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How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail – Spreadsheets are a very neat and clean way to report data and statistics in an organized way. Usually, if you want to email some data from a spreadsheet stored in a file (such as Google Docs, MS Word, or MS Excel), you attach the entire file to the email. What if you want to insert a table into text in Gmail? Unfortunately, the Gmail editor does not have the ability to create a table.

Fortunately, you can use other tools to import a table and place it in the body of a Gmail email. In this article, I will explain step by step two simple methods to insert a table in your Gmail email address.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

To insert a table directly into your Gmail email, you must first draw the required table in any text editor (Google Doc, MS Word) or spreadsheet (Google Sheets, MS Excel) of your choice. I will be using Google Docs for presentation purposes.

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Step 1: In Google Docs, click the “Insert” menu, then point to the “Table” option from the drop-down menu and select the table you want to insert.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

Step 2: Fill the table with the required data and specify the column and row headings. You need to make the table as perfect as possible because the editing options after pasting the table in Gmail are limited. Gmail will allow you to modify the table entries, but not the table structure.

Step 3: Once you’re happy with the table, select the entire table, right-click on it, and select “Copy” from the drop-down menu or press Ctrl+C.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

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Step 4: Now go to Gmail and “compose” a new email. Place the cursor where you want to insert the desired table and insert the table by right-clicking and selecting Paste or pressing Ctrl+V. The table will be inserted in the desired position.

If you regularly use a table in your email text with Gmail, it may be more convenient to have a dedicated tool for this instead of having to copy and paste all the time. One such specialized tool is CloudHQ’s Gmail Table, available as a Google Chrome extension. Just install the Chrome extension and follow the steps below.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

Step 1: Go to Gmail and click “New”. Place your cursor where you want to insert the table and click the new three-dot button next to the Submit button. From the pop-up menu, click Table.

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Step 2: Then you need to add table size, number of rows and columns, headers and their background colors etc. After making these selections, click the “OK” button.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

Step 3: Once the table is entered, you can start entering entries. Columns and rows can be added or deleted as per your requirement.

Gmail does not support inserting tables directly into the body of your email. As a workaround, you can prepare the table outside of Gmail and paste it into your email, or you can install and use a special Google Chrome extension for this purpose. If you often use tables in your email, it would be a good idea to use the Google Chrome extension, as it is more convenient, flexible and powerful.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

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Karrar has been writing about all things Google and Windows for over 8 years, with a strong focus on improving security and finding ways to get more out of our devices. Today I will show you how to create “HTML Emails” and send them. The advantage of doing this with Gmail is that you can create email campaigns and then edit and send them directly in Gmail as a campaign or as part of a regular email. correspondence.

If you take the HTML and paste it “raw” into Gmail’s compose window, it won’t render anything else – it’ll just appear as HTML. Therefore, HTML itself will not help shape the size or appearance of your email.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

My favorite technique is #2 because it gives me the most control and doesn’t require extensions. Every extension you add to Gmail makes the interface a little better.

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Gmail’s compose window does not inherently allow HTML editing “behind” messages. This is unlike an email service provider like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, where you can edit raw HTML. So below trick is the way to bypass this Gmail limitation.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

Once your HTML is written, the process is basically a matter of copying and pasting. Create the page in HTML, load it in your browser, copy the browser’s content, and then paste it into Gmail’s compose window. By “rendered” HTML, I mean how HTML looks in a browser with colors, fonts, and images.

For this example, I’m using sample HTML adapted for our purposes. HTML can be written directly or generated using an HTML authoring tool. Gmail is a bit picky about what HTML it will allow in its emails, so here are some important guidelines:

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

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CSS (eg

) as well as CSS embedded in the header. For more details on exactly what you can and should use in Gmail, check out this page.

Gmail changed its support for CSS in 2016, so older web posts can pretend they don’t support what they actually do. The post I linked has been updated with this change.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

– Some HTML tags may not be supported. This list (which may not be completely up-to-date) shows which HTML tags are supported and which are not.

How To Add A Table To A Gmail Email

– Gmail does not support web fonts. So use the standard fonts they provide, or if you want a different font for something like a logo, create an image of that text. Next, create a link in HTML to a web-hosted image, which is what I did for the “Binkman’s Books” logo in my example email below.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

– All images must be hosted somewhere online – cannot be included in an email. You can host the image on Imgur, Amazon Web Services, Google Docs (if you can get a direct link to the image), or anywhere else designed to host images.

– Using tables to organize the display of content is the recommended way for HTML emails.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

How To Add A Table To An Email In Gmail

– Google Docs can be problematic to compile. Although there are tutorials on using Google Docs to create HTML emails without coding, when I tried them I found that what appeared in Google Docs did not appear in the email (for example, something that was in the middle in Google Docs) that remained in the e-mail. were suitable).

– Don’t complicate yourself. Since what Gmail accepted was a little unpredictable, it’s best to keep things pretty simple when it comes to HTML (Probably a good idea from the recipient’s point of view, too. Nobody needs overly complicated emails. ) Keeping things simple helps the recipients of your email clients. to render things the way you want, especially when it comes to responsive email design.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

– Create a template. Once the HTML file is formatted, save it as a template outside of Gmail. You can use this template in the future to set up new emails, replacing just a few words, without having to recreate the HTML code to set up your layout, logo. placement, etc.

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– Remember that Gmail is still a work in progress. Gmail is constantly changing, so blog posts or online replies from years ago are already outdated. If you’re researching how to do things with HTML and Gmail, try to find as much recently written content as possible.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

The HTML email should appear in the new message window. Before sending an email, check (including scrolling down) that everything looks appropriate.

That’s it! The good thing about this approach is that once you save the HTML file as a template, your future HTML emails will look consistent and create a “branded look” for your email. This saves you a lot of time creating new HTML emails and you don’t need to create external CSS files.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

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Of course, this technique can be combined with other uses, such as from a Google Docs spreadsheet or even as part of an automated email sequence.

This trick is to hack Gmail and Chrome. Right-click the Gmail compose window, find the corresponding HTML part of the field element, and then paste the HTML code.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

Chrome then opens and opens a panel that shows the HTML code of the text box and the highlighted section.

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And as soon as I click, the compose window populates with the rendered HTML version.

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

There are a number of Chrome extensions that add a sophisticated HTML editor to Gmail’s compose window so you can edit HTML behind the scenes in an easy-to-use way. For option 2, you

HTML editing

How To Add Table In Gmail Compose Mail

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