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How To Make A Resin Table – Epoxy resin beach table is a wonderful and unique part of the room. Want to make one of these unique “river” pattern tables, but don’t know how? In this tutorial we show you a step by step guide – how to make your own resin flow table! With the right instructions, it’s not as difficult as it seems! Follow these simple instructions and tips to create your first beach table!

The Resin Beach Table is a unique piece of furniture made from resin and planks. The idea to create a table looks from the USA, in recent years this idea has spread all over the world! The unique table setting looks luxurious, modern and vibrant. This resin wood table will look amazing in your office, bedroom, home or workplace – restaurant.

How To Make A Resin Table

How To Make A Resin Table

So let’s talk about the difference between wood and resin paint. The unique thing about these vessels made of resin and wood is that everyone can decide what kind of beach table they want. There is no such thing as a wooden table even from factories and shops. Each unique beach table has different design details such as neutral color scheme, unique shape and strong color. On the crystal clear beach table you can put different things like balls, cards, money, paper, sand or photos. The imagination is endless!

How To Make A Epoxy Resin Tabletop

Decide what type of beach table and size you want to make and choose the right one from this list. Some tables are cheaper than others such as coffee tables. Don’t think you have to have all the products on this list to make a beautiful epoxy resin table.

How To Make A Resin Table

The choice of wood is a very important factor in creating a beautiful epoxy beach table. It is worth buying expensive natural wood for your artwork. It is better to make a high and long-lasting table than cheap and ugly furniture that breaks easily.

For the epoxy resin beach table, you should choose wood or wood from the trunk (at least 1.5 – 1.7 inches). The appearance of your work will be very interesting if the piece of wood has natural bark. There are many different stores where you can get wood panels from lumberjacks, furniture makers, carpenter shops, or even the internet. You can also buy two beautiful frames at a DIY store that bend slightly in one direction and twist into the shape you want. Before you start working on the trunk, do not forget that the trunk must be 100% dry.

How To Make A Resin Table

Diy Glow In The Dark Resin Table

Note: It is worth investing more in equipment. If you want to create a beautiful wooden table for yourself, you will spend a lot of time and effort. It is recommended to buy good quality wood from a trusted woodworker or store.

Epoxy resin is very sensitive, when you mix these things – resin and hardener will trigger a chemical reaction, change it from a liquid mixture into a solid. Good working conditions must be created before working with resin. Temperature, humidity and cold are factors for the success of your project. Hot temperatures can affect the drying time of the resin – it will cure quickly. Although resin reacts to temperature effects, it is very important to know the temperature that works best. The optimum processing temperature is 23-30C or 70-85F. Temperatures below 20 degrees or 68F make the mixture too thick and full of bubbles.

How To Make A Resin Table

If you store your resin items in a cold room, unpleasant bubbles will quickly appear in the resin. These small balls are not easy to remove, a propane hose or air dryer will be a free solution.

Austin Wood And Epoxy Resin River Dining Table In Austin Tx

A dust-free, dry and well-ventilated workshop space is also critical to the success of your work. Dust can cause the resin to harden.

How To Make A Resin Table

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Bark, knots, rotten spots or other remaining bark must be carefully removed. You want to keep your table as clean as possible without any hard, soft or rotten wood. Sand in the mouth with paper or a simple tool – chisel or hammer.

How To Make A Resin Table

Custom Black Walnut Epoxy River Dining Table

Clean tiles and stainless steel wheels, it removes all the soft wood and keeps the hard wood. This will allow the epoxy resin to bond properly to the wood later.

Use an eccentric sander or orbital sander for larger surfaces. Start with 80 grit and work up to 220 grit. After each use, remove all dust. The tree must be completely cleaned of all the remains. Use a cleaner and wipe off all dirt with a microfiber cloth.

How To Make A Resin Table

All uneven areas and cracked holes will be filled with epoxy resin. Can be filled with epoxy resin or non-pigmented crystal clear resin. Seal the edges with a strong and stable adhesive tape to remove the loose and hard to reach area around the edges. This will stop the resin from flowing over the sides.

Stunning River Tables, Resin River Tables And Resin Tables

We always recommend sealing it with a quick drying resin. It prevents any defects that may occur from mixing paint and wood. After the crack has completely healed, seal the wood with transparent resin. It will generously cover the entire plant surface including the top. This small detail prevents the fire. After marking, let it dry for at least 5-6 hours at 17°C to 24°C.

How To Make A Resin Table

After the mixture is completely cured, the inside part is a little hard, which is finally in contact with the cast resin. Do it by hand on paper, the epoxy will bond well to the edges. Use a silicone adhesive brush or a fiberglass brush. Just do it with the edge touching the resin.

As we begin any project, we always build a model to help us visualize the end result. It doesn’t need to be anything special, you can use a simple 1×1 piece. You can move or play with your model by moving and rotating your tiles, and add other pieces to see how it looks.

How To Make A Resin Table

Resin Geode Table

Another option will be the material used to make MDF in the length of the wood and the size of the table. This process must be carefully measured. You don’t want to create bad mold. 14-16mm MDF center and bottom, sides and area and 10-12mm on the table top. The side parts are connected with a special hot glue or glued together.

Once you’ve finished using the MDF board. It’s time to remove the sanitary silicone to seal the part. This work must be done carefully to ensure that the shape of the bone is 100% solid, otherwise the mixture will flow in the corner.

How To Make A Resin Table

Now fill in the release element in the finished object. Carefully remove the table top from the mold without damaging it. Resin can stick to the MDF board after baking and damage your mold. Cover the mold with liquid release wax or use glue and masking tape to cover the entire mold. Another option is silicone spray or Teflon spray. The work area where the repair is installed must be fixed!

How To Make Your Own Diy Epoxy Resin Table

Once the mold is complete, you are ready to insert the wood into the material. Place the wood in the position you want to put on the finished table and fix it with a similar clamp. Remember that the mold must be 100% in balance, otherwise the resin may come off. To ensure that the materials do not float during the first layer, use heavy materials. For a small floating table, you can use something heavy like a rock or a gym.

How To Make A Resin Table

Remember that all attached parts are in contact with the resin. A layer of colored resin will keep the plate in place where it will start to cure, you don’t need to soak the plate in anything. We always recommend putting a silicone stopper on the wood at the edge of the hole to prevent the resin from sticking to the table. Do not pull the block close to the edge, with at least 0.8 – 1 cm (0.4 – 0.5 inches) or 2 – 2.2 cm (0.8 – 0.9 inches) away from the inner edge.

Measure and calculate the right amount of epoxy resin for your project. Baltic resin resin is a ratio of 1:1, add about two spoons of color for each cup and mix well for at least 5-7 minutes. Use a bucket large enough for resin collection.

How To Make A Resin Table

Diy Resin River Coffee Table

Remember to mix it with a drill bit, which will trap more air while mixing. However, the mixer will make the best combination of the ingredients. Once the epoxy is thoroughly mixed, wait 6-10 minutes for air to rise over the work surface.

The recommended amount is 1g of pigment for every 1-5oz of epoxy, depending on the color you want to achieve. Continue adjusting the amount of pigment added to the mixture until you

How To Make A Resin Table

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