How To Build A Bbq Table

How To Build A Bbq Table – Hello friends! Remember the DIY storage pots I built with my besties at Simpson Strong-Tie? I also just made a DIY Kamado grill to go with it! Can you believe I won this awesome Kamado grill from The Home Depot last year? I know, I couldn't believe my ridiculous luck; please don't hate it. I love you, I will cook you things on this grill.

I loved these black powder coated Accents Outdoor™ that Strong-Tie just released and now I want to build EVERYTHING with them! They are really beautiful and functional. Who knew hardware could look so good? Simpson Strong-Tie, that's who. Can you tell who sponsors this post? 😉

How To Build A Bbq Table

How To Build A Bbq Table

But seriously, I'm so excited to share my latest DIY Simpson Strong-Tie project with you. This building has been on my list for over a year. Good to go, Jen. #to win

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I chose to use rough cut cedar for this project. I ripped and planed all my boards before building. Although the cedar looks great on the outside, I applied a few coats of exterior trim to keep that beautiful wood tone. If I had left the wood untreated it would have been a very nice gray color. OK, are you ready to build your own Kamado Grill for your outdoor space?

How To Build A Bbq Table

I wanted to make this DIY Kamado Grill Table design as simple as possible. There are plenty of DIY grilling tables floating around the interwebs that have all the bells and whistles, but there's something to be said for a simple, classic design. I tend to overthink things, so when I designed several different layouts, some included drawers, cabinets and even one with a sliding door, but I kept going back to the basics and stripped the design down to the essentials .

My two biggest concerns about building a wood table for a grill that can exceed 800ºF were 1) would it be strong enough to support a 220 lbs. ceramic grill? and 2) does it spontaneously combust and burn down the whole house? After extensive

How To Build A Bbq Table

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Googling these concerns, I came to the conclusion that people have already built these DIY Kamado grill tables and lived to tell the tale. Wooden Kamado grills are also sold commercially, so I figured my chances of spontaneous combustion or board disintegration were pretty slim.

Another factor that intimidated me was the fact that I was working with cedar, which is more expensive than plain old pine. If you were to build this table out of pine, the cost would have been around $100, but since I chose cedar, my cost doubled. Still, $200 is hundreds less than I would have paid if I had bought my table in a store. Plus, I can design it to fit my space. Just two of the many reasons I do it myself: cost and customization.

How To Build A Bbq Table

I've included all the instructions on the building plans, but I wanted to share how I was able to draw a great circle with a makeshift compass. First I measured the circumference of my grill and then decided to make the opening 24 inches in diameter – plenty of room for the grill. If you have a different size grill, you will want to measure the widest part of the grill and leave a few inches of space.

Picnic Table Plans For The Perfect Backyard Barbecue

Once the table top is built, it's time to mark where the cut circle will be. I found the center of the circle and drilled a screw into it. Then I tied a string to a marker and drew the circle.

How To Build A Bbq Table

All dimensions are on the blueprints: circle diameter is 24 inches, radius is 12 inches. Like me now, seventh grade geometry?

Now let's look at this table and see what happens with this situation. Since this bottom shelf will carry the entire weight of the grill (all 220 pounds of it!), I wanted to make sure it was very strong. I added these 2×4 cross braces underneath for strength and stability.

How To Build A Bbq Table

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I used these Simpson Strong-Tie® Deck-Drive™ DSV exterior wood screws to attach the bottom shelves to the table. Alternatively, you could use the pocket hole here, but I chose to simply drive the screws from the top of the bottom shelf into the brackets and apron 2×4. Since the cedar is very soft, I don't need to use another one. drill bit to connect the screws. I just increased the torque on my drill and drove the screw just below the surface of the wood. I fill it with wood putty to hide the screw head during the finishing process.

Now let's do a very scientific health test, shall we? Between my husband and I, we put about 300 pounds on this table. And confession time: I hide behind it, because I didn't want to bother with a bra, because it stinks so bad here in Texas. Was it TMI? excuse me But seriously, ain't nobody got time for that. I would build a boat if I could, but I think it is frowned upon. Good luck neighbors!

How To Build A Bbq Table

Ok, main concern no. 1 is over. My grill didn't crash on the table. Here's another kind of help, and it might seem like a no-brainer, but I honestly should have thought about it. I asked, how the hell am I going to get this heavy hole grid on the table without a fraction popping out?

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Take the thing out. Loosen the hinge, remove the top, remove the inner tray and guess what. Grilling just got a whole lot easier! duh I know

How To Build A Bbq Table

Ok, let's address main concern #2: spontaneous combustion. From what I've read all over the interwebs, do not – I repeat – DO NOT place the grill directly on a combustible surface (ie combustible surface = wood). I got cobblestones from Home Depot and put the grill on them to absorb some of the heat and protect the table. Make sure the surface you use to absorb the heat doesn't reflect the grill too high so you can still access the removable ashtray below.

We haven't fried it yet (it still stinks too much!) but once I do, I'll let you know my findings. I think everything will be fine based on mine

How To Build A Bbq Table

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* UPDATE: We grilled this table and lived to tell about it! Our barbecue experience was uneventful. The ceramic grill holds the heat so well that the table didn't even feel hot. Huzza! I shared the experience in real time via Instagram Stories: Are we friends on Instagram? Let us be!

So there you have it: DIY Kamado Grill Table. Aren't these outdoor accents beautiful? They can be used structurally, but in this case I use them decoratively because they are so beautiful. They are like jewelry for my table, because let's be honest, we could all use a little bling in our lives, right?

How To Build A Bbq Table

Don't forget to download the building plans above so you can build your own Kamado Grill Table! Thanks for reading, friends! Happy shopping! Get the whole family involved in the summer barbecue by creating a classic American picnic table with built-in benches, or grab one ready-made.

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If you want to set up a folding table and chairs for your barbecue guests, party planners say you'll need 10 square feet per person to create enough access. Do it on the deck or in the middle of the patio, and your 4th of July celebration will get so chaotic that it might end up with the wrong kind of fireworks.

How To Build A Bbq Table

A classic picnic table with attached benches is the perfect solution. This patio and park staple, with side-by-side dining and climbing seating, works on all terrains, allowing you to climb off the deck and onto the lawn.

You can buy one of the ready-made options that are offered in a variety of materials that do not harm the exterior. But if you are like many

How To Build A Bbq Table

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Readers, you'll probably want to gather wood and strong bolts into one large enough to seat the entire trunk.

Either way, you end up with family-style seating that leaves plenty of room for the dog to run around while you wait for the first hot dog to come down.

How To Build A Bbq Table

Get the latest news, tips, trusted hacks and clever DIY projects from our experts straight to your inbox. Learn how to easily build a DIY BBQ that is mobile, functional and stylish! With summer officially here, it's the perfect time to grill and build a DIY BBQ to help make grilling easier! It would also work well as an outdoor DIY trailer for entertaining! We built this grill table cart for Brandon's dad, so it makes a great gift idea too! Below you will find the full tutorial, plans and video tutorial. FINAL GRILL CAR DIMENSIONS: 22 3/4″ W x 39 1/2″ L x 34″ H* * You can adjust the height of this cart by using different wheels or by adjusting the tar cuts: the your 2×3 legs if you prefer a longer or shorter work surface. Our current installed 2″ wheel measurements are 2 1/2″ tall. Alternatively,

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