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How To Make A Stump Stool – I always love to see tree trunks that people make at home. They always look so beautiful!

I’ve seen them painted solid gold or silver, I’ve seen them half painted or just the top, and I’ve seen many places where people have just stained the wood so you can still see the beautiful grain.

How To Make A Stump Stool

How To Make A Stump Stool

I’m not sure what I want to do with my tree stump, but I definitely want to try this project. A&b Home Tree Stump Cement Stool, One

Step 1: Identify the stump You can find some on the side of the road or buy some, or you can do what I did and start mentioning it to all your friends.. What if you want a tree stump and see if anyone has it.

How To Make A Stump Stool

Luckily for me, my friend’s father has a lot of land outside our city, and he has a lot of remaining tree stumps. If you’re going to find them, try to find the driest stumps. If they are wet and not dry, they will rot, which is not good for furniture.

After receiving the stubble I started looking for information on how to dry it. There are many resources available, but I was impressed with this tutorial.

How To Make A Stump Stool

Greenage Cedar Roots Naturally Shaped Mushroom Stool Side Table Stand

They recommend elevating your stump a bit (so air can circulate around it) and letting it dry in your garage or attic for a few months. So what did I do?

Once the tree branches are dry (or mostly dry) it will be easier to remove the bark. Use a chisel or a flathead screwdriver and a hammer or mallet to drive a wedge between the bark and the stump, then peel away the bark. Try to stop as much as possible.

How To Make A Stump Stool

I recommend using a hand sander or belt sander to remove the remaining bark and leave your tree stump looking smooth. You can see the before and after photos above of how my stubble looked after this step. Now apply wood filler to cracks or large holes. I had a deep spot on top of the stump that I thought might be a problem keeping the cup level, so I filled it with wood filler.

Stump Stool Stump End Table Tree Stump Table Burnt Log

Check the bottle for a dry time and after it is dry, the sand will flow out of the surface of the wood.

How To Make A Stump Stool

After much thought (probably too much) I decided I wanted wood stain instead of paint. I can’t bear to lose all the beautiful grain marks. I noticed that you can get a tintable stain.

It comes in many colors (my dad and I used a bright green stain on a project when we were in middle school!) I chose white for my stump. Check your stain box for tips and drying time information. After coloring, I added a coat of glossy polyurethane.

How To Make A Stump Stool

Large Tree Stump Side Tables

Then I added wheels (casters) to the bottom of my stump. I used a washer to try and even had an uneven surface. It works just fine. But if you need a super-level surface (to set the floor or add hairpin legs), use a planer to smooth the bottom.

I really love how they turned out. I think they look like floating mountains. Which makes no sense, I just had to put it out there. 🙂 xo Emma Perusing Pinterest and our property listings, a beautiful furnishing trend recently caught our attention: beautiful natural tree stools and side tables.

How To Make A Stump Stool

We’ve seen a lot of this rustic look, but with furniture retailers charging anywhere from $169 to $750 for a stool and side table, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, this hot trend is yours.

How To Build A Diy Tree Stump Side Table

So, we found an easy and economical way to upcycle tree stumps and spend the weekend looking for less. Plus DIY projects are always fun and super satisfying!

How To Make A Stump Stool

First you need to trace the tree stump for your project. Start by asking around. Maybe your friend, colleague, friend, or family member has a tree stump in their yard or recently cut down a tree. They will surely be happy to see their stump put to good use and find a new home at your place.

Check online classifieds websites like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, people often sell or give away tree stumps for free. You usually have to arrange for pick-up and lift your own weight. Try to find wood, logs, wood and tree stumps.

How To Make A Stump Stool

The Floating Stump Stool — Workshop Edits

Alternatively, contact a local tree removal company, they will sell you the tree stump they have removed for little or no cost. Make your life easier by choosing pre-cut stumps to your desired size, height and shape.

Keep your eyes on your surroundings. When developers clear empty blocks, they often give the wood they give to local communities (or DIY projects!) for lumber. Also, you can often score tree stumps when cleaning up after a big storm.

How To Make A Stump Stool

Now that you have the stump, remove all the outer skin. Depending on how dry your stump is, you can easily peel off the bark using your fingers, or you may need to apply a little force and remove it with a hammer and chisel.

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Next you want to sand the sides, top and bottom of your stump to make the finish nice and smooth. Pay special attention to the top so that the surface is nice and flat and can hold things comfortably and is not comfortable to sit on. Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want to leave the sides slightly unpolished and slightly rough around the edges or completely smooth.

How To Make A Stump Stool

I recommend using a hand sander, which you can pick up at a local hardware store for about $27, to make the job faster and less labor intensive. But if you have sandpaper, you can use it.

To ensure a professional, smooth and shiny finish, wipe your stump with a damp cloth to remove bark residue and dust from the sanding process.

How To Make A Stump Stool

Stump Stools From Building Off The Grid Alaska Range On Diynetwork

You may want to paint your stump or dirt in a dark color to match your decor. I chose clear varnish because I am happy with the natural shade of the wood and I want to show the grain and texture of the beautiful orange wood. Check the instructions for your paint, stain or varnish for drying times and application instructions. I did two coats of 24 hour clear varnish and let it dry overnight.

From adding wheels for an ombre effect to gold spray paint patterns for painting parts, there are many ways you can customize your stamp mall.

How To Make A Stump Stool

For more DIY inspiration, check out these 11 great upcycling projects, DIY paper feather artwork and seven clever DIY projects perfect for the weekend.

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How To Make A Stump Stool

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If you like this blog, leave a comment below and share it with your friends. Please respect the public forum and do not post abusive or insulting comments as they will be deleted. And finally I have to give credit to my friends for getting the ball rolling. He ordered me the other day saying he had some nice tree stumps that I liked – and sent me a nice picture of them being sanded and smoothed.

How To Make A Stump Stool

Tree Stump End Table Or Stool

I know this is going to be a great side table on our deck this year… we are switching things up and it is working with a new addition that I will be sharing with you soon. !

So here’s how you can make an easy and inexpensive DIY outdoor rolling stump side table…

How To Make A Stump Stool

In the end, life wins and I don’t have time to deal with ridiculous things. I guess I can always add some paint down the road, but once it’s painted it’s hard to go back.

How To: Diy Stump Table

It takes some time with a simple palm sander. We put a lot of elbow grease to boost its modest power.

How To Make A Stump Stool

I used these two stains to create the color I wanted, I started with natural oak on top and then added some dark mahogany to make the finish darker, more saturated and rich. I am big on the convenience of this stain pad and have used it on many projects.

I want to make it nice and simple.

How To Make A Stump Stool

Large Tree Stump Side Tables, Natural For Sale At 1stdibs

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