How To Make A Floating Table

How To Make A Floating Table – Step-by-step instructions for creating a floating desk for your home office or children’s craft room.

After finishing the basement, we were pleasantly surprised at how little space we needed at the bottom of the stairs.

How To Make A Floating Table

How To Make A Floating Table

We originally planned a mud room, but the more we thought about it, the more we wanted a place for our kids.

Tensegrity Floating Table

All children’s activity rooms need a table, so we decided to make a permanent table, not a removable one.

How To Make A Floating Table

The floating table design does not move and is perfect for our children as they can all sit at the same time. They can use it for art projects, homework, and even virtual school!

I will tell you how to make a floating table with your own hands. If you want to learn how to make a floating bench, watch this video.

How To Make A Floating Table

How To Build A Desk: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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NOTE: There is a seam where the two panels meet. If you don’t want to make seams, you can use plywood or cut the edges of the board with a table saw; Then use the Kreg Jig K5 and wood glue to attach the panels perfectly.

How To Make A Floating Table

Note: Our office chairs are 18 inches high. You can find here the exact same chair we use called Furmax Metal Dining Chair.

Table: Design & Build With Alex Dolese — Port Townsend School Of Woodworking

After determining the height of the table in the room, subtract the width of the wood. For example, my board is 2 inches thick, so my new size is 28 inches.

How To Make A Floating Table

Now that you have the desired height, you are ready to find supports on the wall to attach the table.

Use the stud finder to locate the studs along the length of the table area on the wall. With the pegs in place, mark the new tabletop measurement to meet the center of each peg.

How To Make A Floating Table

How To Make A Pallet Floating Table · The Glitzy Pear

NOTE: I recently discovered a new way to find poles using a magnetic finder. Using a magnetic pole finder and a standard finder I never lose a multiple now!

Once the brackets are in place, determine which brackets will be used to hold the shelf brackets that hold the table. We used four shelf brackets for our 7-foot table.

How To Make A Floating Table

Take one of the shelf brackets and place the 8-inch edge against the wall. The top corner of the bracket must be on the scale marked on the wall.

How To Build A Floating Desk

Then level the bracket with a small magnetic level and mark the position of the screw holes on the wall (

How To Make A Floating Table

Next, place the bracket back on the wall, realign it, and secure it with #12 x 1-1/4 inch black wood screws.

INTRODUCTION. You can start by installing the end brackets and then go back and add other brackets. That’s what I did with this floating table!

How To Make A Floating Table

Needed A New Gaming Desk So I Make My Own Floating Desk With Led’s

First sand the boards with a #120 orbital sander. Then sand it again with #220 sandpaper to make the wood smoother.

INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: If you do not want to make seams, attach the panels together before sanding the wood.

How To Make A Floating Table

When you are satisfied with the smoothness of the boards, wipe the dust off the boards with a dry cloth. Then apply the wood stain of your choice. I use Minwax English Chestnut.

Salonmore Wall Mounted Floating Table Computer Desk Laptop Workstation Writing Desk With Drawer, White

When the stain has dried, seal the wood with 100% tung oil. See this article for why tung oil is my favorite wood finish.

How To Make A Floating Table

Then place the second board on a flat surface next to the previous one, making sure the ends are even. Now the surface facing upwards is the bottom of the table.

INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: You can use fasteners instead of walls, but the walls are used to connect the two panels.

How To Make A Floating Table

Make Your Own 3d Printed Tensegrity Tables

Take a binding board and place it about 3 inches from one end of the board. The tie plate is centered between the two plates.

Also note where the shelf bracket should be because you don’t want to place the shelf bracket.

How To Make A Floating Table

Then fasten the tie boards to one panel with four screws using 3/4 inch metal and wood screws. Then press the two boards together, making sure the ends meet and the wood is flush with the surface.

How To Make A Floating Tensegrity Table

NOTE: You can attach the binding plate to the end only and then place the plate on the shelf brackets. Now that you know exactly where the rest of the shelf brackets are, Finish installing the mounting panels.

How To Make A Floating Table

Finally, once the binder is installed, place the board on the shelf brackets – boards facing down. Make sure the plates are in the center of the bracket; then attach the panels to the shelf brackets with 3/4″ screws.

This project cost me less than $60 and took two days due to the drying time of the wood. The entire assembly process only took about 30 minutes.

How To Make A Floating Table

Diy Desk Plans For Your Home Office

To make the process easier to understand, I made a video on how to install the bracket.

We hope this project helps you find a place for a floating desk in your home office or nursery. It was perfect for my kids!

How To Make A Floating Table

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Giantex Wooden Wall Mounted Desk, 40” Industrial Floating Computer Desk W/ Rubber Wood Table Top & Heavy Duty Steel Brackets, Space Saving Home Office Laptop Table, Easy To Setup Bar Table For Kitchen

During these days of home quarantine, I found a pattern of tension while looking for something nice and fun. It’s really interesting physics and I’ve seen mostly small models, so I wanted to try scaling with its ability to lift light things :-). The optical illusion is my favorite part of the end result, and perhaps the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or complicated materials to start one!

How To Make A Floating Table

Step 1 is to cut the pieces you need. We start with 4 squares measuring 19 x 19 cm. then make 4 legs as shown. Width 9.5 cm and length 37 cm. Then you need 2 squares of 5 x 5 cm, divided into triangles. Cut a thin strip of cardboard and then cover the edges. These strips are about two feet wide on top of each other, making them twice as thick as the cardboard. The cardboard used here was 5mm thick so I had to cut a 10mm wide strip.

Glue one square on top of the other and repeat with the other two squares to get two squares on top of each other. Do the same with the table legs (2×2). Glue the table legs to the middle and side squares. Use a triangle ruler or something to make sure the angle is correct. Then reinforce the legs with the previously made cardboard triangles (5×5 cm).

How To Make A Floating Table

Diy Floating Desk And Shelves

Use enough glue to attach the rope section to the leg as shown. The next step, which is a bit more aesthetic, is to cover all the open edges of the cardboard (only the first leg/square). It also makes the legs stronger.

Attach one end of the rope to the other leg. I had 9 cm between the two parts. After connecting the 2 parts, you can finish the 2nd part of the table with ribbon as you did in the previous step.

How To Make A Floating Table

This is an important step. For balance, both parts should be positioned as well as possible before wiring. I used 4 pieces of cardboard to keep the floating part horizontal. It is important that the rope is slightly taut in the middle. This way the floating table top hangs straight instead of hanging off to the side.

Woodworker Creates

Pierce the upper surface with a needle and thread and make a knot. Tie the knots together with a little hot glue. Mine are below the level so you can’t see them directly. When it’s dry, make holes in the bottom and attach with hot glue. Make sure not to pull too hard as it may damage other wires.

How To Make A Floating Table

Remove the frame and everything is done right and you have a floating table! 🙂 You will notice that the position of the “load” significantly affects the position of the floating surface if the test weight is assumed to be small. Be careful with heavy objects like flower pots, as a more sturdy structure is needed 🙂 Have fun and surprise people with your magic.

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