How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top – Need to throw away your old furniture? Simply put: no. Throwing away old furniture is never an option unless it is destroyed beyond repair or covered in some termite that cannot be removed.

You’d be surprised what you can do with old furniture if you’re willing to put in a little effort. Wondering what to do with an old table that has seen better days? Why not change? And it doesn’t have to be expensive – use recycled caps!

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

To make your own bottle cap table, first collect caps of different colors and sizes.

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Depending on the size of the table, it may take some time to collect enough caps. You can ask local bartenders for help. Help gather your friends too.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

After collecting the caps, decide on the design of the bottle cap table. You can customize the hats by color or design, the only limit is your imagination.

Click on any image to start the light show. Use the Esc key to close the lightbox. You can view the photos as a slideshow if you want.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

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A bottle cap table like this can be a great patio table, especially if you entertain a lot, which is easy to say.

Put the bottle caps on. Place them until the table is covered with as many hats as possible.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Once you are satisfied with the tabletop appearance of the bottle caps, the next important step is to attach the cap. The best glue for this is superglue – it dries quickly, leaves less marks and is strong enough to hold the lids in place.

Bottle Cap Table With Poured Resin Surface

After gluing all the parts, the next step is to pour the resin, but you need to make sure the table is ready. One thing to watch out for is the holes in the surface of the table. Here the holes are sealed from the bottom so that the blue band does not appear in the final design.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

If the table has many mesh-like holes, you can cut the MDF to cover the entire table. Don’t forget to glue the sides of the table as shown in the previous picture. This will keep the bottle cap from sticking to the table with the tape used in the next step.

Resin, of course, needs a form to form. If you already have a lip around the table, you don’t need to do this step. Take a sheet of metal 6 inches thick and fold it lengthwise to make it 3 inches. Glue half of the tape to one of the bottom sides of the page as shown in the picture.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Bottle Cap Side Table

Carefully stick foil strips/tape around the table. Make sure the bottom edge of the foil is slightly below the edge of the table. Reasons: If the exposed adhesive side of the tape is on the table, the resin will stick to it and thus destroy the resin when the protective layer is removed. If you place the foil too low (overlapping the blue tape), the resin can seep through and cover the blue tape on the sides of the table later.

Follow the instructions on the resin box for mixing. Using a plastic card, carefully lay it on the table to make sure the gaps and edges are properly filled.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Once the resin has set and dried, you can remove the foil seal. Check for jammed strips or film. Carefully remove it using a cutter.

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How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Posts on this site occasionally contain affiliate links or links to Amazon or other marketplaces. An affiliate link means that businesses may receive advertising or referral fees when you make purchases through those links. My husband has been saving the bottle caps for as long as I can remember, saying that one day he would make something out of them. He didn’t know what was going to happen and the bottle caps kept piling up. Inspired by the colorful collection, I decided to make her a practical gift. And given the size of the caps, I thought it would be nice to make something that uses them A LOT!

I found lots of craft inspiration for bottle caps through Pinterest. Since these are the most used tables, I set about making them.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Best Bottle Cap Crafts And Upcycling Ideas

I found a small, sturdy, simple table at a local thrift store. There were a bunch of little princess and heart stickers on top that I decided to leave out because it didn’t need a perfectly smooth surface.

I separated the hats by color and then started lining them up to see what patterns I could make with the colors and sizes I had. After I figured it out, I took off the caps and put them on the glasses by color.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

To make painting and varnishing easier, I nailed a 1″x2″ cutout to the edge of the table and added a lip.

The 1700 Bottle Cap Table With Lights That Pulse To Music That I Made.

Since the edges of the table were rounded and I didn’t have the skill or patience to get the cutter to cut properly, there was a gap that needed to be filled.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

I improvised by placing a tightly rolled sheet of aluminum in the corner to fill the space.

I then filled all the gaps with wood filler to keep the lacquer or varnish from seeping through. After the wood filler dried, I sanded it down and removed all the loose parts.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Diy Bottle Cap Table Top And Bar Top Resin Ideas

Then I glued the valves, starting from the outside. I used gorilla glue and it worked well. It has a firm hold, but does not dry immediately, so you can adjust the lid while you work. You don’t need to use a lot per cover, just a few drops. After gluing all the wings on, I let it dry overnight. According to the instructions, it dries to 80% in 2 hours, but it dries completely in 24.

I then put caps on it to create a tile effect. Using the cap, I worked the solution carefully to make sure there were no gaps in and around the bottle caps. I then smoothed it out with a float and smoothed the top so that the lids were just visible. I then wiped the wet sponge until the bottle caps were visible and the melt was even. It took a lot longer than I expected and a lot of patience! Then I let it sit for 24 hours.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Finally, I epoxyed the entire surface, making sure to fill all the gaps. I’ll leave it for another night. Although not perfect, I was very happy with the result! If you want to take some used things and make something unique, colorful caps for your beer or other bottles will help a lot. Think of some innovative designs and decorate your table with a trendy look with colorful hats. Here are some ideas to help you with your artwork.

Amazing Bottle Cap Art That Should Be In A Museum

Find a unique design on your round table with a unique arrangement of bottle caps. You can create a circular pattern or any other shape you like.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

For a different way to decorate your small center table without holding vases, make a decorative arrangement of bottle caps.

Celebrate America’s Independence Day in a unique way: collect red, blue and white beer or bottle caps and arrange them in the shape of an American flag. You can use the whole board for this or keep the flag on one side.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

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Follow these simple instructions to decorate your table top with glass caps.

Check out this fun table design that’s perfect for an outdoor barbecue. For consistency, try stacking bottle caps of a specific color.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

If you have a small table next to the sofa, decorate it with many bottles or beer caps and add elegance to your living room.

Bottle Cap Table

Follow these simple instructions and decorate your table with these colorful hats. If the table is small, use big hats to show it off.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

If you have a long rectangular table, build your own tennis table by placing the blinds evenly on the link for detailed painting instructions.

If you like to play beer pong with your friends, make a great table for this purpose. The triangular design at both ends is perfect for arranging beer mugs, without which the game is incomplete.

How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

Reasons You’ll Want To Start To Collect Bottle Caps

You are just a few steps away from creating this beautiful design on your round coffee table. Use resin to secure the bottle caps. If you have a different design, follow the instructions provided.


How To Make A Bottle Cap Table Top

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