How To Make A Office Chair

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How To Make A Office Chair – About: I like electronics, metalwork, woodworking, fixing things and making all kinds of cool and weird things 🙂 I also have a YouTube channel: About JT_Makes_It More info”

I’ve always wanted a nice office chair in front of my computer in my room. A lot of my hobbies revolve around the computer, so I needed a good office chair so that I could sit in the right position in front of the computer.

How To Make A Office Chair

How To Make A Office Chair

I have been wanting to buy a good office chair, but good chairs start at $250 and up. that’s enough. So I decided to make my own to satisfy my thirsty DIY side.

Host Task Chair W/ Casters

That’s how the idea arose to turn the car seat into an office chair. The car seats are designed for long term use and it would be great if I could put them in front of the computer as the car seats have a lot of adjustment options.

How To Make A Office Chair

I first started looking for a car seat in a car novel. I was hoping to find a decently protected one for cheap.

I went to two junkyards, but they had old cars with broken windows, dirty ones sitting in the rain for god knows how long. The seats inside were terrible. I wanted a fairly clean seat because it would be right in my bedroom and the last thing I needed was a stink.

How To Make A Office Chair

Coaster Office Chairs Contemporary Mesh Office Task Chair

So I started looking for online classifieds for used auto parts. This is how I get seats from new cars. Newer models have more adjustable and higher quality seats.

I stumbled across an ad selling a Volkswagen Golf 2015. I called to see if they still had seats and they said yes. Then I got in the car and drove 100 miles to pick them up.

How To Make A Office Chair

The ride was worth it because the seats were in pristine condition. According to the clock, the car had less than 10 kilometers. The seats still smell like new.

Rave Worthy: Upgrade Your Office Chair With These Seat Cushions

The seat has manual controls for forward/backward motion, recline height, and lumbar support (the lumbar support is great). If you’re feeling adventurous, you can buy electrically adjustable or heated seats, but they cost more and make the build unnecessarily complicated. Plus you have to install a battery in the seat and charge it… not worth it if you ask me. Manual adjustment stones.

How To Make A Office Chair

The seat also has integrated airbags. If your seat has a built-in airbag – the yellow plug under the seat is usually for fireworks like an airbag, and a small flag on the outer backrest tells you there is an airbag.

Airbags can only emit static electricity. And the airbag is like a big bomb. You don’t want your office to explode. Sit down with a professional and they will be happy to remove the airbag.

How To Make A Office Chair

How Can Benithem® Chairs Improve Your Life?

When you remove the airbag, fill the space with a piece of hard foam so that the backrest side cushion does not get too soft.

You need to get an old office chair that still has good wheelbase. I managed to get the broken one for free. All I had to do to fix it was some simple welding and that was good enough for the job.

How To Make A Office Chair

As you will soon realize, the base of the office chair is long enough to be attached directly to the car seat. The car seat has a very thick seat cushion, and if you put the seat directly on the base plate of the office chair, the seat becomes too high for practical use.

Black Mesh Low Back Swivel Office Chair With Arms Sw Jj 14

Sorry I forgot to take some pictures of the process, but you can watch the process in the video starting at 0:40.

How To Make A Office Chair

I decided to make the pneumatic cylinder very short (about 15cm), otherwise the seat would be too high.

The cylinder is filled with high-pressure gas and has several warnings written on its side. All symbols can be summed up in one sentence. Do not touch, do not open.

How To Make A Office Chair

Office Chairs Office Chairs At

I googled all day trying to find a safe way to get the gas out before I started grinding it up with a grinder.

Not much information available. Most people recommend drilling a small gas relief hole near the top of the cylinder.

How To Make A Office Chair

I decided to drill a small 2mm hole near the top of the cylinder to release the gas. The safest method was to enclose the cylinder in a square metal tube, which would trap the gases or oils escaping at high speed. I also used “blow protection” – a plastic bowl lid and ear, eye and hand protection because I didn’t know what to expect.

How Could I Make This Office Chair More Realistic?

I continued to dig the hole and could hear gas hissing the whole way. Very controversial, but you never know. Another type of cylinder can explode. Then I pressed the height regulator a few times and more gas came out. Then it was empty and the piston moved freely.

How To Make A Office Chair

If you ever think about drilling a gas cylinder, take every precaution! If you’re not sure or don’t have the right equipment, ask someone who does. You have been warned! I am not responsible for your actions!

Then the base of the office chair should be shortened accordingly. Changing the base is easy. Using a large angle grinder, I cut the pipe to the appropriate length to go over the chair legs. I installed the plastic piece inside the tube back into the smaller tube.

How To Make A Office Chair

Custom Seating Solutions Tailored For You

I had to make a plug for the gas cylinder. A cap to close the loose end where I cut off the cylinder. This is where all the weight is pressed against the base of the chair. I also forgot to take more pictures. But you can see the process in the video.

I made a simple aluminum cap that covers the tip. For the screw, I drilled a hole in the center of the plug. It is designed to attach the cylinder to the base. This way, the legs do not fall off the chair when the chair is lifted.

How To Make A Office Chair

I also made a simple thick plastic washer to reduce friction when turning the chair, as this prevents metal-to-metal grinding.

Lacoo Office Orange Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk,computer Ergonomic Mesh Chair With Armrest T Ocnc7505

The base is now shortened as much as possible. Make sure the tilt spring handle does not hit the chair legs.

How To Make A Office Chair

Skid marks are very sticky. I’m going to finish all the furniture in my room with it 🙂

Since I didn’t need the full range of motion they offered, I used an angle grinder to cut about 10cm from the back of the rail.

How To Make A Office Chair

Kelsey Gray Office Chair

A bunch of balls fell off, but for some reason the rails still work because some balls are in the front cabin which I’m glad about 🙂 Still solid and not playing.

I soldered a simple bracket to hold the two parts together. I made it from 15mm square steel tubing and 10 x 30mm tubing. It’s strong enough for that.

How To Make A Office Chair

I decided to mount it on the seat’s original sliding rail. So the center of gravity can be adjusted at any time. When you recline the seat to the full recline position, you want the wheels to be a little further back if you don’t want to roll.

How To Clean An Office Chair [5 Easy Steps]

Then comes that holy moment when you connect the two parts together and everything is as it should be 🙂

How To Make A Office Chair

The fore/aft adjustment lever was too long for table use, so I had to shorten it. I cut it out with an angle grinder and screwed the plastic end back in with a screw. Quick and easy work and great results!

What I really like about this seat is all the adjustments it has. I also like that the bottom of the seat reclines. In my opinion, it’s more comfortable because it doesn’t slide off the seat and under the table 🙂 Perfect for doing computer work. Plus, it has a front storage compartment and a back pocket for stuff!

How To Make A Office Chair

The Twillery Co.® Rene Office Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair & Reviews

How did Austin Haley Sprite turn the 1959 reprise into a full restoration? By Liebregts in Cars Need an office chair to rest your back on while you work? This DIY has your back covered, and I mean that literally. The guide below has all the ideas you need to make a beautiful and amazing office chair instead of spending thousands of dollars buying one.

We’ve included 12 DIY office chair plans that you can build without breaking the bank. With that in mind, let’s dive in and see what we have for you today.

How To Make A Office Chair

Making this office chair might be the most difficult of them all, but once you are done, it will look very unique and amazing. Use the creator a lot

Home Office Desk Chair Adjustable Mesh Office Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair With 360° Quiet Rotating Wheels, Black

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