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How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log – I was looking to make some outdoor furniture and found chairs made from old oil cans and immediately knew I had made some!!!

I had a look on ebay to see if there were any barrels for sale nearby and found a glass factory 5 miles away that sold clear barrels for sale at £5 each so I went and bought three. All I have to do now is figure out how to make the chairs.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

There are several ways to cut a box depending on the final shape you want. I chose a design that allows me to have a very high back and get two seats in the same box.

My First Project: A Pair Of Cedar Adirondack Chairs

I started by taking dimensions of the box and drawing the “open” box in a CAD project. The basic measurements were determined by the quality when I drew the cut lines. The only thing to remember is that when you add a line to, say, the top left, you must add the same thing to the top right and either side of the bottom center line. After some debate, I was happy with my last effort, so I decided to make a second version of the top half copy, flipping it over and placing it on top of the other half.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

I started drawing the cut lines by cutting the radii of the curves on some paper so I could easily trace them onto the scroll page.

After deciding on the center line (similar to the barrel logo) I started to draw the barrel lines with a pencil. On the curved parts, I had to go back to these lines after using my paper template.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Make Your Own Iron Throne For Under $25

I used two tools to cut the box, an angle grinder with a thin cutting disc and a dremel and scissors. I wear a full mask because I don’t like bits of metal in my eyes.

I started by re-drawing the pencil lines with a dremel, which removed the paint so I could easily see the lines when using the angle grinder.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Then I changed the knife and started to cut horizontal and vertical lines – in general I was easy, a nice quiet break every time they check my cut. My plan was to use a dremel to cut the curved lines because they have a very tight radius, but after starting this, I decided to go back to the angle grinder.

Preston Dining Chair

To cut the spokes, I made light cuts around the curves, gradually increasing the depth of the cut until I got closer to the track. Then I switched to the dremel and finished them off with small cutting discs.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

When I cut it, I put the two sides side by side and they look very similar. I then sanded the edges down with some sandpaper to remove most of the sharpness!

I started to cut a circle from 18mm plywood in the diameter I measured from the barrel and used my router table and the straight bit to cut the circle. I followed this by cutting some leftover foam from an old mattress that I saved just for this kind of thing. It was too thick so I cut it in half with my band saw which worked great so I used a band saw to cut the foam to make it. Then I added a button to the page to make the idea easier.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Rialto Teak Dining Chair By Anderson (chd 086)

Then I took a large piece of leather (some recycled leather that I have used over the years to line the box) and stretched it to the back and held it in place with a LOT of staples.

I want to keep the green on the outside, so I’ll just paint the inside. Since there will be a “floor” underneath, I thought this detail would look better on the black interior, so I painted the top half a bright yellow. I ended up wearing four or five coats.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

To attach the seat to the barrel, I bought a low-profile shield and used rivets to attach them to the barrel.

Miniature Fairy Garden Furniture

First time using rivets and I love it! It is very easy, just screw the holes in the right position, but the long part of the rivet in the gun, put the end in the hole and continue to pull the base until it closes, the pin is put in the gun and hold the parts together. .

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

This time, I decided to add a back layer to hopefully relax a bit. I made the panel from four pieces of wood, covered like a chair and supported on a stiff cardboard box. I stuck the board to a dry old clothes rack and attached the panels to the back with screws.

To cover the place shown, I bought a bike from Amazon. It’s as easy as just cutting the corners and cutting to size. I may add some glue to the sides if they keep pulling, but for now I’m leaving them as is.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Zhora’ Chairs, Older

Now that the first part of the barrel is finished, I made another one, but this time in red and black leather (as I finished the other leather).

I just picked up a free leather mattress I saw advertised and spent a few hours with the kids taking it apart for leather, foam, and wood, almost no scraps. This will be invaluable for future projects. I repurposed 2 old chairs that went to storage and another wooden table into a repurposed chair for your patio!

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

This colorful seating area is brought to you by Sherwin Williams. The opinions in this post are my own based on my experience. Also, this post contains affiliate links, but nothing I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend! Read my full report here.

How To Make A Chair Bench

Have you ever seen trash waiting to be turned into treasure?! I found these antique chairs for free (yeah…really…no!) on a local Facebook group!!

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

I know what to do with these old chairs. I wanted to give them new life with a new coat of paint and change them to a colorful exterior.

Even though the seats are beat up, they are still in good condition. I mean, after all… they went to the bathroom!

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Tommy Bahama Home Dining Room Ceylon Side Chair 534 882

All they need is a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. I’m so glad we were able to breathe new life into these old chairs and turn them into a new decorative chair for your yard.

Ready to see how to turn two old chairs and a pallet into a colorful outdoor patio table?

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

To start, you want to give the seats a good clean. Especially if you use old chairs that went to waste like I do!

How To Make A Planter From A Vintage Chair

After we got them for free from someone on Facebook, they sat in our garage for a few months while I had time to fix this DIY bench.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

This will remove any remaining and/or existing seat covers and give the exterior paint something to adhere to.

You can use a damp cloth or cloth. I like to wash them because they are a little sticky and catch the sand.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Diy Outdoor Chair Makeover

Now our convertible chair is going out in our yard, so I decided to use a high quality exterior paint to extend the life of the outdoor furniture.

Sherwin Williams was kind enough to send me some Resilience Exterior Acrylic latex paint to try out for this project. The Resilience line offers water resistance, which is something I need since we live in a climate with harsh winters and sunny summers.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

I used a paint brush to apply the paint, but you can also use a paint sprayer if you have one to make this DIY project a breeze.

Diy Upcycled Bench For Your Backyard

As I mentioned in the video below, when painting outdoor furniture, you want to think about completely covering the furniture, not just covering the wood, wherever you see it.

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Exterior paint is a sealant for wood furniture, so it’s important to get into nooks and crannies.

Also, don’t forget to paint the bottom of the seats down to the bottom of the legs where the seat hits the ground!

How To Make A Chair Out Of A Log

Libby Rope Relaxing Chair

Tip: If you think your outdoor deck can stand up to puddles, you can attach some waterproof rails.

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