How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

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How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers – Today’s project is a little crazy. Totally useless, non-functional, can only be used for a few weeks per type of project per year. But you didn’t dare

)……… can’t stop that smile from spreading across your face. And you might be shaking your head

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

And really, sometimes I do things like that just to see the smiles on those little faces. I like memories. And traditions. And maybe someday you’ll hear adults say, “Remember those crazy Santa chairs Mom made us years ago?” Ha… it!

Pieces Christmas Chair Covers Santa Hat

)…….so they keep their shape very well. And the stitching is minimal as no ironing is required. A very quick little project indeed.

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

Oh, how I wish I could record their squeals and squeals when they came down to breakfast this morning to find Santa popping in the corner of our kitchen.

First, I mentioned above that I bought my red polyester felt on sale at Joann’s for $2.50 a yard. I bought 4 meters red and 1 white. However, the amount you need depends on the size of your chairs.

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

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First, measure your chair. You need to know how wide it is (at its widest) and then how high the back is. I didn’t want my cover to reach all the way to the seat…if someone sits in the chair and pulls the chair cover a little and then sits on the cover. I was worried it would drag things out. So mine reaches about 2 inches from the seat of the chair.

So the basic rectangle shape of my quilts needed to be 19 inches wide by 18 inches tall when finished. But then I needed the top edge to be a triangle shape (for the Santa hat look) and decided to make it about 10 inches tall…below the top point where the main rectangle shape starts. I then cut out 2 of these shapes, but added 1/2″ to all sides (except the bottom). Then I put them together (right sides together if you have “right-side” fabric) and sewed all the edges except the bottom, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

I then sewed a straight line across the top of the chair cover where the triangle and rectangle shapes meet. This will hold the chair cover in place and stop the cover from sliding around the chair.

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Next, I cut a 2.5″ wide piece of white felt the same width as the bottom of the chair cover, plus 1/2″ on each end for the seam.

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

I then sewed both ends together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, then turned it right side out and slipped it over the bottom edge of the seat cover. (Place the side seam of the white strip over one of the side seams of the seat cover.)

I then joined the two bottom edges of the white strip and the seat cover and sewed the two strips together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. I sewed another stitch along the top edge of the white strip.

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

Santa Hat Chair Place Settings

I then cut long strips of white felt about 1/3 inch wide. I then cut these long strips into about 4 inch pieces. And I used about 45-50 small strips per pom pom. (But don’t worry, cutting these strips is quick.  Don’t worry about getting them perfect and don’t measure each one.  Just look and start cutting the strips.  The measurements are just a guide.)  I got it. also. to use my upholstery thread… because it’s stiffer. And it won’t break as easily when I pull it.

I wrapped a long piece of tapestry thread around the center of the felt strips and pulled it tight. Then wrap it a few more times and make a knot. Then I fluffed the pieces and it ended up looking like a pom pom.

How To Make Santa Hat Chair Covers

Now you can hand sew each pom pom to the edge of each hat……or you can hot glue it like I did. I scraped the felt strips until I got to the center of the pom pom and then applied a nice amount of hot glue. Then I put the tip in and held it in for a few seconds. It’s nice and tight there.

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