How To Make Viking Chair

How To Make Viking Chair – A Viking chair is a really fun project that’s cheap, easy, and adds so much to the fireplace. They are also known as bog, board or star set. Because of the angle and height of the back, these chairs really support your neck while you look at the stars and it’s amazing!

The first step in building a Viking chair is to cut 8-foot boards in half by 4 feet. Use your toes here and it really helps if you can put one foot down on the board so it doesn’t move while cutting. If you want to see how to make a simple metal frame, check out my DIY video here. For power tools, you can use a jigsaw or circular saw to do this easily.

How To Make Viking Chair

How To Make Viking Chair

Place the stop, making a slot about 12″ from the bottom of the board and 8 inches wide. Measure lines 2 inches from both sides so that your spot is in the center. Place another piece of wood above the mortise line and mark again. Then your stop will be the actual ‘width’ of the boards that should fit.

Bullet Throne Chair Falegnameria Helmut Santifaller

Add the largest piece you can find to your braces and drill through the middle of the mortise, where the X is at the top. Be friendly and sit on the board to continue, and watch the whispers fly! Be sure to place a piece of plywood under the hole where you drill, to prevent leaks and spills. For those using power tools, drill a hole large enough to fit the jig and cut the body.

How To Make Viking Chair

Clean the carcass with your mortise chisel and rubber mallet. It doesn’t have to be great to begin with, it’s limited but not limited and the controls are perfect.

Make a 2″ mark on your second board and cut it by hand. This should be 12″ from the edge of the board. See image below text for details.

How To Make Viking Chair

Viking Medieval Throne

Now comes the fun part. A real Viking doesn’t have to chop wood, he chops it with an axe! Use your mallet and hatchet to begin splitting the wood on opposite sides about 2″ from the cut edge. The tree will be split into pieces, so place them according to your offset.

You don’t want the wood to be cut too far down the middle of the board, or it will curl. Use a hammer and saw to complete the split. Splitting wood is also called ‘riving’. Power tool users will want to line up the length of the board and cut out the shape with your jigsaw.

How To Make Viking Chair

Wipe off the excess from your cap and check carefully. Finally, put the Viking chairs together.

Viking™ Ergonomic Chair

It’s been 6 years since I built my Viking chair and the results are in. Without losing protection, the chair stood up very well.

How To Make Viking Chair

It survives 6 winters in Massachusetts, and is best left outside. I also saw many wild boars, eating grass, boasting!

You can see a comparison of a chair that was outside, on the left, and one that was left indoors for several days, on the right. Run 2x4s. Each chair is made from 4, 2″x4″x96″ and costs $10. When making these chairs if you want the chair to look like a single piece of wood, you will need to cut around any face. All edges that connect to another face must be cut using a table saw.

How To Make Viking Chair

Diy Viking Chair Plans You Can Make Totally Free

Another way is to use pressed pressure, then you don’t have to finish the wood at the end if you use it outside.

2, Take 2″x4″x96″ and cut according to the cut list.

How To Make Viking Chair

Once all the wood is cut, place the pieces as shown in the picture. Apply a bead of glue to all the faces that are joined together, and hold with clamps until the glue dries.

The Viking Longship Sling Chair By Nicky2342

After the glue dries, sand the entire surface of the wood. Using a power sander makes things faster. I put 100 and then 220 grit. If you try to finish well you want more than 400.

How To Make Viking Chair

Place your chair, or chairs, and make sure the chair moves easily back and forth. If it sticks, sand the entire area that is causing the problem.

You can then paint or stain your chair a color of your choice. I decided to use exterior paint. After applying paint or varnish, use a clear coat to prevent water from penetrating the wood. You can spray or apply with a brush.

How To Make Viking Chair

Project: Minimalist Viking Chairs

How the restoration changed the complete restoration of the 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. Shown as an old fashioned seat by Liebregts in the car, I’m amazed at how classic the Viking seats are! Their names vary depending on who you ask, Viking Chair, Bog Chair, African Chair, Star Chair, or even the X-Chair, which is a truly unique and simple chair design. . A project of the Boy Scouts since the 1930s. The chair consists of only two parts, a large board that serves as the back, and a smaller board that slides over the back of the back and serves as a seat.

The Viking recliner allows you to stay comfortable and lean back while you rest. The two panels together make a great place to sit by the fireplace/fireplace, sit on the patio, or even in a man cave, around the fireplace, etc. plan, but people are starting to take it a step further with detailed written or wooden plans. We have found some of the best viking chairs that people have made and they are listed below. Some we could find, some we couldn’t, so if you have a source for some of these, be sure to share them below.

How To Make Viking Chair

One of the simplest bench designs, this is a great woodworking project for anyone looking to get started. See instructions on how to do this. Check out some of the best and most beautiful Viking chair designs below.

Viking Chair Build Plans Digital Outdoor Furniture Chair

Designing your Viking chair with a custom design is an option (no stock available for this bog chair).

How To Make Viking Chair

Whether you’re looking to build your own Viking chair or bog chair and are looking for a design, or you’re looking to buy a Viking chair, we hope you’ll find one to get you started through our extensive list of great designs. A good place has been found. .

Check out the video tutorial below on how to make your own Viking chair for DIY enthusiasts!

How To Make Viking Chair

Carved Viking Chair

Amazon Services LLC is a member of the Associates Program, an affiliate marketing program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenue through advertising and linking to, including many different Star/Viking Chairs. are present. We fell in love with this design about a year ago and thought we’d take the time to make one (or two) of our own and add something special to them. What you may find different about our design is that the seat and back are made from two pieces of the same 2×6 pine. Instead of using hardwood, we used split pieces and glued them to the board. Another thing that may be unique to us is the crown on the back of the head with a burning battle inscription, damaged and decayed. Plus, it’s a simple design and a lot of fun to make.

Be sure to watch the video, it shows every step in more than just pictures. Please enjoy, and if you make this or something similar, we’d love to see it. Share with us here or on Facebook, Google+, etc.

How To Make Viking Chair

Each of them also went online to find the perfect glue. The final width of each web on both sides was about 5″.

Barnwood Trestle Dining Table

On the two smaller boards (14″), before closing, we cut the bevel. This will depend on how you want to turn the seat. The best way we’ve found is to Lay the two long boards. At the back of the angle we thought we wanted and put the angle on the bevel measurement. Then we changed the angle to the short board.

How To Make Viking Chair

Now that’s it

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