How To Build Kitchen Chairs

How To Build Kitchen Chairs – Learn how to make your own dining room chairs with our DIY dining room tutorial with step-by-step photos and printable plans.

Hello guys. As I mentioned earlier this week, I shared how I made a Parson’s chair for a DIY Farmhouse table. I really wanted to try to save on the sofa too, but I couldn’t find one that matched our table, had the fabric we like, or that didn’t have arms and legs. Each of these chairs costs around $40 to make. The biggest cost comes from the fabric. Home decor fabric isn’t cheap, but I found this one for sale at Hobby Lobby. I wanted something that would complement my home decor and not show the stains from my dirty little fingers. I rediscovered the plans for this chair with the wonderful Ana Putih. Her plan is great, but I made some changes to better suit my needs/wants. Based on another splurge post, I used 2×3 for the seat and back as well as the back legs. I also increased the chair back height to 22 inches and changed the back angle from 15 degrees to 5 degrees. I want them to sit a little straighter because they are formal dining chairs at a less formal dining table.)

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

The first step is to assemble the seat. I used a Kreg Jigto to drill all the pocket holes in the seat pieces. Using 2 1/2 inch pocket screws, I screwed in the side of the seat. This is the hardest part. Stabilizing your back to keep everything still is a little difficult.

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Once the sides and back are attached, you will reattach the bottom and back of the seat brace with 2 1/2 inch pocket screws.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

Next, you’ll start building the legs. Make sure when assembling the legs the holes in the pocket are pointing in the right direction to attach to the seat. I almost made that mistake several times 🙂

I used 1/2 inch plywood for the seat and bottom. You can also use burlap sheets (available at upholstery and fabric stores) for the underside of the seat. After sitting in it for a few months, my husband thinks we should use a jute upholstery to make the chair a little more springy (that’s even a word). If possible, I can replace the plywood subfloor with a membrane. One day… After assembling all the chairs, I finished the base with Minwax Provencial Stain and Minwax Polycrylic. There is no need to finish the seat as it will be upholstered with fabric.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

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I used spray adhesive to attach the 1/2″ foam to the back of the seat. Be careful not to push the batting too far behind the seat.

I cut off the excess with scissors to be flush with the back. I then sprayed glue on the seat and attached the foam pad.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

Then came the part I dreaded the most. I’m not one of those people who like to sew. I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I certainly don’t because I want to either. When I remove the layer of dust, my grandmother will probably scream.

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Since I made four chairs, I made a frozen paper pattern so I could use it over and over again. Please note that if you alter the seat to match the 17 x 15 inch seat pad and/or seat back height, you will need to make the same adjustments to the fabric pattern. Since I’m not much of a seamstress, I don’t know how to explain how to sew this either. I’ll let Ana take over. He describes it better than me.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

This was my place when I finished. The hardest part of sewing was making my stripes. I accidentally put the wrong one on and spent a good amount of time sewing to see how to correct this mistake. If you want it to be more of a slip cover, you can easily sew the bottom edge. Whatever suits you best!) Make sure you are still turning to finish the side seam.

I used lots of bobby pins to secure the fabric to the bottom of the chair and then cut off the excess fabric.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

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Use the seam method to make an invisible seam on the side to complete the seam, securing the seat in the back.

After all seams are done, use 2 1/2 inch pocket screws to attach the seat base to the seat. Before we let one of the kids touch one, we spray it with Scotch Protectant to protect it from drips and stains.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

I’m so happy with the result. I love the fact that we can paint it the same color as the table and save a lot of money.

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Here they are on our table. This is a very sturdy chair and so far it has no stains. Of course, that’s because I made the boy sit on the bench 😉

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

If you like this chair, I want you to share it with your friends. I hope that if you want to do something like this, give it a try. The original plant makes a great armchair or a great addition to a craft room. I can do the same thing for the craft room.) Here’s a step-by-step “how-to” on a super comfy armchair. It doesn’t require expensive tools and many of the same parts, so you can build quickly. If you run into any issues during the build, watch the video below which will guide you through the entire build.

Then attach the other side of the 1x2s below the 17″ mark on the backseat leg.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

Farmhouse Furniture Ky

I used a piece of 1/4″ plywood to offset these 1x2s 1/4″ from the outside edge of the seat.

Between the front and back legs of the chair, insert one of the 2x2s above the 3-inch mark.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

It should attach 17″ above the bottom of the chair leg like the other two.

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Center the 2×2 between the two-sided 2x2s and secure both sides using wood glue and the screw and dowel method.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

Use 3 pocket screws and wood glue to attach these two boards to the long edges to make a seat.

Then make a rectangle in the two back corners that matches the width and length of the back of the chair.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

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Space the last four 1x2s evenly between the last two 2x2s and secure with wood glue and finishing nails. The gap should be 1.75″.

Attach the backrest to the side of the seat using the screw and dowel method. The top of the seatback (2×2) should be about 1/2″ from the top on both sides.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

Be sure to watch the video if you have issues, and follow me on YouTube for more ideas.

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How to repaint a full 1959 Austin Hill sprite restoration. By Liebregts in Cars For the latest project, I made a simple rustic table out of a bunch of 2×4s. I looked around to complete the chair set but didn’t see anything for $350, which is three times the cost of the table. It seemed appropriate to go ahead and build a chair in a style that complemented the table. I looked through a few woodworking sites for ideas and found this. It was designed by the man who built the same table to the plans of the same two women at Shanty-2-Chic who designed the table. I made some alterations to the chair assembly and instead of upholstering it, I made a 1×3 plank flat seat and relied on store-bought pillows for comfort.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

The picture shows where each piece is cut from. The local big box store was out of 2×3 planks so instead I bought 2×4 and cut them after cutting the front legs to length. I carefully chose a quarter sawn board for 1×3s for added strength and tendency to sag when gluing the chair seat. In total, it’s about $140 worth of wood. I used screws, glue and cookies left over from the table structure.

It’s probably best to start by cutting all 24 19-1/2″ long boards that will make the seat. Six boards are edged with biscuit joints as shown in the diagram and photo below. I cut these boards about 1/4″ long. 4 inches longer than necessary so I can lay them flat after gluing. Later when I make these chairs again I won’t cut them.

How To Build Kitchen Chairs

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