As shown in the picture below, I started with pink chalk paint. I was hoping to use flowers in some flowers. But pink just doesn’t pop out. So I went with bright orange. I also found the lime green too boring. So I used an acrylic metallic green mixed with the original lime green.

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My intention was to drill a hole through the hole and widen the hole with a jig by inserting a large round plastic pot. But I have a basket that fits in the opening. I put the basket in and then put the pots with different plants in the basket. Extremely successful.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

But now I have a hole problem. I considered running a natural-looking rope through the hole, but ended up buying Dollar Tree moss and hot-gluing it around the seat of the chair to cover the hole.

I planted some artificial flowers to complete the arrangement until the plant grew and over the couch. I love the finished product! I have an old rocking chair with a corner seat. I can make another chair planter!

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

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This material is accurate and correct to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not intended to replace the formal and individual advice of a qualified professional. Recycled spring planter chair. Take a broken chair and give it a new life by planting beautiful flowers to enjoy in your backyard!

Don’t you love spring? I am always excited to plant flowers and prepare the garden for outdoor fun! When my kids were little, I remember taking an old couch, spray-painting it yellow, and planting it with flowers. So one weekend when my husband and I went for a Saturday morning walk and came across an old chair that had been left on the street corner, I knew what I wanted!

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

I joined a few friends who were sharing great spring DIY ideas. Scroll down and jump to see the tutorial!

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An old chair can be the perfect recycled plant pot. There are many ways to turn an old chair into a flowerpot. I’ll show you two ways to turn an old couch into a fun flower bed.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

About 20 years ago, I turned my chair into a planter. You don’t need a pot to use this method. This is great upcycling if you have a chair with a broken or missing seat.

I find it easy, but maybe not fun? what do you think? The chair I saw on the side of the road was actually a “commode chair” so it already had a hole for the bin. I also like the large apron covering the bowl. It is perfect for growers! But you don’t need that kind of chair to make this plant. Any sofa with a removable seat will work!

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

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Here are some other couch plants to inspire you! We hope you can grab a spot in your neighborhood or Facebook marketplace with this free chair that breathes new life into your backyard!

Aren’t they perfect to keep out of the kitchen? I love the idea of ​​growing herbs! A perfect idea if you have a small yard or apartment. Have you ever walked through a flea market or sale and seen a metal chair with no seat? I am looking for unusual elements that can be used to make flower pots. Here’s an idea on how to turn an old chair into beautiful garden art: a beautiful chair planner.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

The delicious chair pots are part garden and part sculptural art that adds interest as a focal point in the garden. I love that this design is easy to fit into a large space or a small patio. No matter how big your garden is, a succulent planter will fit the bill. See how to make this plant using an old metal chair, chicken wire, moss and various succulents.

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The basket in the set for planting various plants is easy to make. I like to use succulents because once these plants take root in the basket, they are easy to maintain. Of course, if you want, you can grow hanging basket plants, annuals and even herbs and edibles in baskets. This project will show you how to turn a chair into a flowerpot and you can add plants of your choice.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

Cut a section of chicken wire large enough to fit inside the chair to make the basket and extend it over the edge of the chair.

Slowly pull the wire up to the seat and take a few minutes to create a nice basket shape. The depth of the basket will depend on the size of the seat. Plants do not need soil like other plants. The basket of this dry chair plant is 8 inches deep.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

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If you like the shape of the basket, wrap extra wire around the edge of the seat. If the wire is too long, cut off a piece of wire, but be sure to leave enough to attach the basket to the seat.

Start by attaching the basket to the seat. Wrap the seat with cable ties. Nine cable ties were used in this project. Trim off excess chicken wire. Needle nose pliers can be used to slide the ends of the chicken wire under the metal socket. Cut the cable tie back to the plate.

How To Make A Chair Into A Planter

Now it’s time to line the basket with a sheet of moss. Raki A

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