How To Instal An Outdoor Electrical Outlet

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How To Instal An Outdoor Electrical Outlet – It’s a perfect day for the weekend or for outdoor work around the garden, pulling out the extension cord inside your house is a good laugh. You can run wire through your front door by installing an exterior fence. Power outside your home allows you to use everything from leaf blowers to lawn mowers and more. If you’re a dedicated homeowner, follow these steps to bring indoor power to your backyard.

The most important aspect of installing outdoor lighting is safety. When working with electricity, you must be careful to avoid injuries such as electric shock. There is also a risk of fire. With that in mind, here are some safety tips to help you prepare your outdoor fireplace.

How To Instal An Outdoor Electrical Outlet

Just like bathrooms, garages, toilets, laundry rooms and other indoor areas near water sources, your outdoor electrical outlet needs ground fault interrupters (GFCIs) to protect you from electrical hazards.

Outdoor Weatherproof Deck Outlet Box, 20a Power, Decora, Brown

Even with safety measures like GFCIs, it’s still beneficial to make sure your outdoor electrical outlet comes with a weatherproof cover. Bad weather can force dirt, rain and debris into the socket, creating a fire hazard when outdoor plugs are not weatherproof.

Before you start installing electrical wiring outside your home, it’s important to make sure the existing wiring is in good condition. Look for signs of faulty wiring such as flickering lights, frequent trips, unusual touches, and hot appliances. If you notice these problems, you need to upgrade your generator.

Installing an outdoor outlet yourself can save you up to $175. The average cost of a shop installation is $225 including labor, with DIY costs around $50. The cost of hiring a local electrician or electrician is $40 to $100 an hour.

However, this additional expense may be necessary if you do not have experience working with electrical wiring. Any electrical work is dangerous and is best left to professionals with experience working with electricity.

Cost To Install An Electrical Outlet Outside

Although they may seem similar in terms of speed, outdoor electrics are different from indoor electrics because they have additional precautions to protect against electric shock. These include GFCIs, some have internal outlets, and a waterproof cover that allows you to use the outlet even on rainy days.

Outdoor power can be used to easily operate landscaping tools such as electric lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and washing machines. Electric grills, mini fridges and stereos are easy to use in the outdoor areas, from the playground. They come in handy when it comes time to put up Christmas lights in your home and around your property. In this post we will finish some lighting projects. To do this, we will install an electrical outlet on the side of the building to supply power to our transformer. Goodbye extension cord.

First things first: download the license. If your city or town allows you to do electrical work, there’s no reason not to get a license. It took five minutes to file and a week to get my license approved, and it only cost $36. When I finish the job, I call my city’s building office and they send an electrical inspector to inspect my work. Even if you’re a professional DIYer and you know you’re doing it right, getting a license gives you and future owners peace of mind that all fireworks are electronically processed for organization and inspection.

First, let’s carefully look at the outdoor installation, find the general area where we want to install the outlet, and then find something outside that we can penetrate inside the house that we can use. For this, I want the outlet to be at the bottom of the transformer. You can see our house’s main electrical outlet about two feet to the right of where I want the outlet. I had to dig a hole from inside the house, all I had to do was locate the main power cable and drill a two foot hole to the right of it (within sight).

What Is The Minimum Height For An Exterior Receptacle Outlet?

Transformers and electricity meters. Note that the large 200 amp cable enters the house under the meter. It was huge with black putty around it.

While we were in the basement, I located the 200 amp cable and marked a spot two feet to the right of it. I use my cordless drill to drill a small 1/4 inch diameter hole in the outside of the wood. The point of this small hole should be placed near the outside.

A 200 amp cable is above the breaker box. Then I moved the insulation to the right. Remember to use gloves, insulation is irritating.

Now that the smaller hole is drilled from the inside, I know where to place the larger hole from the outside. Drilling all the way in from the inside works well, however, you will end up with a broken side. By drilling the end from the outside, you are sure the side won’t break. There will be a little shock in the house, but since the structure is in wood that no one will see, it’s okay.

Power To The Pumps

I used a 3/4″ spade bit to make the hole large enough for the 14 gauge cable to pass through.

I pulled enough wire to go through the box and there is a lot of slack here about 2 feet away.

Now I will prepare the electrical box which will be connected at home. I stock all the external electronics for this project at a hardware store that includes everything you need except the wires. It comes with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet. A GFCI outlet should be used for anything outside (or near water such as kitchen sinks, countertops, vanities). When a GFCI outlet detects a ground fault, it automatically shuts off power to any equipment plugged into it. So, if it gets wet in the rain outside, it won’t hurt anyone, it will go outside.

The electrical box needs straps on the back depending on whether it is horizontal or vertical. I mount mine horizontally.

Diy Outdoor Lighting And Outlet

Mini bracket in place. Take some lip balm. The box has three holes that can be used to feed wire into the box. I would use the opposite. The other two are plugged.

Now the electronic device is ready, we will install it at home. Pull the wire out of the hole through the holes drilled in the back and middle box and pull it into the housing using the two outer positions. Disconnect the outer wires, then strip the insulation from the black and white wires.

Here you can hire a professional electrician or follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the GFCI outlet. Good luck!

Explosives have been removed to reveal a wire with an outer box closed lid.

Take The Power Outdoors With Exterior Electrical Outlets

The outer box comes with a clear cover. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the box. The exterior of the box rests only on long-standing box nails. Once in place, the screws are tight.

Now that the exterior is on, pop on the clear lid and ring. Before we seal the exterior of this job, seal around the box where it meets the house with clear or colored exterior-grade silicone caulk. The bag will prevent water and insects from entering the box and home.

Additionally, the outer cover has a slot in the plastic that allows the cord to be inserted into the outlet and keeps the cover closed. Now is a good time to break it.

Disclaimer: Our Home From Scratch is a website that chronicles our home improvement adventures. While these activities are often taught, there may be errors or omissions in them. This website should not be used as a source of home improvement information. Any work like that described on this website should be attempted with the help of professionals and with utmost care. Always follow local laws. Neither the business owner nor our landlord accepts any responsibility for injury, death or damage caused by trying anything found on this site. The kitchen has all the appliances you need to cook and entertain in your backyard. Because of this, it needs a power station and outlet to meet its cooking needs.

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