How To Make A Dining Table Top

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How To Make A Dining Table Top – We share all about how to build a DIY concrete dining table and how you can learn from our mistakes!

When we remodeled our kitchen last year, a small breakfast area was also part of the overall remodeling plan. We removed the formal dining room when we expanded the kitchen, so we were left with bar stools at the kitchen island and a breakfast nook.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

How To Make A Dining Table Top

The existing breakfast room was very small. It’s hard to fit more than a 4 person table and even then it was tight. Also because we added a coffee bar where the pantry was in that room we need a walk around table.

Diy Concrete Dining Table Top And Dining Set Makeover

So it made sense to build banquette seating here to make the most of the space we have! Beach seating allowed us to move a table to create a walkway to the cafe. It also allowed us to install a larger table with more seating.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

However, since we incorporated the banquette seating into the existing space, it required a custom-sized table. A concrete table felt like the perfect solution because we could easily make it the exact size we needed!

However, another reason why concrete feels complete is that it has brought another texture to the space. We have a lot of wood around, with benches, floors and built in cabinets… so the black concrete adds the perfect amount of contrast.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Extension Dining Table

If you want to build your own concrete dining table, I highly suggest ordering the supplies below from Concrete Countertop Solutions! They have many useful tools and their compounds and sealants are of the highest quality!

They also have a very detailed video guide that shows the entire process. It’s about how to build a concrete slab, but most of the same steps apply to building a freestanding table!

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Keep reading for the full tutorial below and see how to avoid the big mistake we made a week ago when building our concrete table!

Build A Farmhouse Table

Building our frame was so easy because we chose the package of prefab shapes from Concrete Countertop Solutions. Package includes twelve 8 ft (96 linear ft) reusable precast pieces, approximately 4 mm x 2 in x 1.5 in thick.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

You can use these patterns to create a pattern for your countertop (or if you’re doing your concrete countertop off-site). They can be used to make 1.5″ or 2″ moldings that can be attached or attached with 2-way polyester mounting tape.

We screwed the edges of the template directly into the melamine board, leaving room for the exact size of the dining table top.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Diy Retrofitted Dining Table Top

Make sure your frame is on a flat and solid surface. Concrete is very hard and you don’t want the melamine board to bend or bend when you add the concrete to the form.

Later it turned out that our support shown in the picture above was not enough. When the weight of the concrete is added, the melamine board is relaxed in the middle. We have to put support under the center to level the table. Place a third saw horse in the middle or a few 2×4 boards under the molding to support the molding.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

When you have finished making the model, add silicone sealing tape to the mold seams. Use your fingers to smooth the nail. This will help you round the corners and edges of your table a little so that they are not so sharp. This also helps them not crack or break easily. It is important to make a smooth, even transition from the silicone to the melamine/plastic edge. Imperfections and rough transitions will stand out in the final mold. It is not recommended to try to get rid of the stains for reasons explained later in this post.

Signature Design By Ashley Dining Room Bolanburg Dining Table Top D647 55t

Z Liqui-Crete concrete additive and spot mix (shown in the picture above) and then we mixed the concrete into it. For the mix, we used Kuikrete Sand/Topping Mix from Home Depot, adding Z Liquid-Crete Mixture and Black Stain Powder from Concrete Countertop Solutions. Follow the directions on the bag for how much water to add (and wear a mask!)

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Z Liqui-Crete Additive Mix contains a proprietary blend of specially formulated additives and ultra-fine acrylic fibers that will transform a standard 60-pound bag of sand-concrete mix into a high-strength, flowable concrete mix. Which makes it stronger and easier to iron.

S eclipse chalk and one box of coloring powder. If using a cart, only mix one bag at a time and be sure to mix the water and stain well with a shovel or you will end up with stain in the mixture.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Piece Dining Table Set, Modern Style Wood Table Top Dining Table Set With Bench And Metal Frame, Breakfast Nook Dining Room Set, Dining Set For 4, Kitchen Living Dining Room Furniture,

For our table, which is 36′ by 83′ by 2′, we used about 3-4 bags of concrete mix.

Once the concrete was mixed, we poured half of it into the frame (we used a trowel) and then added some reinforcement. At this point it is really useful to move the concrete around the table to release as many bubbles as possible and ensure a smooth transition from the mold to the concrete. This is the key to achieving a smooth top on your pattern.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

This was a long table, with no support (legs) in the middle of the table and long edges above the supports, so we wanted to make sure it would be strong enough. We didn’t want to risk it cracking or falling apart.

Manhattan Round Glass Dining Table

We added two different materials to make it stronger. The first was the reinforcement with concrete slabs made of concrete slabs. We cut a piece a little smaller than the size of the table top and lay it flat on the concrete.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

The other reinforcement was a few pieces of 3/8″ rebar. Connect the rebar with a string. You can also use scrap paper cut to the size of your table.

After the reinforcements are placed, we poured the remaining half of the concrete mixture on top. We made sure that the grid and armature were not too close to the surface to leave visible prints after the table dried.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Diy Round Farmhouse Table With Free Plans

Hint!! Make sure you don’t put concrete on top of the screw holes when filling the form! We did and it’s hard to remove the screws!

Once you have all the concrete mix in the form, use a board with a straight edge (such as a 2 by 4) to level the concrete. It helps to work in motion as a saw. Go back over it once or twice to make sure it’s level and all the holes are filled.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

This is a very important step to ensure that the underside of the concrete form is smooth by releasing any air bubbles trapped inside. Any air bubbles near the surface of the mold will appear as pinholes in the finished table surface when you lightly sand before finishing. We used a rubber mallet and hammer and pounded on the table for about 30-45 minutes (I know that sounds like a lot, but again, this step is very important). We also used a palm sander to vibrate it around all sides and the bottom to try to get the tiniest bubbles.

Brown X Base Glass Top Dining Set

After you have vibrated it completely, go back to the top (which will be the bottom) with a concrete trowel or this magnesium float to smooth it. Technically, this will be the bottom of the table so it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, but you will want it to be smooth and flat so it can rest on top of your base.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Wait for the concrete to dry before removing it from the mold. This will take about 3-4 days.

Remove the screws and gently pry the edges of the frame. You can use a screwdriver to pry it out if needed, but watch out for the concrete!

How To Make A Dining Table Top

How To Make A Diy Concrete And Wood Dining Table Top

We didn’t do a great job of scraping the underside of the concrete, so we ended up using an angle grinder to take off the sharp edges on the underside of the table.

Turn the concrete slab. Be very careful not to scratch any of the concrete viewing surfaces while turning the concrete. For our table, it was difficult for 3 men to turn the table without scratching it.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

Use an orbital sander (or sand by hand in a “figure 8” motion) to smooth the top. Build your way up from 220 to 600 grit sandpaper. The more sand, the more aggregate you expose, and it’s up to you! Be safe! A lot of sanding will reveal bubbles just below the surface. Minimal sanding is recommended.

The Dining Room Design Guide

If you have small holes along the edge or at the top that you want to fill, you can use this counter patch product. Stir to make a mixture and apply with your fingers or putty. Use a damp sponge to remove excess. When dry (about 1-6 hours), sand smooth surfaces.

How To Make A Dining Table Top

When sanding, use a damp microfiber cloth

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