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How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table – Well, sports fans! Guys, I have a cute and very useful DIY project for your entertainment.

All those game day snacks on the coffee table in front of the TV during the game (who wants to get up and go to the kitchen to fill up …yes)? Yes, it’s in the past.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

This stylish commercial folding table is one of a kind, blends in well with your decor and you can even put it away when not in use.

Standard Folding Table Legs 514xx

What do I think? Perfect for all your entertainment needs! Also, if you are a big fan, you can mark it with your team’s colors or logo like I did here with the Cleveland Cavaliers logo.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

If you want to sand a 1/4 inch sheet of plywood, you may want to do it by hand with sandpaper. You should not cause the wood edge to crack.

Next, drill four 1/2″x1″x15″ holes on both sides of the table and a total of eight 1/2″x1″x24-1/8″ table mounting brackets.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Stalwart Industrial Single Folding Table Leg Fold3043x3

The picture above shows one side of your folding table, so be prepared to fold it twice.

Once the bottom of your rectangular table is attached, place a piece of 1/4″ thin plywood inside the rectangle on a flat material. Measure the 15″ and 25-1/8″ sides of the table around the 1/4″ piece of paper. of plywood, then remove the sheet of plywood.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

The line you drew shows how high you will attach the 24-1/8 inch table top to store the support pieces. You need a 1/4″ gap between the support pieces and the top so you can put the 1/4″ plywood back in place later.

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Place the first two 24-1/8 inch supports to hold the rafters on the sides of the table and attach them with craig screws. The other two are approx. Please make sure each piece is exactly 1/4″ from the top…

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Note: Yes, I only drilled one pocket hole for each of my support pieces to save on screws… but if you’re inexperienced, this isn’t great idea, just stick to the two holes. It’s very difficult to install because you can’t use single hole plugs.

Once all of your 24-1/8″ supports are in place, apply wood glue to the supports and slide the 1/4″ plywood sheet to the back. Place something heavy on top while the glue dries. If you do everything right, the top of the 1/4 inch plywood should be enough to make a nice (large) flat table.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Foldable Woodgrain Lap Table

After your two boards have dried overnight (or a few hours according to the wood paneling instructions), glue two 10-inch strips down the middle of the interior. the table. These additional supports are needed for later storage purposes. Leave about 1″ apart… go ahead and eyeball it, you want it to be even.

Label or paint both sides of the table top and allow to dry completely. While the table top is drying, it’s a good time to jump down and get a head start on this tutorial.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

After the stain has dried, you will make some buttons to keep the table legs between those supports. Place the two pieces of duct tape upside down in the gaps. Folding Table Legs 4 Pcs Black Foldable Hairpin Table Legs 12.6 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Easy Install Folding Coffee Table Leg

The center cord is 8 inches apart and twisted together. FYI: You must pre-drill the holes for this or you will split the wood.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Ready to work on those commercial table legs? Start by cutting your gutter to size based on the cutting list below.

I went with pipe instead of steel pipe because it is stronger but lighter. If you don’t want your folding table to be too heavy, you need an electric lift to come in and set it up for you. Just saying… stick to the plans. 😀

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Tray Table With Foldable Legs Multi Purpose Breakfast Serving Tray Bed Table Snack Laptop Desk

You will attach a 1/2″ pipe connector to both ends of each 10″ drain (pipe). First remove the washer from each joint (you won’t need it), then secure it to the channel using the screw on the side.

Thread the 1/2″ steel cap onto four of the 10″ pieces of conduit (including connectors). These are your feet that go on the ground. Add a 1/2″ steel tee to the top of the leg piece and screw it down to the right side of the drain connection.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Love the scraps. It can be placed under the table.

Light Weight Folding Tables

Finally attach the two parts of the table using the screws and screw the floor edge to the four corners of your table. Go ahead and add your pulls too. Your table is ready to set!

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

To set up your folding table, you’ll want to start by drilling the top of the channel into your floor. Mark the bottom part of the leg where the metal part is attached to the stud and slide it into the center support tube.

Your folding table is ready to use! If you don’t twist each piece with the same amount of “thread” on both sides, your table might be a little too tight.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Making A Folding Table Stable

Don’t forget the most important part… add your team logo to your folding table. After all, you have to show that team spirit!

Well, now you’re ready for the big game! Oh.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

If you followed this tutorial and built these folding shelves or tables, share them with us! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram and share with the hashtag #dominatethepaint so Rust-Oleum and the Cavs can see you rock it! Geesatis 4 Pcs Folding Table Legs Height 350mm/14inch Furniture Legs Sofa Legs For Decor Home, With Mounting Screws, Black

* This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum in association with the Cleveland Cavaliers! All ideas, plans and opinions are my own. This tutorial shows how to make portable tables that are easy to install and just the right size. Craft shows, car sales, flea markets, or extra tables get the job done. My husband needs portable tables for his craft shows. Art display spaces come in different sizes, so she asked me to make two different sizes. I started making these charts about eight years ago and often get requests for instructions on how to make them. Instead of creating unnecessary layers, I shot the images using one layer of each size that I had already created.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

The main table top is cut to 2′ x 4′ and the table top to 15 ¾” x 36″. Using a router and sandpaper, sand all the rounded edges and rings. If you’re considering the size of the table, it’s designed specifically for visual display spaces – large tables at the front are common and smaller tables at the ends. Usually, space shows are limited in space, so space shows are organized in the same way—the depth and width are limited, typically 8 feet deep and width measurements in multiples of 4 feet. .

It’s a big table. The legs of the outer part should be 36″. Cut the top of the car to 24″. The inside legs should be 34″. Cut the top of the channel at 22″. The distance between the outside legs should be 22 1/8″.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

Diy Industrial Folding Table

A small table. The legs of the outer part should be 33″. Cut the top of the car to 15″. The legs of the inner part should be 31″. Cut the inner part of the bridge at 13″. The distance between the outer legs should be 13 1/8″.

Note: If you plan to make more than one table leg of each size, I recommend creating a welding pattern. I am attaching two pictures of a jig I made for this purpose. The jig has two sides and each side has two parts. There are external leg drivers for the two large tables on each side and opposite leg drivers for the two large tables – see photos. The red areas show where the channel should be placed and clamped for installation (the clamps have been removed in the diagram of the bridge). I have made tables over the years and they are all uniform.

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

To create strong weld joints, the ends must be shaped to match the curvature of the top road. Hold the outer and inner corners of the leg. Install end caps to protect floors.

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Place the inner leg inside the outer leg, leaving an eighth of an inch gap between the tops (I’ve included a set of open legs to demonstrate this step). Measure 17 ¾” down the leg from the top and mark the place to drill the ¼” hole. I usually tap the legs in and out to make sure the screw holes line up properly

How To Make Foldable Legs For A Table

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