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How To Build A Epoxy Table – As a woodworker, I have an ever-growing list of projects I want to build at some point in my career…and at the top of that list is a resin flowchart. Although resin flowcharts have been made time and time again, one thing I’ve noticed is that most of these projects are done with industrial tools in department stores. So I decided to challenge myself to make one using handheld power tools and accessories that can be found at my local home improvement store. Even cooler, to do this I teamed up with my amazing friends at Bernzomatic and got to work!

Here’s the thing… you don’t need a fully equipped industrial workshop to make cool stuff. In fact, I originally wanted to create this project with three power tools (circular saw, drill, and sander), but I made a mistake with the molding and ended up using an electric hand planer as well. But, if you can’t keep your resin under your plates, you can totally remove it using three power tools for this project!

How To Build A Epoxy Table

How To Build A Epoxy Table

I also added black pigment to make the river look jet black. You can choose any pigment you want!

Diy Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

14. Next I made sure my slabs were level and then poured the epoxy depth into the channel opening and any cracks that needed to be filled. Be sure to follow the instructions on your resin container to know how deep you can pour in one go. I was a bit ambitious and my resin shrank as it hardened, so be careful!

How To Build A Epoxy Table

15. After pouring the resin, I used my Bernzomatic B4500 heat shrink torch for large areas to remove as many bubbles from the resin as possible. This is important because I don’t want the resin to harden with bubbles.

I then kept an eye on the pour and occasionally used my Bernzomatic ST2200 hobby and a home detail torch to pop random bubbles as it hardened.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

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16. Since my resin is a bit wrinkled, I want to come back to the project a day later and repeat steps 13-15 until I’m happy with the depth of my pour.

17. After letting the resin cure according to the label of the product I used, I then removed the mold from the table tops.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

18. At this point I realized I had a big leak at the bottom of the plate so I used my electric hand planer to remove most of the resin.

Epoxy Coffee Table Master Class

19. Next I used a sander to smooth the rest of the table. I started with 120 grit sandpaper and worked up to 400 grit before finishing the table.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

I still can’t believe I made this table with a tool I found at my local hardware store! Looks like it came out of a legit carpentry shop!

I can’t wait to push the boundaries of my little shop a bit more and see what I can do! Until then, folks… Happy crafting! Brass Hammer Bow Tie Jig Table Leg Bundle Wine Glass Table Leg Jig Wishbone Table Leg Jig N3 – Nano Finish

How To Build A Epoxy Table

How To Make A Diy Epoxy Resin Table

This wood panel kitchen island was one of my biggest woodworking projects to date. This was also my first kitchen island/counter project woo! Made of sin…

Depending on how much time you want to spend or how much money you want to save, some of these tools can be omitted or replaced in one way or another. So don’t think you HAVE to have everything on this list to make a resin table. I say they make it easy.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

I always start my project by building a model to help me visualize my finished table. Your model doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I usually use a few old 1×1″ pieces I have around. For better visualization, build your pattern so that the inside of the pattern is the size of your finished table.

How To: Make A Stunning Wooden Table With Glow In The Dark Resin Infill

Once you have your template, take your time choosing a layout. Even if you think you know exactly how you want to orient it, take a few minutes and play around with other ideas by moving your tiles, rotating your tiles, or adding other pieces to see how it looks. You might surprise yourself. I have no shame and I do this in my plate supplier showroom. I got some funny looks the first few times I did it, but now I’ve gotten used to it.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

I have a main rule for choosing an amazing layout. No straight edges. Why? Because trees don’t grow on perfectly straight edges and rivers don’t run perfectly straight. When we build one of these tables, we try to imitate nature as best we can. And a section where Seeger cuts off a limb won’t look good. You might think you can just add to your natural edge by cutting it to replicate a natural curve. However, in my opinion, they never seem right. The reason for this is that all natural curves in the tree have corresponding natural curves in the grain. If we try to mimic the curve without the proper bone, it will look like we rigged it, which we did. This can be a big inconvenience, especially if you only have one or two plates and they both have straight cuts.

Other than avoiding straight edges, I don’t have hard and fast rules. I don’t have large areas of exposed resin if I can help it (it looks funny and costs a lot of money). So ideally I like to match a piece with another piece that revolves around the same area. In this way, in the most natural way, it imitates a real river. If you’re stuck with your design, I’ve found inspiration in the past by looking at aerial photos of real rivers. This can be particularly useful when adding islands to your river or other fragments to mimic a beach, for example.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

Epoxy River Tables & Reverse River Tables For Sale

Once your layout is complete, mark your shape on the boards with chalk or pencil. I mark my lines 2″ along the length and width. This way I have an inch of room for error on each side. I am required to get my customers measurements exactly. If you or your client can go a little under, you chances are your marks will be a little closer to the finished size.

One of my funniest builds lately, hope you like it! Click this link to join That Wood Life and share what you’re working on:…

How To Build A Epoxy Table

How to Make a Modern Solid Wood and Epoxy Desk I just finished this walnut and resin desk I made for my dad. You often have to know…

Epoxy Coffee Table Custom 45 X 28 Walnut Ocean Blue

I have a pretty good store for a one man operation. So I had the chance to buy tools that your average bricklayer wouldn’t be able to justify. One of these tools is a Festool chainsaw. Although it facilitates certain jobs such as the cutting of these slabs, it is not essential. I would like to see some kind of circular but you have to think about it. You could potentially do this with just a jigsaw or even a handsaw, but that would be much more difficult.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

Whether you use a jigsaw, jigsaw, or regular circular saw, simply cut along the lines you marked. Don’t worry about making them absolutely perfect. The table is cut to its final size after the epoxy is poured. However, the more clean, straight cuts you can make, the less epoxy you will waste.

You should make your table only with good, hard wood. No soft or rotten wood. Unfortunately, the really cool pieces for such tables often have rotten spots, big knot holes, or other parts that need to be dealt with. The good news is that when working with epoxy, you can always fill a void or low spot with resin.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

How To Make Your Own Diy Epoxy Resin Table

For bark and really soft spots, a dull chisel and hammer are all you need. Go to town until you have plenty. However, my favorite tool for cleaning plates is an angle grinder with a stainless steel wheel. One of the reasons I like the angle grinder and wire wheel is that it removes all the soft wood and leaves all the hard wood. I also use smaller nylon wheels attached to my drill for hard to reach places. The Porter Cable Restorer is also a great tool for the money. Their stainless steel impeller is aggressive enough to extract rotten wood. While their nylon wheel is delicate enough to remove light objects without even marking the wood. FYI, the stainless steel rollers of the grinder and restorer will leave strong marks on the wood.

I’ve heard nutshell blasting is the best way to go, but it’s a tool I haven’t been able to add to the arsenal yet.

How To Build A Epoxy Table

This step is subject to discussion. I have spoken to some very good resin table builders who have chosen to skip this step.

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