How To Make A Slab Table

How To Make A Slab Table – As you know, we moved to a new apartment. And I wanted to make a new coffee table for the area that can also be used as a dining area. (living room in studio for effect)! That is, after purchasing a nice concrete slab from a local wood dealer. I knew I needed to turn it into a curbside coffee table ASAP. If you’ve been here for a while, you probably already know, I’m attracted to live-end projects, especially when I’m crawling with characters. This was a project that took me a few weeks to create but it was well worth all the attention! Better still, a lifetime and a half can be with us thanks to my friends at Rust-oleum!

I have good news and bad news about this project. The good news is that the table turned out AH-great. The bad news is, even though I did it for our new flat. But my mom liked it so much that she stole it.

How To Make A Slab Table

How To Make A Slab Table

I really like funky live edge slabs… And I bought them all when I stumbled upon a local wood dealer (1 Of A Kind Live Edge Slabs) and his wood biscuit collection. I’ve been wanting to create my own version of this stylish round table for a long time. And this is a great opportunity to do just that. I made it that way!

Rare Find Live Edge Wood Slab Live Edge Coffee Table

1. The first thing I need to do is set the floor. This can be done in several ways. But for this particular floor I use a sander and router with the skid. (I used the advice of my friend Brandon to make my slide)!

How To Make A Slab Table

2. There are many gaps and holes in my flooring that I want to protect. To do this, I attached masking tape to the bottom of the sheet. (to prevent epoxy resin from escaping) and then mix a small batch of Varathane Super Glaze with Aged Brown.

This thing is a rocket! The pig is already mixed in the resin. So you get consistent colors every time! It’s also a 1:1 ratio, so I have to mix the resin and accelerator evenly and mix it by hand!

How To Make A Slab Table

What Can You Make With Live Edge Slabs? 12 Project Ideas

3. After the epoxy cured, I sanded and sanded again. And here I spent some time cleaning up the remaining edges.

4. I have a very beautiful crack in my tile. So I decided to add a small wooden arch to prevent the crack from spreading further. I use a router and a bow tie template for this. and make a big difference (You can see this in action in the YouTube video.)

How To Make A Slab Table

5. After the bowtie was attached I finished sanding the board to 220 grit and it was time to finish! I mixed Varathane Super Glaze with Tumbled Brown and poured it over the entire tile (the color

Diy Tree Slab Coffee Table

My tiles are already pretty thirsty. So I applied a second coat of clear paint and it dried beautifully!

How To Make A Slab Table

6. Put only the beautiful table legs left after pouring the floor. (Designed by my friend Chris at Four Eyes Furniture)!

The results of this chart excite me! I think it looks great, the color, the shape, the decoration… perfect! We may earn a commission when you use our affiliate links, but this does not affect our recommendations.

How To Make A Slab Table

How To Finish Live Edge Slabs (with Pictures)

Flat or edged furniture is very fashionable. and i like it! If you think wood is one of the greatest things ever created. How can you not love furniture that preserves its natural wood look so much? Veining in full display Vibrant waves and imperfect edges give the piece a natural look. The good thing is, tile furniture is super easy to make! Our waterfall stand (shown here) has a single link made from a circular saw. and dowel feet for support, that’s it! It doesn’t take much work to get the ground level. However, this took more time than it was difficult. The hardest part is finding a good tile. That’s where our friends at Horizon Wood Products come in.

When choosing your perfect tiles. You just go to their website. See photos of real tiles in stock. and choose the tiles that best suit your taste and project. Place your order and they will deliver it to your home. No need to borrow a friend’s car or drive for a long time. Just relax and wait for your forest to appear.

How To Make A Slab Table

Ok, now that you have the tile, let’s get back to the simple recording “how-to” topic. We have three ways to make this even easier. Our short video below guides you through the whole process. And we have divided these steps into the following step-by-step presentation. and if you want to save it for later, just download the PDF of our project build.

How To Make A Live Edge Slab Table — Youcanmakethistoo

1) Because every tile is unique. Therefore, working to the final intended size is somewhat arbitrary. We knew we wanted a coffee table that was about 40 inches tall and 18 inches was the perfect height for a coffee table. The width is largely determined by the tile itself. When marking our tiles, we start by measuring the 58″ section (Length + Height). Note that at 18″ we need to find a clear section to indicate the source of the waterfall. Once the position has been decided we can mark where the Tiles will be cut. Leaving a little on top to avoid splitting

How To Make A Slab Table

2) The beauty of tiles is truly in the eye of the beholder. Many people like to try to protect the edges of the shell of concrete slabs. and others like to leave only the edge of the hardwood under the bark. Often, most of the shell is so loose that it cannot be kept intact. Therefore, this is a good time to check for loose pieces of bark on the live edges before proceeding. Some people can sneak away without asking too many questions. If you want to assemble the shell, it must be carefully glued into place at this point.

3) If you peel the skin Maybe some parts are not loose. In such cases, drills, chisels and punch knives are helpful tools. You want to damage the hardwood under the bark. The plan should be slow and steady.

How To Make A Slab Table

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4) Edges can be cleaned with a wire brush when the shell is removed. Light strokes are best as you are only working to remove any remaining dirt or organic material. Leaving the hardwood as much as possible. A rotary tool (Dremel) with a small wire brush will also work. But don’t be too harsh and don’t scratch the edge.

5) Fasteners and a planer of relatively large thickness are required to level the board with a machine from both sides. If you don’t have a 30″ planer, you can still plan the floor with a jig and router. The shop-made version is very simple. With a raised platform to house the routers with bottom slots for the parts to pop out. This platform allows the router to move across the width of the table. Two the support board raises the platform above the table. A commercial version is also available. And we are using a version of Woodpeckers.

How To Make A Slab Table

6) Depends on the horsepower of your router and the durability of the drill. You may have to run the light through the plate a few times, in our case we were able to lift about 1/8″ with each pass to start cutting. Find the peak on the first side and adjust the depth a bit for the first pass.

Old Teak Tree Slab Coffee Table By Artisan Living

7) Start the first pass across the board. Make sure all high points are present. Then set the depth a little deeper to remove more material. Repeat this process until the board is flat. Then turn the board over and repeat the process on the other side. Also at this point you need to set a target thickness for the floor. We got a good thickness of 1-1/2″ for our floor.

How To Make A Slab Table

8) The beauty of the table waterfall head allows the grain to keep flowing from above and below. To show as much continuity as possible, we will cut opposite edges at a 45 degree angle using a circular saw. But using a table saw is complicated because of the edges of the tiles. A Circular saw should be used when quality blades are used and properly oriented.

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