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How To Build A Table Saw Fence – Ever since I built my last table saw fence a few years ago, people who saw it on social media have been asking questions about the design and how I made it. This article was written for that. I will tell you about the features and design of this fence. I also have a plan below that you can download if you want to make your own.

Interested in getting the most out of your table saw? With this plan, you can turn your spare fence into some valuable shop fixtures for a variety of table saw jobs.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

The Complete Enchilada Plan Kit! Do you want them all? You got it! Get all the plans I offer in one package for a 65% savings!

Vevor Table Saw Fence System, 37

The cutting bar that comes standard with every table saw works well for what it is intended for, which is cutting. A good rod is durable, won’t change calibration after a few uses, and is easy to adjust as needed. A better Biesemeyer style fence will have a 3-4 inch face, which is enough to accommodate some very low profile items like a parking lot, but in the end a standard fence can’t help much outside of its primary function. If you want to make your fence the best version, you really need two things: Height and VERSATILITY.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

The height allows the saw to hold vertical cuts better. Consider making relief panels with a table saw. You need a very strong vertical support to get the door panel through the saw blade. Or consider carving spike cheeks.

If you’re going to add all that height, you might as well create a way to add other things to it. That way, your fence will be able to hold things while you work.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

How To Make A Table Saw Fense — Free Diy Plans And 3d Model

My Best Table Saw Fence is designed for almost any type of operation I might want to do on my table saw. The face is almost 1 foot tall, it is firmly attached to the picket fence for solid stability, and it has T-shaped guides and mushrooms installed inside to provide any type of fastening anywhere on the fence.

I also thought about storage. If you have all the space on the fence, how about keeping the tools you use the most close at hand? More on that later.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

The basis of all this is the lower fence. It provides stability and a key attachment point for other things such as high fences. You need to make sure that the support fence is firmly attached to your post fence. The main thing here is that you don’t want it moving or swinging towards you, especially with a tall fence attached to it.

Jax Design: Table Saw Fence And Blade Micro Adjustment Jig

The additional fence is made entirely of 3/4″ (19 mm) thick Baltic birch plies and consists of two 6″ high vertical sections.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

They are screwed to a horizontal section consisting of two strips of Baltic birch joined together. I used two strips to create a solid surface for the screws and a nice straight 90 degree guide for the vertical part. The horizontal bar should be the full width of your counter fence minus the tiiiiiiiiny bit. Maybe 1/128 inch. This will ensure that when you attach the side to it, the piston will pull firmly against the bar, creating a snug fit.

There are also small details on the front and back so that the whole fence does not slide, but rests on the fence like a cast. You will need to cut a notch in the front to go through the sleeve on the trunk. This will be different for each saw, so make a notch specific to your fence.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

How To Make A Diy Table Saw Fence

You can see here that I pressed some 2″ screws into the side to attach the bottom guard. Make sure the mirror is so it doesn’t interfere with the function of the fence.

Here you can see how the support fence slides over the fence. I recommend cutting the edge in the picket fence by 1/8 inch to facilitate the process of sliding the picket fence.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

Another key feature of the support fence is the tee I put into it. There are four nuts on each side of the lower fence so I can screw my tall fence. These tee nuts are re-embedded before the fence is installed.

Low Cost Automated Table Saw Fence Eliminates Table Saw Stress

The tall fence is made from 2 pieces of 3/4 inch Baltic birch laminated together and covered with tarp. Formica is optional, but it provides durability and strength, as well as a smooth, easy-to-clean surface to create a highly visible sign.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

There is a T-shaped impression on one side of the fence. This allows you to add all kinds of fasteners to the fence.

The other side has an undercut so you can make straight cuts on your table saw.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

Diy Table Saw Cart Free Plans

And there is a ramp at the top. This is to help with jigs that require sliding over the blade (I’ll show some jigs below).

The way I put the tee nut allows the tall fence to be installed from any position.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

So the first thing I recommend in addition to the end table saw fence is feather board. The wool board is like an extra pair of hands that can apply downward pressure to the workpiece as it passes through the saw blade.

Octpeak Miter Gauge Table Saw Fence Sawing Assembly Ruler Diy Woodworking Hand Operated Tool,miter Gauge Table Saw Tool,miter Gauge Fence

One springboard is good, but two is better. So you can control the cut before and after the blade. Here is a link to a feather board I have.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

Another versatile addition is the L-shaped fence. The L-bar makes quick work of tongue and groove, bevel, bevel and precision cuts on awkwardly sized parts. My L fence is two boards joined at right angles. One side is attached to the fence; the other side extends horizontally to guide the workpiece or pattern. And because this fence is on the blade, it doesn’t require as much damage as the sacrificial fence.

To make a conical cut on the workpiece, it is enough to mark the starting and ending points of the cone.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

My Ultimate Table Saw Fence

Next, get something with a straight edge (I used a piece of hard maple that I tested straight). A ruler works too.

Attach the product with double-sided tape. This tape creates a strong and non-destructive bond. Make sure the height of the saw blade is high enough to cut the workpiece. Also, position the guide bar so that it rests on the blade without touching it, and make sure the edge of the L bar is flush with the outer edge of the saw blade.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

Since the edge of the L-bar is flush with the edge of the saw blade, make sure the runner is in contact with the L-guide as you slide the workpiece through the blade. Everything outside the run will be cut with a knife.

Build An Adjustable Tablesaw L Fence

You can perform a similar operation using the notch on the side of the fence. Again, place the outside of the blade flush with the fence and under the notch.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

Now, if you have something to cut like an edge, you can do that easily. Press the workpiece against the fence as it passes through the blade, and everything below the notch will be cut.

The top bevel is ideal for bars that need to slide over the saw, such as hammer drills.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

How To Make A Table Saw Sled (free Plans)

I made a slider with a connecting rail that slides on an incline. The slider has a T-nut installed, which can be used to tighten anything to the fence.

As you can see here, my punch tool allows me to make safe and precise vertical cuts like cheek punches with ease.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

The last thing I want to show you is the tool holder. The best table saw mount is also the perfect tool.

Item# Rf800 Diy Sliding Rip Fence System For Circular Saw And Router Table

I keep every tool I use on my desk. I use magnets to keep my steel tools from shifting while I work.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

Then add quick dry glue and add a 1/16″ cap over the magnet.

As you can see, I have a long magnetic bar that holds my ruler, tape measure, cutting knife and anything else made of small steel that I want to keep securely in place.

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

The Ultimate Table Saw Fence

Also, I made this other fixture that isn’t magnetic, but holds towels, pens, markers, and my router table height adjuster (I have a router table on the wing of my table saw).

I also added a custom holder to my pencil. With all the little things I can throw away other things

How To Build A Table Saw Fence

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