How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

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How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs – As a New York-based interior designer, lifestyle consultant, and author, Megan believes in small spaces, big choices, and doing things the old-fashioned way.

You probably have childhood experience building forts, right? But surely your builds never looked so good? Because you’re a kid and you don’t have the design sense or talent to create something Instagram-worthy.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

You’re all grown up now! And that means you have the skills (and permission) to take your castle building to the next level. Trust me – you can. Here are my top tips to help you out.

How To Make The Ultimate Bedroom Fort

I usually like to start my castle by adding a roof to the roof. You can do this with hooks: these temporary hooks from Command are great for this because they can be removed when it’s time to tear down the fort and won’t leave holes or marks.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

Just collect the material at the corner of a flat sheet, tie it with a string and hang the corner on a hook with this string. If possible, start in the corner of the room rather than in the middle. So you have two walls to attach the sheets to.

A side chair can add extra seating if you’re comfortable with a soft cushion. A media console becomes a wall when covered with a blanket. A light and some books can be placed on a small table. the point? You don’t have to remove all the furniture in the room. In fact, you will find that you can use many pieces.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

Build A Fort Out Of A Couch

You will want to use binders to bind the sheets together. You might think that spikes are less noticeable and therefore a better choice, but spikes can come loose and you have hard-to-find sharp objects waiting to stab you as you crawl around the castle. Binding clips are less likely to cause injury.

Yes, I know, I said start by hanging your castle from the ceiling. I’m not talking about height here but the total square footage of your castle. Think about how many bodies (adult or young) you need to fit into your structure. Then create a space big enough to hang out.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

The purpose of building an inner fort is to create a cozy corner. You don’t have to remodel your entire room if you can get the job done in a small, cocoon-like space.

How To Build A Fort

Once you’ve built the perfect fort, you’ll want to spend hours in it. This means you will be hungry and need to be able to bring food to said castle. If your castle doesn’t have a coffee table (see tip #2), make room for small serving trays. That way mugs of hot chocolate (wine?) are something substantial to sit between those blankets.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

When it comes to quilts, comfort is key in this job, so soft fabrics must be included. Place a small rug (or two) on the floor of the castle. Skip scratchy or stiff blankets and choose ones that are comfortable to the touch. And combine all kinds of cushions, ottomans and cushions from different materials. Soft skin? edge? Chunky textures? Fluffy things? Yes everyone! Nothing left here.

You know lighting is a key element in the ambiance recipe, so include at least one lamp. We also used (you guessed it) battery operated fairy lights attached to the outside of the castle using binder clips.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

Pillow Sculpture Stay Home Covid

You can certainly hide in your castle and do nothing, you’ll get bored after a while. Stock your fort with books, magazines and games. If you can build your fort around the TV, even better. If that’s not possible, why did man invent laptops and tablets, right? Take our word for it, pillows aren’t just for kids. As the temperature drops, we’re all looking for fun new indoor activities. So put on your favorite PJs, stack all the pillows and put away the snacks. Time for a comfortable rest.

2. Choose a location for your castle. Place in plenty of space and near a heater for extra toast if possible.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

3. Use chairs, a sofa or a combination of both as the main structure. Place the chairs as far apart as you like and cover them with a large sheet or blanket to create a ceiling. The firmer the backing, the heavier the blanket you can use.

Isn’t It The Right Time For An Official Ikea Blanket Fort?

4. Create interior walls with pillows or sofa cushions. So you always have something to rely on.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

5. Time to prepare. Bring extra decorative pillows for seating and throw blankets. If you have enough space, you can also bring a mattress or sleeping bag. Be as creative as possible. And don’t forget lamps or twinkling lights for that extra touch.

6. And enjoy. Fuel up with snacks, games, music and movies. There’s no better place to spend a cold, snowy day than curled up in a cozy pillow fort. I am a mother of three, wife to Phil and lover of Jesus! I am passionate about discovering, creating and celebrating beauty in the everyday. Glad to have you here my friend.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

The Pillows And Blankets War

No need to spend family time. This Blanket Fort Family Night is the perfect inexpensive and fun activity for your family. Grab your blankets, pillows and a little imagination and get ready to build the ultimate blanket fort.

The girls are sick this week, so I’m trying to come up with as many ideas as possible to keep us entertained at home without going crazy. I have fond memories of building blanket forts as a child, and if history repeats itself, my girls will too. They love blanket forts like hell. The kid in me was definitely channeled as we went on a hunt to find every possible blanket and pillow to create the perfect hideaway. Even if we do this during the day, I’m starting to think that a family night at a quilt fort would be super fun, not to mention ridiculously easy and cheap.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

Once you’ve gathered all the blankets, sheets, and pillows, you’re probably ready to roll. First, you need to clear the space in the room (or wherever you are building the quilted fort). Then let’s start building the castle! The best part about quilt forts is that there is no set way to build them and you can be very creative in putting them together. Use chairs or a couch to throw blankets on, clothespins to hold everything in place, and some pillows.

Pillow Fort Semper

If you’re setting up a blanket fort when it’s dark outside, it’s fun to hang a string of lights around the fort to create an extra cozy atmosphere. I can’t wait to make a castle of light for family night soon!

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

Here are the afternoon results of our books. The girls loved it and have already asked to do it again tomorrow and the next day and every day for the future.

I hope you and your family enjoy building your own quilted fort! I’d love to see what you’re up to. Take a photo, use the hashtag #celebrateandplay and @tag me. After many attempts at making blanket forts, I finally discovered the best blanket fort secret! Follow these steps to have a perfect, enjoyable game night for you and your friends.

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

Traditional Blanket Fort

I went from using slots jammed between the spaces of the sofa to support a photo booth stand from Amazon (here). I added blankets to each side of the stand and used sandbags to weigh it down/keep it from tipping over. This works best if you have an L-shaped cross section, so you already have two sides. Then you can lift the chair to the rest side and apply the blanket.

Setting the right atmosphere includes mood lighting, decor and comfort. (Be sure to use fake candles instead of real fire in your tent.) I decided to decorate and light the place with lights. It also doubles as decoration as I added some Polaroids of my friends to the light. You can even keep a Polaroid camera in your photo-worthy tent for photos (and added beauty). To buy a Polaroid camera, click here. For comfort and decor, I added floor pillows, a sheepskin rug, and some pillows from Etsy. (Love You More Pillow) (Lash Pillow)

How To Make A Fort With Blankets Pillows And Chairs

An evening in your plush fort isn’t complete without treats! I recently made dog and cat almond sugar cookies and I love how they turned out

How To Build A Pillow Fort: The Ultimate Guide

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