How To Make Chair From Champagne Top

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How To Make Chair From Champagne Top – I kept champagne corks for a while and assembled some chairs for a small cafe, but didn’t forget about the project until . …stumble

A recent picture book by Gisele Potter (published by Schwartz & Wade Books). As a creator, admirer of all things tiny, and fan of Potter doll-like illustrations with oval faces, I couldn’t resist picking up this book.

How To Make Chair From Champagne Top

How To Make Chair From Champagne Top

The story is about a girl who builds a dollhouse out of cardboard boxes and decorates it with scraps and household items.

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Inside the dust jacket are tips and ideas for building and furnishing your own dollhouse in the cardboard box.

How To Make Chair From Champagne Top

Clothespins and matchboxes become beds. Bottle caps are perfect plates. The yellow strings resemble noodles. Fried eggs? Draw a yellow circle on white confetti! The story celebrates a child’s ability to transform the ordinary world into a miniature one.

So I found my champagne cork, which I hid in a squirrel. If you’re ready, you can do one like this:

How To Make Chair From Champagne Top

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Step 1: Cut the wire connecting the bottom of the cork cage. Try to smooth out the twists and turns.

STEP 2: Twist the wire into desired shape and hook the loose end over the back leg of the chair to secure.

How To Make Chair From Champagne Top

The hard part (besides all the kinks that twisted in my attempts) was attaching the backrest and attaching the seat to the chair. If the legs are spread too far, the seat will fall off. The legs must be extended slightly to secure the seat.

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Give putt. create. Homemade City is a space dedicated to the love of making. We design and share quick, fun, and affordable craft projects for families and kids.

How To Make Chair From Champagne Top

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