How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top – How to Finish a Butcher Block Countertop with the Best Wood Finish! Compare polyurethane sealer, epoxy, vs oil and wax with our DIY kitchen renovation tips.

Here is a story of error and redemption. You may remember our DIY kitchen remodeling projects and how we used natural oils and waxes to finish our butcher block countertops.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

We love natural wood and it works well for many other projects, like our DIY vintage wood chest, it’s a misnomer on our kitchen counter, which we’ll explain in a bit.

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So we decided to seal our butcher block countertops with polyurethane a few months ago, and we are thrilled with the results! Wait till you see! 🙂

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Today we’re sharing with you why our DIY oils and waxes didn’t work for us, what type of polyurethane to use, and how to seal a wooden counter or table with polyurethane.

Update: Some readers have shared some helpful tips with us that even though polyurethane is very cheap, don’t cut it. If you want to cut the base, use wax/oil, not polyurethane!

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

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Many people choose to use natural waxes and/or oils to clean their kitchen counters, tables, vanity tops and more.

In the beginning, we followed a monthly waxing routine on our wooden kitchen counter, and our new mugs looked shiny and beautiful within the first year. But, life gets busy, and we start skipping regular maintenance. Then our kitchen tables started looking worse and worse.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Buchera oil and wax may be water resistant, but they won’t protect our counters from other stains, heavy use and long-term waterproofing or metal can marks! (Check out this DIY wooden meatball recipe to understand why metal cans can fly on unsealed wooden and paper tables.)

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Finishes : We are very busy (and lazy) and not always neat and tidy around the house, so wax and oil finishes are not good for our kitchen which gets a lot of use!

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Since we oiled and waxed the surface of our board, we used a sanding iron to clean up the surface before sanding it so the wax and oil wouldn’t stick to the sandpaper.

Water-based polyurethane dries quickly, does not smell and is easy to clean. The finish looks like a screen film.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Faux Butcher’s Block Top Children’s Table

Polyurethane oils are very hard, and the finish has a high sheen, resembling glass or epoxy. It takes a long time to dry, and smells like turpentine for several hours after application.

We chose polyurethane foam for our kitchen countertops and our DIY kitchen island because of its beautiful sheen and superior durability.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Another consideration in our situation is that since our countertops are already oiled (we’ll still try to remove as much of the old finish as possible), polyurethane-based oils may have better adhesion.

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This section will focus on polyurethane based oils. Initially we used a metal scraper to clean the surface before sanding so that wax and grease would not stick to the sandpaper. Skip this step if you have an unfinished countertop.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Next, sand away any dry spots with 120 grit sandpaper, and to keep the wood free of dust, wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth or cloth with turpentine or paint thinner.

Do not shake the can with the paint as this can create small particles in the finish. Before you begin, use a wooden stick to stir the polyurethane well, with a fine brush that doesn’t cut the bristles.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Staining My Butcher Block Counters

Dip the brush into the polyurethane and apply a generous coat to the wood. Hold each other gently as you move from one section to another.

Try not to go over areas you’ve already cleaned, especially after a few minutes. You can always remove all weaknesses later.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Once the surface is covered, let the first layer dry for about 24 hours. It can dry quickly, but it’s best to wait a bit to make sure each layer is dry before adding another layer.

Maple Butcher Block

The first coat may look a little patchy when dry. Don’t worry, everything will look good after the next couple of coats!

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Before applying the second, sand the first layer with 120 to 200 grit sandpaper. A sandblaster is a great tool. Wipe off dust with a clean microfiber towel or cloth.

Repeat the process of coating, drying and sanding. We installed all three components. You don’t need to sand the last layer.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Counter Top Bracket Butcher Block Support Granite Support

Polyurethane based oil takes 12 to 24 hours to dry between coats. It may take a while if the temperature is cold.

It’s best to work on a dry, warm day when the temperature is 60+ Fahrenheit or higher, and keep the air fresh for several hours after each wear to remove odors.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

You must use three ingredients. The final coat should take 1-2 days for light use and 7 days for heavy use. So it is better to plan ahead.

Butcher Block Countertop Chopping Block Authentic Butcher

We made half our counter, waited a few days, and the other half, then went on tour and let everything settle. You’ll get the idea!🙂 If you make mistakes like creating lumps or bubbles, here’s a great article on how to fix common mistakes when using polyurethane.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

It’s been a few months now since we published our polyurethane cooking calculator, and we absolutely love the results!

The finish is very strong. When it dries it is not quite as shiny as glass, but it looks like glass or epoxy. Smooth surfaces are easy to clean. No more water stains or metal cans. And no maintenance required! (If you want a glossy surface, you can apply polyurethane to the glass as a gloss.)

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Butcher Block Dining Table

I wish we could have done this earlier in the day! But, that’s how we learn in life – from our mistakes, right?

Polyurethane resin can withstand temperatures from -80°F to 200°F, or even higher. So we will not put hot dishes from the oven directly on the counter. We keep trivets near very hot pots and pans. But a bowl of hot soup is no problem.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

I can honestly say that polyurethane is now one of my favorite woods! I also used water based polyurethane on the wooden mirror frames and shelves, which I will share soon! Save yourself hundreds and build your own DIY butcher block countertops! Check out our schedule and find all the products you need.

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How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

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If you’ve ever used your kitchen without a counter to prepare food or have a cutting board to prepare food, you know how much joy fills your heart when you have one.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Butcher Block Hardwood Table

We’ve been checking in on the progress of our new kitchen in our new barn house we built, and I wanted to share with you an update on our complete DIY process for building our beautiful oak island.

For more personal information, feel free to check out this post! Although I have left most of the information in the written notes – each one is good to help you learn.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

We have a U-shaped kitchen, and we mix and match countertops. You can see all our plans here and how we designed this space.

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At first I wanted all marble countertops – but when we looked at the cost of this custom made product, we chose Buchera – something we felt comfortable doing ourselves and saved us hundreds.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

I need some more Carrara marble in our kitchen, so we bought some leftover marble at a great price and will cut and polish it ourselves for these small spaces on either side of our verona color, including the large backsplash slab.

You’ll also notice a small piece of marble that we left in the “Stone Tap” section. More on that in a minute!

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

Diy Butcher Block Countertop

I think the mix of warm wood and stone that I love would be perfect. Then install the backsplash, which is a small piece of the same wood as the base.

We used white oak for our butcher blocks. Oak is a hard wood, making it a solid choice for steel, compared to something like pine, which is a soft wood.

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

White oak is our favorite fresh wood because it is warm without being red or orange. We tried a sample and decided we liked it when we added a pickle stain and toned it down a bit.

Hickory Butcher Block Countertops, Saratoga County, Charlton Ny

Some of them leave white

How To Make A Butcher Block Table Top

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