How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table – Want to make a hairpin leg table yourself, but worried it might be too difficult? Let me show you how easy it is!

Are you looking for a table with an “industrial and minimalist” look? Or maybe you’re looking for a really easy way to create your own spreadsheet. This is definitely the easiest DIY piece of furniture I’ve ever made. I love the look of my new table with the hairpin table legs. I can’t wait to share how easy it is to create a DIY hairpin leg table and a new office space. Seriously, anyone can do this!

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

I always wanted to have my own “office space”. Instead of sitting at the kitchen bar and dining room table, I wanted to make my own office desk.

Diy Hairpin Dining Table — From Jennifer Ann

I can’t bend or bend metal, so I was thrilled to discover how easy it was to create this DIY table with hairpin table legs.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

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Speaking of hairpin legs, the wonderful folks at Crates and Pallets generously provided me with 28-inch black steel 2-bar hairpin legs.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Mid Century Console Table With Hairpin Legs

As for the wood paneling, I had a wooden tablecloth that I had previously used for this table. Remember my controversial outfit? Here is a picture below of what it looked like before.

My husband was thrilled to see this table, but he (not) begged us not to bring it to our new house when we moved. 🙂 I can’t imagine why

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

The size of the old desk is a little big compared to the size of my office desk. We used a radial saw and split the wood panel to a depth of 22 inches. We kept the length at 6′.

Diy A Hairpin Leg Coffee Table In 5 Steps (+ A Mini Vlog!)

Update: I replaced this desk with a modern floating office desk. I hope you check it out. This is my favorite DIY table!

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

So much for today’s DIY. Stay tuned as we are almost done with the bedroom makeover!

Honestly, you don’t know where to find such a table. Do you have a carpenter you can call? That is my best advice.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Easy Furniture Pieces You Can Make With Hairpin Legs (diy)

Really cool design. This table is big enough to put all architectural objects and coffee mugs. The table is best placed to create compliments. It inspires action every time we see it. This is a really cool model. Chenille furniture is very elegant and classy. The modern aesthetic is harmonious yet attractive. Plus, these days you can get powder-coated hairpins in any color and in a variety of sizes, which makes creating a hairpin leg table an absolute pleasure. Combine this with a desktop-ready project board and you have a simple (if not exactly quick) DIY project to enjoy for years to come.

Start working with your project board. If you haven’t heard of or worked with project boards before, project boards are pre-manufactured sheets of wood that are joined together to form a single board. They are sanded smooth and ready to go. Great to work with project boards!

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

These are sold in the lumber section of your local hardware store, but large sheets of plywood are not necessarily sold. At my hardware store, they were sold close to the “craft” type wood options wrapped in plastic to protect the pre-sanded surface. Project tiles come in various sizes; This example uses 2’x4′ boards that are 3/4″ thick.

A Diyhairpinlegs Build: Easy Peasy Hairpin Leg Mini Bench

Look at both sides of the project board and decide which surface you want to place the board on. Place this surface face down on a clean cloth.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Get some wood glue. I really like Gorilla Glue wood glue, but take your pick.

Apply a generous amount of wood glue to the back of your project board. Be sure to leave some space between the glue and the ends of your project board; However, it’s not the end of the world if some of the glue comes off when you glue two panels together.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Kimi’s Kitchen Table With Hairpin Legs

Place the second project board (which will be on the bottom of your table) over the wood glue.

Check for evenness before tightening each corner; It’s time to fix all changes from previous edits.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Leave the clip for 24 hours until the wood glue is completely dry. You can add more clips (along the sides) if you want, but you must cut at least all four corners.

Hairpin Leg Slab Table W/ Drop Drawer

Measure or mark your drill bit at the 1-1/4″ mark. You don’t want to drill a hole in the table top, so it should be no larger than 1-1/4″.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Use a square or some measuring device to mark points on each corner 6 inches from each side.

For the most accurate markings, make an X instead of a dot. Make it four corners.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Hairpin Leg Butcher Block Coffee Table

Insert wood screws into all five pre-drilled holes (four corners + center). You can add more holes if you want, but it’s not really necessary. Leave the project board for at least 24 hours while the glue dries.

When the project board glue is completely dry, it’s time to finish the work surface. Take your medium sandpaper (120 grit).

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Erase the top and all sides of your project board. Sand in the direction of the wood grain.

Transformable Hairpin Leg Desktop Diy

If there are any bumps where the plan panels are stuck together, now is the time to smooth them out so the seams are smooth and even.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Wipe everything with a clean, damp cloth. Allow the wood to dry completely before moving on to the next step: finishing the wood.

Mix well. A water-based polycrylic with a silky finish is recommended for this project. There are many options from matte to gloss, but I personally prefer satin for most woodworking projects. Also, water-based poly is better because you can rinse it with water after brushing instead of mineral spirits and thin the paint. Fast and easy.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Mainstays Hairpin Leg Square Side Table, Oak

When applying poly acrylic you want to use a good quality paint brush (the best you can afford really). I personally like Purdy brushes, but use whatever works for you.

Brush the polycrylic onto the table as you work with the grain. It is helpful to keep the liquid end of the brush with polyethylene rather than dry, as brushing or brushing without enough polymer will show the brush too much.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Also get all the sides and angles. When you’re done, go around again with a damp paintbrush, dripping any excess or polycrylic from the bottom and corners of your board.

Easy Diy Side Table: How To Make Your Own Hairpin Leg Tables

Allow the polycrylic to dry completely (follow the directions on the can), then sand, wipe, and refinish with 220-grit sandpaper. Do this again for a total of three layers of polycrylic. Dry for at least 24 hours depending on weather and drying conditions. Make sure the surface does not stick to the touch before moving on to the next step. (Let the board dry for at least 72 hours for this project.)

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Lay an old towel on the floor and place it on the surface of the project board table. You should now be able to see five screw heads. Note: You can cover/finish the bottom of your table if you wish. not me

Measure and mark a line 1-1/2 inches from the side of each corner. These lines attach the legs to the hairpin. Be careful when measuring and marking, as your accuracy will determine the stability of your table.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Make Your Own Desk At Any Height Using Hairpin Table Legs

Notice how the two sides of the planning board add visual interest? They fit perfectly in feel, but their grain doesn’t match, which is actually one of my favorite aspects of this table. Lots of fine detail for visual interest.

The size of this table is quite large; Large enough for laptops, desktops, iPads and as many other desktop accessories as needed.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

If you’re a hairpin fan (and who isn’t), you might be interested in our other hairpin leg table tutorials.

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You may also be interested in this copper jewelry tutorial. You know when you’re doing it.

How To Make A Hairpin Leg Table

Happy DIY! We hope you love your Hairpin Leg Table as much as we do. Characterizing the mid-century modern style, barrettes are durable, stylish and easily available for purchase from several online stores. Learn how to create one of these five

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