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How To Make Vinyl Placemats – Vinyl coasters are amazing for functionality and style. This Heat N’ Bond Iron-On Vinyl turns any cotton fabric into dirty vinyl.

The goal was to have an 8-piece coaster that I could use every day and on vacation. My solution was to make double sided 15 ½” x 20” vinyl coasters with different letters on each side. I chose the Amy Butler Lotus Cherry Blossom Wall for all eight! I love this for my everyday “holiday” table because it’s a coral red color; versatile enough for a modern Christmas wish or for everyday use all year round. These also make excellent gifts!

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

I chose Joel Dewberry Wander Cross Midnight for the back four sides of the table and Joel Dewberry Birch Farm Chrysanthemum Peacock for the opposite side of the table. I like to have all eight at once or a combination depending on the mood and circumstances.

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A few tips for ironing on vinyl – Make sure your iron is well ironed and free of lint or foreign material or it will stay in the vinyl forever.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

To begin, simply remove the first 2 inches of vinyl. Add one rectangle of cotton and fold the paper back as shown here:

According to the instructions, use paper to apply to the vinyl, making sure the mesh side of the paper is facing up when ironing.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats Hamiltonna Woven Vinyl Placemats For Dining Table Set Of 4 Pvc Place Mats Heat Insulation Tablemats Table Mats (4 Pcs, Red Gray Black White Geometric Square)

The instructions say to press for 8 seconds, then turn and press for another 4 seconds. Since this area is too large to light, I slowly went to the figure eight iron, let it cool, turned the paper over and ran the iron along the length of the rectangle. He then rolled it up, using the paper as a barrier, and added an eight-barreled knife to the back. Each piece didn’t get the full 8 seconds of pressing, but my style seemed to work because the vinyl was handled so well. If you make mistakes for too long, the vinyl will start to melt and swell. 10 yards of Heat n Bond is actually about ½ yard too much because you have to test it on cotton first. Be sure to check first and find the right blade before tackling the sixteen backplates.

Use pictures to set the scene. Do not use pins as this will leave holes in the vinyl.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Take the rectangles facing each other and sew right sides together, using a 5/8” – ¾” seam allowance, leaving 12” open for the length of the rectangle to turn inside out. Changing the default dimensions allows more flexibility in keeping the rectangle. Remember that it is more important not to bend the rectangle than to correctly match the amount of money.

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Place the edges of the seam allowance and cut the corner so that the seam allowance lays flat after transfer.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Where there is a hole, close the edges and smooth with mesh paper to make it easier to sew after turning right side out.

Note: If you change the position to the right, the vinyl will swell and break. It’s no longer a vinyl rectangle; it will have a texture depending on the line you include.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Nicolette Mayer Cherry Blossom 16” Vinyl Placemat

Don’t worry – that’s how this vinyl behaves. But that’s okay. You can use tissue paper and re-iron the coaster to even out the bulk, but these coasters may not look good. It’s a little embarrassing, I know, but I believe the performance and style of this garment is better than worsted ever made.

Now you have powerful coasters working at maximum performance. They’re big enough to handle messes from cooking, crafts, and other activities, and they’re easy to wipe clean.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Another tip for vinyl placemats is to put a few drops of water on the bottom of the placemats to prevent them from sliding around on the table. They say “a little light never hurts” and I think it’s true! Unless you have an eye, it’s not hard to be happy when you see it.

Easy Diy Name Placemat

Not too long ago, my daughter came home from a close friend’s house with her beautiful bed. It is true that more than 20 years have passed. Continuing the tradition of crafting with friends, Britt and I met God a few months ago with Baby Vincent in the joy of beauty.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

By sharing it with you, I hope you will introduce your child to the fun and joy of crafting. Time well spent!

Where to get clear vinyl? It can easily be purchased at Joann Fabrics or online fabric stores such as If none of those options work, consider vinyl wrap! Whether you shop online or buy a bath towel, you can find different weights or measurements.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Upgrade A Serving Tray With A Dollar Store Placemat! Homeward Found Decor

I have used 8 gauge, 12 gauge and soon to be 20. The 20 gauge is thicker than I thought it would be and actually too thick in my opinion. I recommend a rate of 12-14.

The three main materials needed for placemats are vinyl, glitter, confetti, glitter and string.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Start by cutting the vinyl. Cut two (2) 12″ x 17″ rectangles. They say size doesn’t matter…and “they” would be fine! You can make it any size.

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Cutting vinyl can be tricky. It’s slippery, it’s slippery, it needs a ruler and it’s hard to see. But don’t let that stop you! I outline the border on my cutting board and carefully place the ruler on top using the lines on the backing. Cut the vinyl one rectangle at a time using a rotary cutter.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Vinyl is strong and will stick to your sewing machine foot or sewing machine table. You don’t need to buy special tools or equipment, but with a few tips you can make the most of what you have!

If you have a Teflon foot, like the white one on the left, you probably want to use that. Otherwise, put masking tape or masking tape under the normal legs and everything will work just fine.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Hubert® Woven Natural Vinyl Placemat

Before sewing on the vinyl, press the sheet of fabric onto the table of the sewing machine. This will prevent the vinyl from hardening. I tried it for the first time and I can say that it works like a charm!

Place two (2) pieces of vinyl together, side by side. Take your time and try not to be disappointed! Vinyl is tough and may need to be touched up a few times. Cut out all the sides. Whatever you do, don’t use pins!

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Align the side of the foot with the side of the stand, sew all the way around, leaving an opening of at least 5 inches. Increasing the length to 2.6-2.8 helps. Return to beginning and end.

Diy Placemats Ideas

It should be big enough to fit your hand in. I suggest you get a piece of vinyl and practice sewing a bit. You can then choose the stitch length to use and feel the vinyl being sewn.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Some of the glitter will slide easily between the two pieces and some will stick like glue! What I do works for me, but use your experience or judgment when adding shine. I put some of them in my hands, put them in the hole and roll them into the corner. Repeat again.

When you have everything to your liking, sew up the opening. Just to make sure the light doesn’t come out, and also because I like to look neat, I sew another line around the entire table. Again I used the edge of the vinyl as a foot, but turned the needle to the right. You can also add a nice embroidery thread.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

Diy Speckled Placemats

The last thing I do is cut corners. And that’s all! It’s fun, festive and kids will love it! And clean yourself with a towel after eating!

How exciting is that?! If you have experience with vinyl and have your own tips or tricks, please share them! We’ve all been looking for things to make our sewing experience easier. DIY Coaster Posted by PC on Tuesday in Crafts, DIY, Good Living | Tags: craft decorations, tables, table decorations, vinyl coasters, vinyl tables |

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

I thought I’d share a DIY coaster project. I picked up a vinyl table a few years ago at an “after Easter” sale.

Summer Banana Leaf Vinyl Placemats, 4ct.

They were only $10! How could I say no?! Yes, I bought more than what you see here.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

When I got married, my mom made me a beautiful wedding placemat. I think he borrowed Joanna’s clothes or something.

They don’t look like they’re 20 years old do they? They have a TON of uses. Vinyl is the right thing for children. Just sponge off the dirt and you’re good to go.

How To Make Vinyl Placemats

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