How To Build An Upholstered Chair

How To Build An Upholstered Chair – So my last upholstery project here is a DIY and not a typical DIY for some reason. At first I didn’t make a rocking chair frame. Second, at some point I stopped taking pictures of every step because I knew that no project like this would be like any other picture. So I didn’t give you the specific step-by-step instructions like I did for the inner seat cover, but a bit more of an overview of how you can do something like this. I learned some useful tips that will apply to any project, namely:

All my life I have been fascinated by child-sized rock instruments. I mentioned earlier that my grandfather was a mattress maker… and I wish he was 112 already so he could teach me his trade! As a first birthday present for my mother, she made a baby-sized dark green leather chair. This is me, around 18 months old, in my “chair” (actually my mom).

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

This chair has always been a favorite in my parents’ house. Mom, I love it, I love it, my brother loves it, every child that passed through his house is held in this chair. And for Ada’s first birthday 2.5 years ago, my parents put a chair on the mattress and made a real copy for her first birthday. It’s here.

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It will be hard for me to let her take it out of our house one day when she grows up because I love it. . But she does. And maybe then I can build myself another one.

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

So my point in all this is that I have a deep love for mini rocking chairs. (I feel like this could be a long post…) About three weeks ago Scott came back from throwing his garbage at the landfill… Well, there is no garbage in our town, everyone picks up their own garbage and recycles it to the “station money transfer.” This is not a job I like , and of course I’ve gone about three times in the five years we’ve lived here, but there is a little corner of this dump site with a ‘transit area’ where people can keep items in good condition and take other items. . They see there and want. So Scott comes home and says, “I think you should come back with me. There are some interesting things in today’s exchange.” So I did and was immediately drawn to this little stone chair with a dirty plastic floor.

He is strong and good boned and I wanted to try a complex furniture project so I brought him home. The first step is to cut the red plastic and remove it. It is fastened together in various places with wood screws so that it is no more complicated than removing one screw at a time (an electric screwdriver or a drill with a connecting screw makes this process very easy). What you see below is what I found after removing one hand, the dirt from old coins, safety pins, rust, rat droppings and general debris. This is my second favorite part of the project behind the first nail head fascia. Just want you to be prepared for what you might find if you come across a similar project…

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

Wingback Armchair Full Build And Upholstery

This is the back of the back seat. I think it’s cool the size to be cut. There is still a shell at the bottom! I wonder who created it and for whom? And in case you’re wondering, that’s not the baby lying on the floor to the right of the chair, that’s the abandoned baby doll. This is usually the case in my “studio”.

And here are the six components all disassembled: a seat box with two rear drums and two pulleys.

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

I apply the base stone with the remaining dark stains (Rustoleum Wood Stain in Kona) that I got from the seats. I added cushions and applied a lot of material to the base seat components following the same process I did with the seat covers (click here if you don’t want to scroll to the previous link) of foam and then punched the wrap tightly around. foams and tightens evenly. This is the evolution of the chair:

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After a game of tennis, it’s time to paint the coat and start playing. As far as I can tell, there is no science. Maybe that’s why refurbishing furniture costs so much! It’s an art, my dear. But of course, I covered the seat with fabric and adjusted it so the pattern was straight in each corner and then cut it a little bigger than me so there’s more than enough for painting and sewing underneath. Think of it like gift wrapping. If you’re a current cover star, I think you can do it. You want the fabric to be as smooth and sharp as possible, and the fabric as tight as possible over time.

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

I continued the same foam, punch and fabric process with the back and arms and then started thinking about putting it back together. And it’s a bit of a mistake because I forgot the screws and had to remove some fabric to put the screws underneath. Again, there’s no real process here, you have to notice how everything came apart and then put it back together to reassemble. You wrap most of the fabric before screwing and finish it after it goes in. Here are some pictures of the almost complete chair, just missing the nail head and the rock underneath.

You can see in the photo above especially how the fabric space is at the edges, but here the nail heads serve their two perfect purposes, aesthetically and functionally. Based on where the seams were open on the fabric, and looking at the fit, I decided to place the nail heads along the corners and bottom of the back, sides and front of the seat. This section took about .ev.er. It was because of the head of the nail that I started but I moved faster when I held the nail. I marked the point where the nail heads should be 1/2 inch apart. There’s also pulling and smoothing and straightening to do here, since you want the edges of the fabric and the nail head to follow the line. Outdoor furniture.

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

Faux Sheepskin Ilana Upholstered Chair

My plan is to sell it when I finish it. But of course now that I’m done, I’m in love and I don’t want to. But I think I will. I think it will inspire me to take the next step and combine my understanding of woodworking and furniture to try to build a frame and then climb on top of it, building a whole chair from scratch. However, I think I’ll keep it for at least another week so I can watch it and take a deep breath… first things first… as you probably already know, Google Reader will no longer be there. July 1st. If you read this or any other blog on Google Reader, you’ll need to sign up for the new service so you can catch up on all your daily reading. Feedly and Bloglovin’ are two free readers with easy transfer options for all your subscribers. Now you can do it, right?! If you receive an email update, nothing will change. A member of my creative team at I Heart Naptime, Talitha of Love, Pomegranate House wrote a great summary of these two options. You can see it here.

And now that chair I mentioned…if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve already seen this chair I made for my niece Tori as a baby shower gift last weekend.

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

Lily’s was the first one I did from the frame, and I all know the upside was that she got my seat first, and the downside was that she also made all the mistakes I made the first time. The arms are a little too big for the seat ladder and hang back a little. The frame is made of pine wood, which is too soft and requires a lot of unexpected reinforcements.

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So this time I corrected all the mistakes, changed the style a bit and overall I liked how the Tori chair turned out. I still have a few things I will edit for my next session, but overall I feel like I am. But get it down!

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

And of course my little model has to prove how comfortable she is before we hand her over to the columns.

Click here for a tutorial on building a chair frame and here to go

How To Build An Upholstered Chair

Upholster A Chair

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