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How To Install Outdoor Electrical Outlet In Yard – In this post we are nearing completion of the last few parts of our landscape lighting project. To do this, we install an outlet on the side of the house to feed our transformer. Goodbye extension cord

First of all: get a license. If your city or municipality allows you to do electrical work, there is no reason not to get a permit. It took about five minutes to do the paperwork and about a week to get my permits approved and it only cost $36. After the job is done, I call the building office in my area and they send an electrical inspector over to inspect my work. Even if you’re a skilled dealer and know you’re doing it right, getting a permit gives you and future owners peace of mind knowing that all electrical work has been done up to code and inspected.

How To Install Outdoor Electrical Outlet In Yard

First we look at the outside setting, identify the general area where we want to install the outlet, and then find something outside that has access to the inside of the house that we can use as a reference. For this I want a socket just below the transformer. To the right of where I want the outlet, you can see a large power cable that runs to the side that leads about two feet into our house. I will drill a hole through the house and now I just need to find the main power wire and drill a two foot hole on the right side of it (looking from the inside out).

Adding An Electrical Outlet In The Middle Of A Run

Transformer and electricity meter. Pay attention to the large 200 amp cable that enters the house just under the meter. It is large with a black cyst around it.

When we’re in the basement, I find that 200 amp cable and mark a spot about two feet to the right of it. Next, I use my cordless drill to drill a 1/4″ hole in the outside of the wood. The purpose of this small hole is to provide an accurate location point from the outside.

The 200 A cable is located above the switch box. I move the insulation. Be sure to use gloves, the insulation is itchy.

Now that the small hole is drilled inside, I know where to drill the larger hole. Drilling all the way through will work too, however, you may experience bond tears. By drilling the final hole on the outside, you ensure that the siding does not tear. The interior of the house takes a little longer, but because it’s in a piece of construction wood, no one can see, it doesn’t matter.

Outdoor Receptacle Covers

I used a 3/4″ bit to make a hole big enough for the 14 gauge cable to pass through.

I pull the wire out enough to go through the box and there’s about 2 feet here, plenty of slack.

Now I am making an electrical box that breaks down at home. I picked up a complete outdoor outlet kit for this at the box store that includes everything you need except the wires. It also has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) output. You should use a GFCI outlet for anything outside the house (or near water such as kitchen sinks, tables, toilets, etc.). If a GFCI outlet detects a ground fault, it will automatically cut power to any device connected to it. That way, if the outlet gets wet from the rain, it doesn’t bother anyone, it just closes.

Depending on whether it is installed horizontally or vertically, a bracket is needed to screw the back of the electrical box. I’m going to adjust my horizontal.

How To Install Outdoor Electrical Outlet In Yard [safe Way]

Mini mount in place. I took some elbow grease. The box also has three holes that can be used to feed wires into the box. I use the previous two people shut their mouths.

Now that the output box is ready, we screw it into the house. Pass the wire through the hole in the back and place the hole in the box over the hole drilled in the middle and screw it into the housing with the two outer screws. Strip the outer insulation of the wire, then strip the insulation from the black and white wires.

At this point, you can hire a professional electrician or follow the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the GFCI outlet. Good luck!

Outer box. The broken part was removed so that the cable can be removed by closing the cap.

How To Put In Landscape Lighting

The outer box has a transparent access cover. Depending on the box, it can be placed horizontally or vertically. The outer box simply slides over the long box bolts. After sliding into place, the screws are tightened.

Now with the outer cover, remove the clear cover and hinge screws. Before we wrap the outside of this, seal everything around the perimeter of the box where it will go into the house with clear or colored exterior silicone sealant. The sealant prevents water and insects from entering the box and the house.

Another thing, the outer cover is a plastic piece that allows the cable to be plugged into the outlet and still close the lid. Now is a good time to close it.

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Power Strip Garden Yard Stake Timer With Photocell Electrical Outlet Outdoor 840166218129

When it comes to outdoor electricity, some people may not understand the importance of outlet location. However, outdoor outlets can come in handy when we need to power woodworking tools, grills, or Christmas lights.

An outdoor electrical box makes life easier and safer because a cord plugged into an indoor outlet is a recipe for disaster.

Outlets Once you have installed an electrical outlet, the process of installing a new outlet is relatively simple, especially if you have some electrical skills in your field.

Our general rule of thumb for safety is to always use a non-contact voltage tester or ammeter. For the inexperienced, it is better to leave this work to the professionals.

How To Wire An Outlet And Add An Electrical Outlet (diy)

Anyway, here is an overview of the steps on how to install an outdoor electrical outlet in the yard.

First, the exit location must be determined. It is usually located on the outside wall of the house and is supported to an existing household outlet inside the house.

The existing outdoor outlet is usually plugged into a wall on the side of your current home, and the new outlet is plugged into the same post. This simply eliminates the need to drill new holes through the studs.

The power must be turned off in the internal outlet in the breaker box. After this is done, the socket is checked to ensure that there is no current.

The 3 Best Smart Outdoor Lights For Backyards, Pathways, And More Of 2022

This outlet is then detached from the wall and the wires connected to it are screwed in and pushed to the side where it goes out of the way.

If necessary, be sure to remove at least an inch of insulation around the existing box. Then the wiring box is removed and the outer wall is exposed.

Now a one inch hole is drilled out through the wall to run the cable through and a piece of NM-B cable is cut that runs from one box to the other.

This piece of cable is fed out through a hole in the basement junction box.

Cost To Install An Electrical Outlet Outside

Currently, many wires are produced that are used to connect internal sockets to circuit wires. After all the wiring is connected, the indoor outlet can be retrofitted with an outdoor box and GFCI outlet.

There are various places where outdoor electrical outlets can be placed. However, they must first be installed in locations required by the National Electrical Code (NEC).

For example, when a house is first built, there are certain requirements that determine the number of electrical outlets installed on the exterior of the house.

Once you meet these requirements, you usually have some leeway in terms of where you can put more outlets.

How To Install An Exterior Electrical Outlet

Therefore, when determining an additional location in the open air

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