How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt – A quick look at the stats on my old blog this morning showed that my crumpled plastic tablecloth tutorial that I used for my daughter's birthday party a few years ago has the most views this week. I guess that's a sign that I need to get back to a new blog, right? I love this ruffled tablecloth. I made it for a birthday party, but then kept it and used it for several other events, including a Boy Scout bonding ceremony. And the best part is that it was super easy (if time consuming) and less than $10. In fact, I have enough left over that I could make another one!

It's mostly just plastic tablecloths and some duct tape – isn't that cool?! I found the original idea on pinterest (link here) and then made it for our rainbow theme. It's actually a pretty simple concept.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Step 1:  Cut the plastic tablecloths into strips. Mine were 8 inches tall. And I used 6 of them – one for each color of the rainbow.

Layer Ruffle Table Skirt/white/ruffles/candy Table

Tip:  they are quite easy to tear if kept folded out of the package.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

I also had a strip about 24 inches tall that I used as a tablecloth backing. Once I had all the pieces cut, I grabbed a roll of tape (1 1/2″ masking tape since I had a lot of it left over from our pantry) and got to work on the ruffles. Pleats are quite easy – just screw the top part of the fabric and secure it with tape.

I started with the bottom ruffle and then repeated this technique with each color, working my way to the top and overlapping the bottom a few inches so the ribbon wouldn't show.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Diy Ruffled Table Cloth • The Pinning Mama

Then it remained only to attach all this to the upper edge of the table.

And cover one of the ugly ones with a second tablecloth. In this case, I used a white tablecloth folded in half, but you can use another plastic tablecloth if you prefer.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

As my 5-year-old boy likes to say, it's easy Pizzy! And such a wonderful evening buffet! A classic theme for a girl's party: Barbie. There are a million ideas for a Barbie party, and many of them you can make yourself!

Rectangle Bar Table With Skirting

I'm sharing a DIY Barbie birthday party with lots of pink decorations: easy crochet tablecloth, DIY Barbie gifts, TV wall covering, cake stand, and more.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Full disclosure, the Barbie cake is not homemade :), I ordered the cake from a bakery. But you can definitely do it!

However, this pink pleated plastic tablecloth is a DIY project that you can definitely pull off with scissors and clear packing tape.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Standard Shirred Pleat Table Skirting, Special Sizes Cut To Order

Step 1: Unroll enough of the roll to cover the table and fold the top 1/3 so that the other 2/3 touches the floor.

From above, you can see how the long hanging part of the tablecloth simply grabs the floor. You don't want it to be too long, so people add to it. Make sure it's gathered enough that it doesn't come off the floor, but not so much that it looks short.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Cover the table with a tablecloth or other table covering and, if desired, add a contrasting runner. Super easy and relatively cheap.

Bluekate Pink Tutu Table Skirt With Double Layer Organza Willows

Now that you have a roll of plastic tablecloth on hand, let's use it to make some more DIY decorations. For a big, bold statement that's inexpensive and requires very little skill, try hanging plastic sticks. Add a touch of pink to Barbie's party with this easy-to-hang plastic decoration!

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Step 1: Glue the Command Mini Hooks in the corners and in the middle (where you want the coil to attach to the wall).

I also made a temporary TV switch off sign using canvas and a wooden frame, see here.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Diy Painter's Drop Cloth & Burlap Ruffled Tree Skirt • The Pinning Mama

And I forgot to take a good photo until half the cookies were gone! I also made a cake stand / treat tower, details here.

Disclaimer: Barbie silhouette image is owned by Party Paper Creations and should be purchased from the Etsy shop for personal use. When my daughter turned one, I wanted the party to be a lot of pink and ruffles. I know there are many years to come when she chooses her theme and I will support her whether I like the idea or not. So I decided I should take full advantage of this year before she speaks up and has her say haha!

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

It was so pink and wrinkled. We did all kinds of fun details, but one that reminded me of my baby was a crumpled tablecloth. I came up with the idea a while ago and to be honest I was scared because I thought it would hurt. However, when my motivation finally kicked in, it ended up being a quick, easy, and super cute DIY party!

Choose The Perfect Table Skirt

Since I used paste tablecloths for this, I figured I could use the match assembly method I wanted, but instead of sewing I used tape! I hate sewing projects! Doesn't tape make life easier sometimes?

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

I was so excited how it turned out! It was a fun and unique way to add a little extra fun to the party. For more DIY decor, check out these posts:

Be sure and follow our Facebook page for more fun crafts and exclusive fan-only prints! And if you want to see the best craft and party ideas from around the web, follow The Pinning Mama on Pinterest! I had so much fun planning and hosting my daughter's Rainbow Party! It was so bright and colorful and such a cute party for any little girl! This DIY rainbow ruffle tablecloth is the perfect addition!

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Rectangular Spun Poly Table Topper

I made Ruffle tablecloths before using plastic tablecloths and they are fantastic and easy to make. I wanted to do something similar with a few extra colorful layers, so I came up with this Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth. It only cost me $14 and it looks really cool!

Cut the remaining tablecloths into strips about 35 cm long (this is easy if you lengthen the tablecloths and use the folded lines as a guide)

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Add your strips to the base one color at a time. Ruffles are easy to make, just crumple the top of the tablecloth and tape as you go

Diy No Sew Ruffle Tablecloth For Less Than $10

You need a different set of hands for this job. Take the finished Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth and take it to the table you are going to add it to. Start gluing it to the edge of the table.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Add another tablecloth along the top to cover all the “ugly” ribbon and VOILA, you're done!

These wallpapers were super easy to make! All we did was tie a collection of colorful plastic tablecloths (wrinkled at the top) to a long line of kitchen twine and then tied each end to something sturdy. Then we reinforced it with some removable braces that we attached to the ceiling! Calm down! I took them off after the party and will be using them again!

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

Red & White Striped Table Skirt

If you want to see our other party ideas, check out our Party Ideas for Kids section!

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How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

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How To Make Tulle Table Skirts To Elevate Your Party Decoration?

Monkey Party: DIY Pleated Skirt Tutorial. Today I'm sharing an easy tutorial for a ruffled table skirt made from an inexpensive shower curtain.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

This super easy pleated table skirt tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful pleated table skirt for under $20!! i know right? It's the perfect addition to the holiday table, and it's inexpensive! Verify…

First of all, I cut the shower curtain in half (horizontally). Then I cut off the excess so that there are three nice ruffles on each section. I then sewed the shower curtain pieces together to make one long piece. This piece was the perfect size to cover the front and sides of my desk.

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt Black Plastic Table Skirt

I then used a piece of sturdy wool as the top of the tablecloth. I placed it on the table and the guard secured the folded piece around the edge of the table as shown below:

Once the ruffles were firmly attached to the wool, I removed them both from the table and sewed them on

How To Make A Ruffled Table Skirt

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