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How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair – Hampton Base is a popular brand of patio chairs sold at Home Depot and we have 6 sets. Unfortunately, in the Southern California sun, the fabric on these chairs wears out after a few years. At this point, the choice is to throw away the hips or replace the sling fabric. This post is about how to replace the fabric on a patio chair fairly cheaply.

I’m not an environmentalist by any means, however, one thing that bothers me is how dismissive Americans are that in many cases repairs are difficult and products from places like China are cheap. Our patio chairs can be completely replaced for $500.

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

The basic problem with our hips is the wear and tear of the fabric called the sling. We needed new slings and I decided how difficult it would be to replace them. I looked at several replacement sites and saw $50-$60 per chair. Considering you can buy a new chair for around $80, it seems like a great option for the landfill.

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Then I came across the Sailright site which has full instructions and videos Unlike other options, Sailright doesn’t cut and sew the fabric for you, they send you rolls of fabric After watching the video and calculating the cost, I realized that with Sailrite you can about six chairs. In other words, save up to $250 by ordering a specific sling

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

The problem was, I didn’t know how to sew, and Sailright’s 30-minute video made it difficult. However, after watching the video, I realized that installing the sling to the hip is the hardest part, even if you order a precut and a sling, this is a step that needs to be done. Slings from pre-cut companies come with minimal instructions that make the process deceptively simple. I knew it wouldn’t be easy

I decided to take the plunge and order from Silright since my daughter has a sewing machine and has taken sewing classes so I thought she might be able to help. I’m so glad it gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill, sewing, I saved a lot of money and after a learning curve where the first chair took about an hour, I was able to make the next five chairs in 30 minutes. . I guess the hard part is gluing the fabric to the hip, not cutting and sewing

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

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Watching the video is highly recommended, but I’ll highlight some of the key points I found. The first thing is how much fabric you need. It sounds complicated but it’s simple Measure the width and length of your chair and plug it into two sockets. The goal is to see if cutting the fabric lengthwise or widthwise is more effective

If you run the fabric the length of the hip, you will have two hips the width of the fabric. The width of the fabric is 54″ by 54″, so to make this you need a chair 20.5″ wide or less (allowing for seams). The formula is the length in inches + 2 inches divided by the length by 2 is the number of chairs.

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

((length + 2) number of hips) / 2 Divide this final number by 36 to get the number of yards

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In our case the length was 43.5 so there were two for 43.5 and 45.5. 48 times six hips is 273, divided by that is 136.5. Take 144 and divide it by 36 and you get about 3.8, so I need 4 yards of fabric.

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

If your fabric is 52 inches or less, you can sew according to the width of the fabric. The formula is inches wide and six times the number of hips

(Total + 6) Number of Hips Again, divide this final number by 36 to get the number of yards

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

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In our case the width was 18.5 so 24.5 was 18.5 plus 6. 24.5 times 6 hips is 147. That divided by 36 is 4.08. This means 4 yards is not enough, you need 5 meters, so I went with option 1 and ordered 4 meters.

Everything is explained minute by minute in the video. It sounds complicated but it’s actually quite simple. If you’re struggling with the equation here, it’s time to stop and order a pre-cut sling.

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

One thing that is not clearly explained is the need to divide by 36 to get the total yards

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At this point you should order the fabric, the video says about weight per square yard, anything 16oz and under works fine on a home sewing machine. I want a heavy fabric on top. 4 meters I think that’s what I ordered

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

You will need to order the sling chair spline cord along with the fabric for about $0.40. To calculate it, multiply the length of fabric on each side of the hip by the number of hips. For me it came out to 43.5 feet or about $18 of cable so the whole thing came to $102 plus tax.

After the fabric arrives in just over two days, the next step is to cut and measure the sleeve slots where the drawstring will fit. In the video and in my case it is 5/16 inch to measure the width of the cut, you take the width in inches plus 4 times the width of the slot.

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

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At the ten and a half minute mark in the video, the cut is shown. For the first chair I was very careful to measure an eighth of an inch. For the following chairs I was not so careful. about five minutes.

The part that scared me since I had never done sewing before, however, this Brother CS-6000i sewing machine that I bought my daughter turned out to be very easy to use. I struggled for about half an hour and after I got up and the first chair I was able to sew each chair in 5 minutes.

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

Fold the fabric 1 inch at each end of the width in the seam area and make a double stitch. The long side stitch is a bit tricky. I recommend watching the video at 13 minutes. Basically, you fold the length in 2 inches and then half an inch to create a slotted sleeve for the cord to run lengthwise. Not only is it great for folding, but it’s also a little tricky when sewing because it’s hard on the needle. I went through two needles and you have to make sure you have heavy needles

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Once you’re done inserting the lace, cut it to length and you’re ready to place the shoe on the hip. The video is also very helpful when ordering a pre-sewn sling. The video shows how difficult it is to carry the shoes to the chair. The video spends more time on this part than measuring, cutting and sewing. It includes a silicone spray that helps the fabric slide over the chair with less effort. Cool Irwin recommended. Added $25 to the cost by also buying the spreader clamp, but if I had ordered the pre-cut fabric I would have needed that too. I love new gadgets, so I’m glad I have a reason to buy this. It is probably possible to reassemble the chair without using this clamp, but it made it much easier

How To Make Replacement Sling For Patio Chair

The hard part was pulling the cloth across the rail. Removing the end caps was also a little tricky, some chairs were easier than others, mainly because they were worn, but I’d say the average time to replace a full sling is about 15 minutes each. chair Note that I did not completely disassemble the chair like in the Sailright video. Basically, the main challenge is that it involves a frustrating pull to get the fabric. In the video you can see the sneer on the guy’s face, and I’m sure they are the same. Of course, the disassembly and assembly will vary depending on the type of chair, but I think the directors are still the same.

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