How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table – For those who love the sea and its beauty in the art of resin, we thought how to combine the theme of water with a round table of epoxy resin. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to properly build an epoxy pool table. Such a wonderful table is one of the most popular epoxy paintings that people like to buy and make this summer. It will remind you of places you have visited: beaches, islands and other things you want to remember. In addition, the table can be used as an epoxy coffee table, a sound table, a sofa table, or a computer table in your home. In the last guide we will help those who like to create a beautiful beach with epoxy sea art, or even a resin wooden table.

In this post, we will provide step-by-step instructions for making an epoxy table for the beach without any problems.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

First, choose the best picture of the seascape in your mind and look carefully. Always plan your manufacturing process to avoid missing designs in the final resin drawings and tools and other missing parts. When choosing the best photo or beach photos, look for the following:

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Look at all the pictures and try to get closer to the object. Whether you call it beach art, beach art, or beach art, you’ve probably seen this beauty and wondered how it was created. To that end, we’re going to show you how easy it is to create unique and beautiful marine art, even if you’re a beginner! Let’s get started.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

First, we recommend having a list of all your epoxy projects. In other words, write the entire process from start to finish. Such a list will help you not only to think about planning properly, but also to collect the necessary materials and equipment at each step.

If you often ignore the simple things that will help you make your own epoxy paintings, your work will be difficult from the beginning. The summary is first. It’s part of your first job plan. Therefore, before starting work, everything should be in hand. Also, don’t forget about your bottom cover.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

Ocean Resin Table Ocean Epoxy Resin Epoxy River Table Resin

Don’t forget that you are creating a real beach experience. Therefore, you only need three main colors that work white, blue or turquoise and dark blue. A flexible transition is made with the help of resin, while the same effect can be achieved with the help of opaque.

Now measure the amount of dryer and resin and mix well for 3-4 minutes. Then try to wipe the bottom and sides of the mixed bag. Divide the prepared amount between the glasses and do not forget that each glass has the same color.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

It’s best to start with less paint than you need and add more when needed to get the best results. It is better to collect more than 6% of the color and the total volume of hardener and resin. Otherwise, it will not be cured properly.

How To Make An Epoxy Ocean Table

After adding color, let the resin dry and start working. The resin is poured once the color is added and mixed. Otherwise, such a quick method will destroy your painting, because the liquid resin will not give the desired result. Let the resin dry for 15 minutes. In this case, we prepared 3 colors: blue or turquoise, light blue and light blue to give a dark effect under the sea.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

As you add the resin color and mix it even in the white bowl, tap the bowl a little to test the finished color. So, you will see a good color. Due to the color of the resin and the volume in the plate, it is usually black. We encourage you to use this hack because it can be very useful, especially for beginners.

For each job we strongly recommend to calculate the resin, the dryer and all other materials. For the current project we use:

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

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Please note that each layer of resin takes one day to cure. Therefore, when creating a multi-team project, think ahead of time about possible timelines. In particular, the project took three days because we used three layers of resin of different colors.

Now your resin has grown and is ready to pour. To make your coffee table, start with your sand. Some people like to use white sand or gold, others use makeup. Now we use a finish that imitates sand and has a beautiful golden color. This is a gold-scented glass that can replace real sand and make your resin look great.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

This is the first resin ocean table top project and you need to follow the step by step instructions to get started. First, divide your “sand” evenly into the “river”. Then, prepare it with a little resin and let it cure. In order to avoid the appearance of mud, keep a small difference between the turquoise (water of the first sign) near the beach, because this will help the colors not to be confused.

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Be careful to create a lake with your standard colors. However, remember that you can change it at any time. Now is the time to rule the sea. When making your resin beach, start with a light turquoise color if you remember that all beaches have a beautiful turquoise color. Such a film represents shallow water, which is usually near the coast. Next, place your prepared resin on the beach on the other side of the sand. At the same time, you can use a plastic knife or a spatula to spread it well and make a nice crust.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

Along with spreading the light turquoise color, it’s time to add dark colors. You can mix dark and light colors to have a nice transition between the sides of the sea to create a natural combination with the sea in black lines and light turquoise. By doing this, you will get a deep and gradual change in color. Of course, don’t forget to use the heat gun to remove the bubbles.

At this point, you can change the color you want. For best results, don’t be afraid to mix the resin with your hands. However, remember to use nitrile gloves. Pneumatics can also be used. This tool is great for creating smooth transitions of different shades of blue. Similarly, an air gun can help such a change very well.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

Ocean Art Resin White Pigment

Make some good waves and let’s make some magic. If you want to create beautiful and natural waves that fall on the beach, put a line of white resin between the sea and the sand. We recommend starting with the basic line. You can always add white resin to transform your thin strands into white waves on the beach. If you still think it’s necessary, add some white lines to make the foam waves.

Do you know how to create ripples in your epoxy resin table? At low points, shoot your gun where you want to create a wave of damage. Choose the white line between the sea and the sand. Carefully move the air gun back and forth, staying close to the white line of resin. Keeping these points in mind, do it slowly to get the best results.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

Go to the second and third rows of white resin if you have them and do the same. Make the waves crash and foam on the blue ocean. You can add as many lines of white resin as you can. For a better look, try using a dentist who can amplify his waves and watch magic! Finally, you will come to the sea and return to the wonderful sea.

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For the final touch on your resin job, use your torch to remove any bubbles. Also, cover your artwork with a dust cover, which can be cardboard, a plastic bag, or something else. Everything is weighed, let it dry for at least 24 hours.

How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

When you find a new way to make an epoxy sea table, you can use different decorations: natural sand, stones, shells, etc. But at the same time, your first amazing resin model is ready!

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How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

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How To Make An Ocean Epoxy Table

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