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How To Build A Table With Drawers – DIY console table took me a lot longer than I thought. The basic construction went relatively quickly, but the finishing took longer than expected. But finally it’s ready!

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How To Build A Table With Drawers

How To Build A Table With Drawers

To finish the table I filled all the cracks, joints and nail holes with wood filler. I accidentally bought the wrong variety (the one that’s pink when wet), but at least it looks better in the pictures.

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As you can see, I use wood filler very liberally. Since it shrinks as it dries, I like to build it up when applying so it goes on as smoothly as possible without reapplying after it dries and shrinks.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

If I were planning to paint the piece, I would usually fill in areas like this with caulk. However, since I was planning to stain, I had to use wood filler.

After all the wood filler was dry and sanded smooth, I stained the whole thing with Varathane wood stain (oil based) in Golden Oak.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

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I wiped it off with a cloth, left it on for a few minutes and wiped off the excess. And I’m so glad Home Depot carries this brand! Still better than Minox. DIY console table is made of birch plywood on the top and bottom shelves, and the rest is pine. Yet you can see that the Varathane wood stain made all the colors the same. I was surprised. and relief

I let the stain dry for about an hour and then used Briwax Lime Wax which is a white wax. (I found mine here.)

How To Build A Table With Drawers

I coated the whole thing, working with one large section at a time and applied the wax with a white cloth. Then after about an hour I stroked it with “000” steel wool. You can see the difference here…

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Obviously the lighter, whiter areas have been waxed but not polished. Darker areas are polished with steel wool.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

Once that was done, I worked on the drawer fronts. First, I covered them with a piece of grass I had left over from the front wall. I applied it with wallpaper glue, and when it dried I cut it with scissors.

They needed one more touchdown to finish. Using medium cabinet liners (sold in eight-foot lengths at Home Depot), I made frames to fit around the drawer fronts, allowing for a 1/4-inch overlap on all four sides. I didn’t want to use nails so I just glued them together with wood glue and handled them very carefully until they were attached to the drawers.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

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I finished these frames the same way as the rest of the table – painted, waxed, polished with steel wool. Then I was ready to attach them to the drawers.

Instead of placing frames on the front of each drawer, I attached them to each other so that they were as close as possible to flush with the front of the console. I did this by inserting all the drawers and then gluing the frames in place, making sure they were all evenly spaced.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

After marking each frame with masking tape, I attached them with wood glue and staples.

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To complete the DIY console table, I needed the finishing touch – the perfect pull-out. I decided I wanted a ring, but after looking and looking I almost gave up on finding ones I really liked that were big enough and didn’t cost a fortune. I finally found them at Hobby Lobby. I’m pretty sure these are the only rings that exist in Waco, Texas, and they happen to be the right size. But the color and style weren’t quite right.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

But both problems can be easily solved. As for this Art Deco style, I just flipped them over and used the backs, which are plain and simple. And for the paint, I gave them a coat of this spray paint…

It was much better, but they still needed a few little things, like the back panel they attached to the drawer.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

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So I headed to Joan Fabrik and walked up and down almost every aisle trying to find something that would work. I was sure I would find what I needed in the jewelry making department, but to my surprise I found what I needed in the ideas aisle. Can you tell what they are?

These are the pieces. The package came with about 24 pieces that all snap together to make clicks (which I’ve never used so I can’t even tell you what the exact pieces are). There were seven such pieces in the package and they happened to be exactly what I was looking for.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

It’s a small detail, but it’s one of those little details that I think makes a difference. Here you can see the move with the backboard up and the move without the backboard below.

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I’m very happy with how it turned out. When I decided on the finish, I knew I wanted something bright and natural, not a lacquer finish.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

I tried several other finishes, including a white polyurethane painted finish. It looks awful and plastic. However, this polished wax finish turned out to be much closer to what I imagined.

And because the whole thing is polished with fine steel wool, the surfaces are incredibly smooth.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

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Now just know that if you ask me where this is going I will ignore your question. 🙂 See you soon. But I have a feeling you can easily guess. 🙂

Addicted 2 Decorating is where I share my DIY and decorating journey as I redo and decorate the 1948 rig top that my husband Matt and I bought in 2013. Matt has an M.S. And I can’t do physical work, so I do most of the housework myself. Learn more about me here.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

I hope you will join me on my DIY and decorating journey! If you want to follow my projects and progress, you can subscribe below and get every new post delivered to your inbox. That way you will never miss anything! I finished the basic construction of my DIY console table yesterday and actually had to work under the light of my iPhone for the last 20 minutes. But I did it!

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Of course, this is a basic build, which means I still have to do all the finishing and sanding – wood filler, sanding, painting or staining, adding hardware, etc. But so far it looks like this…

How To Build A Table With Drawers

I made the console table upside down and made the upper body and attached the large leg pieces.

I removed the paint from the legs before continuing with the build. I also moved them out of their original positions (put them in too far), added some trim to the bottom of the top, then angled the legs back as much as possible. (You can see the placement of the trim and the new legs in the photo below.)

How To Build A Table With Drawers

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I then built the bottom shelf the same way as the top of the table, except I added 1 x 2’s to all four sides of this shelf. I built it from the right side, using the legs as a work surface.

Once the bottom shelf was assembled, I flipped it over and attached it to the large leg pieces with wood glue and 16 gauge 2 inch nails through the plywood of the shelf and to the legs.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

I then attached the smaller leg pieces to the bottom of the bottom shelf. You can see that I used a different part than I originally planned. As it turned out, the pieces I originally planned to use as shorts felt too thin and flimsy for such a large console table.

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And yes, a reasonable person would take them apart before putting them together, but I was too eager to finish this build. 😀

How To Build A Table With Drawers

Then he went to the drawers. I started by cutting a piece of plywood with my table saw to fit the drawer openings, leaving about 1/16 inch of space on each side of the drawer front.

I then cut 1″ x 6″ lumber to the length needed to make the sides and back of the drawers.

How To Build A Table With Drawers

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After all the sides were cut for all the drawers, I ran all the pieces through the table saw with the blade set to cut 1/4″ wood, 3/4″ from the edge. This was to make a channel for the bottom of the drawer to fit in and I had to thread all the pieces, then move the blade 1/8″ and thread it again to make the bottom of the drawer.

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