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How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt – Good morning! Today is Frugal Friday! This thrifted skirt vanity dresser garage sale was so much fun to work on and I’m excited to see how it turns out! But the procrastination of documents is another battle.

The dining table was at a garage sale 7 years ago. My father-in-law closed the table and I painted, but I always wanted to complete the collection of a nice skirt.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

But like the shell of the bench, the garment waited patiently to be completed. The table was usable. But because the card was covered, I just wanted to not end the way.

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I was happily thinking about garden projects as I splurged this week. Vanity cleaning the table, I decided to finally finish!

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

Since I didn’t want to buy anything (I’m on a schedule until the sewing room is cleaned out) and I didn’t have a great solid color to match our room, I thought I could use fabric scraps. I wear a jacket made of beautiful fabrics, like crazy leather. How much use there is in these pieces!

Also, originally there were economic haircuts. Years ago I made one for Christmas for my nephew using fabric patterns. Background books are free (or under $5) and filled with fun little pieces.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

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Even if you use wallpaper patterns – wash and dry everything with old cloths, because some patterns shrink. I also emptied the dryer trap often – it was so full.

This type of fabric is fun. Along with the fabric there were some squares that I didn’t use and the quilting with the quilting sale. Some objects are easy to stack, like apples, Pooh and Winnie the Pooh!

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

I had some paintings for sale, but the colors weren’t right. They worked well as templates for the jacket. My template is 30 inches tall and 36 inches wide, but I only need to go halfway around the dresser since it is between the cabinet and the dresser.

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I also supported the tablecloth when I was deciding how much fabric to choose. Double width fabric is too full, but 1 1/2 times the width was the right amount.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

It was, I assure you, too much fun choosing the fabric and the little embellishments they used. Just like when I make t-shirt quilts, I’ve been playing with fabric placement for a long time. The whole project took 2 1/2 days, but the first 1/2 day was spent moving and changing fabric pieces! Yes, it was fun!

I wondered if the crazy pattern of the movie was too crazy, so I found a long, solid color at the hemline, and a sharp hem at the top to help tie the look together.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

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After the boards I finally glued together the long straight SUO near the top edge. I put in long threads, then it’s easy to pull one of the threads gently and make a fabric of sage.

My word for the day is mild – some of the fabric patterns are thick and the first thread broke right away. Oh well, I just gently pulled everything apart and put it together. He collects the pins in other projects, sewing them through the tape to keep them; At this time, it just sticks a lot. It worked well, I don’t usually pin – but I’m out of tape!

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

A clamped center board of rigid fabric to the center of the peak helped to trim the piece when the seam was pulled out. It also made it easier for me to get collections.

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So I cut the tight bottom to fit the frosted edge. If I were to do it again, I would make one long board and then split it in half. It’s not too difficult and usually straight to trim – but one part will definitely be easier.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

Once the fabric panels are finished, it’s easy to apply to the chest of drawers. I have only one wooden arm that is open to the front of the farmer. This is where you attach the tables. I tried to attach the other arm, but the hole was exposed and I didn’t want to look for bigger screws.

So I fixed the boards on the edge of the summit of vanity. The skirt doesn’t open either with the arms, but I can get under each of the panels. It’s good for me – I rarely go under the table, it’s more for storage.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

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Unfortunately, in my haste to pin the first panel and see how it looked (so cute!) I forgot the bottom edge.

I used some velcro on the inside curve, but the rest of the panel is attached to the smallest panels with nails, every 2 or 3 inches. The future is not beaten.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

Then I tried to press the hem and sew it by hand. But working on the ground is not good! I finally worked to get the fabric right.

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Finally I moved to the table, finally I could see! When I first moved, it was easy to miss the steel frame so it was just the floor. Then I can sew quickly by running it by hand. I’m not sure how the dressers do the hems, but I used long seams – so at least one inch between the seams. It must work because it is rarely washed – it is attached to the dressing table!

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

It looks nice next to the dresser and the rug is not too full because it is narrow from the bed

I’m excited to use up some fabric scraps and finally finish the dresser for our bedroom.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

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In fact, going through the divisions and deciding what to use was so much fun that I needed to find a few more fabric projects.

I hope you’ll join me at Food or Sex Frugi this summer – it’ll be fun, just as long as I’m not trying to work the floor! Lacini dough and glass dough.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

In this post, I’m sharing how I transformed two simple round metal tables from IKEA into gorgeous, luxurious designer edge tables!

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When we were decorating our first house in Charlotte, NC, the budget was tight (as usual) and we needed sideboards that could work in a living room or bedroom. Ikea was nearby and it was budget friendly, so I got some Lindwed round tables in white metal. They are simple and beautiful with classic curved legs. But now in my “big girl” house I’m ready to upgrade.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for my money to grow a tree, so I don’t think I’ll invest in a mahogany leaf that’s still dripping with a Pembroke leaf. Enter traditional decor’s best friend’s furniture…the lace table!

I replaced the Ikea Lindwed tables with a beautiful green and white moiré fabric mass in a timeless traditional looking skirt that coordinates better with the great millennial decor in our living room. I love the color and texture they bring to a room.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

The Skirted Table: Get The Look On A Budget

! And you’ll be right if you buy direct from Ballards (price around $300) or for a ridiculously priced designer fabric. But there are a couple of ways to make a skirt look like a skirt without spending a fortune.

#1 Use a round table already in your home or find a cheap one at a thrift store or IKEA.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

To calculate table diameter, add height (from floor to table top) + table top diameter + height (from floor to table top)

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If you want to make a custom fabric, you need to know how much to buy from the fabric. Calculated:

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

101.40″/36″ (number of inches on the rod) = 2.81 yards and round to the nearest yard

3 meters high to create a 72″ diameter rug that extends from the floor over the table top to the floor.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

Box Pleat Sink Skirt @ Sukoto69 :: 痞客邦 ::

If you want a custom shirt and need fabric, check out this post on my favorite cheap fabric sources.

I hope this post shows you that upgrading stuff doesn’t mean you always have to throw out the old stuff. You can be creative and transform them into luxury pieces. A side table is an elegant piece of furniture for any room that adds style and color.

How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

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How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt

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