How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame – This first-class macrame hanging chair is perfect for your backyard or anywhere you want to put your feet up and relax.

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How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Can you believe this is the first macrame project I’ve ever done?! That’s what got me hooked on macrame because it was really easy to do.

Skonyon Handwoven Cotton Macrame Hammock Hanging Chair Swing Chair For

I would recommend starting with a larger seat frame like this one from Amazon. There are other options on Amazon, but they are limited. If you are a small adult or for your pet, go!

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Finding good quality local macrame yarn can be difficult, so I recommend ordering online from Amazon or Etsy.

1. Optional: Adjust the seat frame if necessary. Start by removing all the paint from the scrub and then sand it. Spray paint and primer in one.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

How To Diy Macrame Hammock Chair

2. To make a macrame hammock, cut 16 pieces of string 16 feet long. You will fold the string in half and tie it, making it shorter in length.

3. Using a piece of rope folded in half, wrap it around the top of the chair frame, pulling the end through a loop to secure it. Continue removing all the wires around the frame like this.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

4. To create the pattern, you will use a macrame square knot. For the first few strands (4 strands) cross the left strand in the middle and under the right strand. Hold it with your finger.

Best Hanging Chairs And Hammocks At Target

5. Now you will do the opposite. Take the right rope and pass it under the two middle ropes and through the hole, over the left rope.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

6. To complete the knot, you will repeat steps 7 and 8 in reverse. Cross the right strand over the middle strand and under the left strand. Take the left strand and pull it under the middle strand, catching on top of the right strand. Tighten the knot. Complete the line like this.

7. In the next row, start a square knot with the third row. Use two strands from the first group and two adjacent strands from the next group to make your next square knot.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Hammock Chair Hanging Chair Macrame Chair Handmade Chair

8. Continue it down. Once you have completed the macrame hammock, double tie the bottom frame of the seat. Cut off the excess thread.

9. Using the extra yarn, gather all the pieces of yarn and tie them together. Enjoy your new chair!

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Wouldn’t it be great for some comfortable patio furniture on your deck or porch? Let me know what you think below and if you’ll give it a try. Most of my projects are inspired by my children and born out of the need to do something that will teach them independence or develop their creativity. This DIY hanging chair is one of them.

Costway C Hanging Hammock Stand Cotton Macrame Swing Chair Backrest

I made this hanging chair especially for my older son who loves to read and often needs a quiet place away from his talking sister. Our front porch often serves as a little retreat from the chaos of a family of five and was the perfect place to hang out (literally) and enjoy a book.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

While I made this hanging chair for my kids, it can be used by adults as well. I used stocks strong enough to hold up to 200 lbs. So it can withstand a strong plop from one of the older kids, but there are accessories available at many hardware stores that ensure this hammock chair course can hold more weight.

Supplies: -1 1/4″ x 3′ oak dowel (oak is a hardwood and is considered safer than poplar to support weight. I also cut mine to 3′)

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Things To Consider Before Buying A Macrame Hammock Swing Chair

Step 1: Fold your two yards of fabric in half and place the fold to the left as shown. Measure and mark about 7″ from the top right.

I cut mine about 12″ in half, and it was too much, so I suggest 7″. Using a yardstick or ruler, draw a line from that top mark to the bottom right, then cut into both pieces. Open your canvas.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Step Two: Fold your top edge down 1/2″ and iron down. Then fold it again 1/2″ and iron flat. Pin and gather the bottom of the hem as shown above. Repeat with the long bottom.

Macrame Swing, Macrame Hammock Chair, Macrame Round Swing With Cushion

Step Three: Flip your canvas 90 degrees to the left so the longest edge is on the right. You will create pockets for the rope to slide through.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Fold each corner about 1 1/2″ and iron flat. Then fold the top unhemmed edge 1/2″ and iron flat.

Step Five: Join the two lines on the bottom folded edge as shown. Reinforce your beginning and end with back stitches. Repeat on the other side.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Hammock Chair Macrame Swing, Handmade Knitted Hanging Cotton Rope Chair For Indoor/outdoor Home Patio Deck Yard Garden Reading Leisure, 47.2

Step Six: Mark 2″ and 4″ on both ends of your doll, then drill. Trim your raw edges and glue if desired. I chose my natural release.

Step Seven: Place your canvas on a large sheet of cardboard, and paint your design on one side. Let it dry, then paint the design on the other side (optional). If you are using a printed fabric, make sure it is the same weight as the upholstery or exterior fabric to ensure its durability.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Step Eight: Tie a knot at the end of your 16′ cord so that there is about a 3″ tail. Melt the ends so they don’t fry. Insert it into the outer hole of your oak and go from the wide corner of one side of your fabric seat to the narrow top corner.

Equip Deluxe Outdoor Macrame Hammock Hanging Chair, Cotton Multi Color, Size 31.5

Then tie a 3′ knot from your first knot, insert it into the Oak Man. Continue looping it through the hole 4″ from the other edge, then measure 3′ from the loose end, and tie a loose knot.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Tuck it into another pocket of the fabric and go back through the last hole before tying the knot with the 3″ tail. If your two sides don’t match, adjust your knots before tightening them.

Step Nine: Find the center of the rope above your dowel, and tie a knot in a space about 8″-10″ above it. Attach your spring link, then your quick link, and finally hang it from a hook securely fastened to the ceiling or a large tree branch.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Hammock Chair Hanging Chair Swing Chair Indoor Swing

Be sure to adjust all of your knobs to make sure the seat sits evenly. Test it by hanging on it before sitting on it to make sure everything is secure.

A soft, round cushion can be added under the seat for extra cushioning for smaller sitters. The height can be adjusted based on your ceiling height.

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Our porch ceiling is lower than the inside of our house, so you can add an extra loop of tied rope, or cut your rope 2′-4′ longer depending on your ceiling height.

Diy Hanging Macramé Chair

I add a cozy rug (like here) and some plants in woven planters to make the space cozy. I hope your hammock chair gets as much use as ours! – Rachel

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

P.S. If you like this idea but you’re not sure about your DIY skills, I’d suggest getting one of these – it’s great!

Credits // Author and Photos: Rachel Denbo. Note: As always, use this tutorial at your own risk. This chair is designed for gentle rocking, not real rocking. Please use with caution. Beautiful Mess and its authors are not responsible for any injury or damage arising from the performance of this course. Safety first, everyone! Once popular in the 70s, macrame is being brought back today by lovers of boho chic. It’s no surprise to see the rise of chic macrame hanging chairs because of their modern and versatile style. They are beautiful, but very expensive!

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

Outdoors Garden Hanging Chair Swing

If you’re looking for one for your living room or patio, the Bohemian Macrame Rocking Chair above is now available on Amazon. But if you are wondering how to make a macrame hanging chair – you should try it.

How is this done? Let’s check out TheSorryGirls’ awesome video tutorial below:

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

These free macrame patterns from AcajouCrafts are perfect for beginners because they aren’t complicated and are super easy to make. That said, a comfortable hammock chair is quite large so a DIY macrame hammock chair is a time-consuming project. And this one is really comfortable, you can hang in and out.

Hammock Chair Diy

Unlike other macrame chairs you can find online, this one has a deep “pocket” so you can take all the pressure off and go. The seat measures approximately 40 inches long and 32 inches wide, but you can increase the width by cutting extra cords. Be sure to end with an even number (36, 38, 40, etc.).

How To Make A Hammock Chair Macrame

If you make your own

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