How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets – I can’t wait to introduce you to one of my co-stars at IC The Real Housewives of Bucks County who are best friends from high school who love DIY and decorating and have fun projects. many on their website. Monica and Jess are here today to surprise you with a wooden bar coffee table. I’m green with envy of your storage tree Why can’t my mother-in-law have an endless fruit tree? Please call these two crazy talented girls from Bucks County, Pennsylvania as they show you how to make a wood bar coffee table.

You can find these answers and other things you may or may not want to know about us and our DIY experience on our blog.

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

We were thrilled and a little excited when we asked Becky to be a contributor to our blog for the next few months. Let’s face it, Becky is amazing, and we’d be crazy to leave her, right? 🙂 Once you get to know us, you’ll quickly realize that we love reclaimed furniture, which we call the Bar Meets Beach coffee table.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Coffee Table

Lucky for us, Jess’s father-in-law gave us an amazing wooden bar from his barn in Pennsylvania. But don’t worry! If you don’t have an updated stack, we’ll show you how to get that look back. Stop thinking now! We’re not crazy, you never know when a project might call for a tree Say o!

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

Are you ready for a DIY hack that makes this project easy? The base of the table is made of two Adirondack tables! No extra assembly required, which, let’s face it, is what we love about this project! We bought them for $12 at Home Depot during the off-season sale (they are now $29, but if you wait, they will go down!).

We started by coating the table legs with Rustoleum’s Ultra Cover in Gray (you won’t be able to see the table top once the bar top is attached).

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

The Architects Table

We love the primer so much that we often use it alone (true story: I have four frames in my basement that were painted with this primer!), but this table will be in a nautical basement/cabin style. , which is why I chose Valspar’s blue color

While the paint was curing we started to build our table We placed the wood so we could move it around until we found the right arrangement Isn’t the fruit tree nice?

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

We measured 44 inches long and 33 inches wide, made marks and cut the wood with a circular saw (if you can use a circular saw).

Diy Pallet Table 100% Pallet Wood

You may have noticed that our table has a nice shade of blue, and we can’t take credit for that because only age and the elements can do that, but if you ask us, we can make it look pretty.

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

So here’s the breakdown: We used a dry brush to paint Benjamin Moore’s beech glass on the wood. The key here is not to cover all the wood, just brush a little We’re not aiming for a full report here! Next, we applied Valspar’s Mocha Clear Color Glaze, focusing on the cracks, knots and hollows of the wood. Allow to sit for a few minutes and then wipe Apply a thick stain, then brush on a water-based polyurethane coat. We recommend water because it seals the wood (so the glass inside doesn’t get damaged!) and doesn’t damage the wood. Yes, give the edges the same treatment, they will be seen!

Pretty close, right? We like it a little more polished, but if you want a more rustic look, you can sand it down to reveal the wood underneath.

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

Diy Pallet Furniture Ideas

To build the support system below, we will take four 1×2 and cut them. The two end pieces are 33 inches and the long side should be 40 inches (make sure the ends match). Lay the planks down and align the pieces to the edges and fix them in place. Get a friend to help you with this as you want all the edges to be smooth and the panels to stay in place.

We also added two large panels in the middle for extra support, so it sits on top of an Adirondack table.

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

Once polished, turn it upside down and place it on the Adirondack table. I love being able to change things up if I want, or fold the Adirondack table and hide the top if needed to create more space! This beauty lives in my basement and I couldn’t love it more!

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How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

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How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

Trestle Table And Bench Set {printable Building Plans And 8 Step Tutorial!}

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How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

I had fun making all the Hershey’s Kiss tables this year (I have two more to do!)… In this video, I’ll show you how to make an outdoor dining table again from pallet wood. . The best part about this project is that all the trees are free! All I had to do was buy more screws and some urethane replacement for the deck I’ll be using eventually.

How To Build An Outdoor Dining Table From Pallet Wood — Crafted Workshop

The inspiration for this project is this palette that I got as part of the FastCap Best Fence Pro 3m Saw Bracket shipping container that you can see in the back of this shot. The deck turned out to be the perfect size for a 72 x 32-inch outdoor table. The end table should seat 6 people

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

The first step of the project was to dismantle the four platforms, including the main platform that would form the table. In reality, the large daisies did not have enough structural stability to function as a table top. I also wanted to decorate the slats on the table in a veron style, which meant that I had to remove the existing slats.

To remove the cleats, I used the DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Reciprocating Saw with a 12 inch Milwaukee Ax blade. Reciprocate Another DeWalt cordless hammer drill and driver is battery operated, and it made quick work of splitting pallets. The Milwaukee ax blade is designed for wood with nails, so it’s perfect for this job. I will add the link to the saw and blade in the description below

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

Diy Picnic Tables

One of the long 2×4 sections of the large pallet had cracks on both sides that needed to be repaired before moving forward. I applied tightbond, spread the board a few times to distribute the glue, and added more glue to the other side. I put the two pieces together and let them dry On the camera I inserted three ½ inch screws vertically into the end of the 2×4 to help secure them.

Once the decks were separated, I started cutting the slats to length, which ended up being 31 inches long end to end, including the 45 degree miter. I went ahead and cut a 45 degree miter on each opposite end, mainly because I didn’t want to repeat the miter angle for each cut to cut more than each slat. One thing to keep in mind is that pallet slats have tons of nails, so be careful where you cut. You’ll want to cut a little off each end of the cleats, as the ends are where most of the nails and cracks are.

How To Make A Trestle Table From Pallets

The FastCap Best Fence Pro 3m Saw Bracket makes this job easy I used the built-in stop block on each cut, and cutting the slats to size was very effective. FastCap Sawwood Pro is also good

Must Have Tools For The Diy Re Purposer

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