How To Make A Table With Cardboard

How To Make A Table With Cardboard – First, it is cheap to buy. Obviously, the best thing is to recycle cardboard boxes, which means that the raw material is free.

Second, cardboard is easy to use. Unlike wood or other building materials, you don’t need power tools to work with cardboard, just a simple cutter or a pair of scissors.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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Third, it is light but strong. If you are worried about whether your cardboard table will be strong enough, don’t worry, I will explain how to stack cardboard sheets in the most durable way and how to build a structure of table that will stand the test of time. will come true.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

If you doubt, watch the video and you will see that I sat on the table without any problem

Making a cardboard table is a weekend project. You have to cut and glue the cardboard pieces to make the table, but what takes more time is waiting for it to dry between steps.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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So, you can plan to combine the craft table with watching good series or listening to interesting podcasts.

You can use any box to make your coffee or side table. Choose a size that fits your space and remember that coffee tables are usually 16-18 inches (40-45 cm) high and side tables can be up to 24 inches (60 cm) high.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

Decide which side of the box will be on the table top and close it by gluing the flaps together. After applying the glue, you can turn the box upside down and place books on it to provide some weight while the glue dries.

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After gluing the top of the box, draw an arc on one side of the box. Leave at least 4 inches (10 cm) between the top of the arch and the top of the box and 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) between the sides of the arch and the sides of the box.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

Draw and cut out a similar arch shape on the opposite side. You can use the inside of the arc to report the shape of the other side of the box. Cut the second arch.

Take another piece of cardboard. This can be a sheet of cardboard or a box that you have flattened. Draw part of the arc that fits inside the box.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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The arch shape is exactly the same as the one you put in the box, and the arch frame is slightly smaller to fit inside the box.

Inside the box, measure the width and height, draw a rectangle on the cardboard. Mark the center of the rectangle and draw an arc with the same dimensions as before.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

Check carefully if you are using the cardboard vertically. On any piece of cardboard you can see lines, when you draw an arch these lines should be vertical because this is to make the cardboard stronger.

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Cut the arch piece and slide it into the box to check the dimensions. Set it aside, adjust and re-cut as needed.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

It is important that this piece is the right size because you will use it as a template to create reinforcements inside the box to keep the table stable.

Once the first inner arch shape is completely boxed, trace the shape onto the cardboard to create 5-7 more arches. The number of inner arches you need depends on the size of your table.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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Calculate that for a solid table you want an inner arc approximately every 2 1/2 inches (6 cm).

All bows must be drawn and cut according to the vertical lines of the cardboard. This means that if you are in doubt, you can see the little waves inside the cardboard on top of the arch piece.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

Use a glue gun to fix the arches inside the table. Place the first one in the middle, glue the three sides together with the box. How To Make A Table Lamp Out Of Cardboard At Home

Repeat to fix the other arches. Try to space them 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) apart.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

You can see I added two sets of rectangles between the arcs, you can add more if you think the table needs it.

Time to complete the arc. Cut a rectangle of cardboard as wide as the table and long enough to cover the arch.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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This time cardboard lines should be placed to help fold the cardboard to follow the curve of the arch.

Add white glue to the inside of the sides and edge, place the cardboard and hold with tape until the glue dries.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

The reason I use white glue is because it doesn’t dry as fast as a glue gun. There is a large area to apply the glue and I found it more practical to use white glue as I needed to make the cardboard thinner around the arch.

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Cut, fold and glue the bottom edges of the table legs in place. Do it the same way.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

This step is optional, but I wanted to make sure I had a nice smooth table with no gaps, so I glued an extra layer of cardboard to the table.

Making furniture out of cardboard is great, but you have to make sure it will last over time. Now that you’ve created a sturdy cardboard structure, it’s time to see the finish.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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Obviously, a cardboard table should be resistant to food stains and easy to clean.

To make paper mache, cut pieces of newspaper, apply wallpaper glue and cover the table with them.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

Gently place the paper and smooth it so that there are no wrinkles or bubbles. Apply several layers of paper for a nice smooth finish that doesn’t show the cardboard texture.

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I applied 3 layers and then I used stone effect spray paint. And finally, I applied the last layer of acrylic varnish.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

You can use a powder mix or ready-made tile grout, applying the texture directly to the cardboard with a spatula. It’s so delicious to make, just like a cupcake.

It is best to remove the masking tape before using the tile grout. Apply one layer and let it dry.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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Dust off and apply two coats of paint. I varnished this table but you can if you want.

Paper mache is easy to use but a long process. You need to apply and paint several layers of paper to get a good look. I love that it’s cheap and the table is so light.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

The tile adhesive method is faster, but you need a little more material. The weight of the table is quite heavy, so it is impossible to guess what the cardboard is made of.

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It’s too early to tell how both finishes will hold up over time and after multiple cleanings. I will keep you updated.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

I hope you enjoy making a cardboard table. I can’t wait to see what bugs you come up with.

Have fun making your own cardboard table and feel free to share your creation in the comments or on social media (FB@, IG @ohoh.deco) When I was growing up, I sat on the floor K used to work, but I like my laptop. I saw my friend using a sitting desk to do his homework. I thought it was a simple style and would be perfect for my son to use as an activity or homework desk as well as a laptop desk for me.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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When I wanted to recycle a diaper box, I thought why not make my own version of a seating table using cardboard and here it is. Let’s see how to do this.

Step 1: Cut off the top lid of a diaper box or any cardboard box you want to use.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

Step 2: Fill in any gaps and add more layers of cardboard for extra strength using the cardboard cut from the previous steps.

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Step 3: Measure and mark the places where you want to cut the joints to create a table. At first my plan was to cut all four sides and then I realized that it is better to leave the sides because they are for the stability of the table. I put 2 inches on all sides and then the legs are 1.5 inches on the sides. I marked a 1 inch triangle on the sides to make it easier to shape later instead of straight sides.

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

Step 5: Cut strips of tissue paper 2 inches wide. Spray Mod Weft on the front and inside, covering the edges of the table where the cardboard strips show. Do this around the table (front, back and bottom). Let dry, repeat with paper towels and another coat of wax and let dry.

Step 6: Now cover the rest of the table including the sides and interior. I left the top as I went

How To Make A Table With Cardboard

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