How To Build A Round Table

How To Build A Round Table – As this is the third table I've built, I wanted to do something special that would challenge my craft by creating furniture for my home that my family could enjoy for years. Over the course of almost three months, on weekends and evenings, I made this 68 inch round dining table. It has enough room for eight adults, has a groove and dowels on the bottom and a seamless joint in a perfectly round table top. On top of that, the stain is available in two different colors so that plain white pine sings with this table.

I've learned from previous table builds that lumber from a DIY supercenter isn't necessarily the best to work with when making furniture—even if it's a particularly rustic farmhouse table. Supercenter regular lumber is great for and framing, making quality boards hard to come by. And that means spending valuable build time sorting through boards with imperfections, bulges, distortions, and nasty knots.

How To Build A Round Table

How To Build A Round Table

I decided to look for this table at a local lumber store and immediately noticed two big differences compared to home centers: 1) the quality of the wood was much better and 2) the customer service was excellent for a woodworking novice like me.

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Another big advantage of shopping at smaller lumber stores is that they tend to offer a larger selection of trees, which opens up beautiful (but expensive) hardwoods. I would choose white pine for this project and the woodworkers were kind enough to design the boards for me.

How To Build A Round Table

My goal for this project was to make a 72″ round table, and after doing some quick math at home, I found that I would need nine 8′ 2 x 12 boards. However, I made a few assembly mistakes and ended up with a 68″ table, so if you want to try this project, I recommend using ten boards (again 8′ 2 x 12).

How to make a round board 1. Sort the boards and choose the best – without mistakes and knots. Make light pencil marks on the boards that perfectly match certain parts, such as the table top, legs, bed frame, etc.

How To Build A Round Table

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2. Tear off the worktop boards to clean the edges. In addition to cutting out defects in the boards, this ensures that the boards are aligned during gluing. I used a table saw for this and it works fine for most, but I know it's better to leave the planer/carpenter's table if you have one for the job.

3. Align the boards so that the best sides are on top. Try to make the edges of the boards match the direction of the reason – it is purely from an aesthetic point of view. Also avoid knots near the edges of the table outline, as they can cut uncomfortably and often split. The outline of the tabletop is first formed by attaching a strip to the center of the aligned boards with masking tape. Then attach a pencil using the desired distance from the center to mark the radius of the table. Draw a pencil around the perimeter of the table, keeping the pencil taut. Use a 36-inch radius for a 72-inch table that typically seats eight chairs.

How To Build A Round Table

4. Cut the areas outside the table outline with a miter saw or a circular saw. This greatly facilitates the handling of the boards during and outside of gluing.

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5. Prepare the boards for gluing by drilling holes for the 1/4 inch dowel. The pins ensure that the boards remain horizontal under the pressure of the press. To drill the holes for the dowel and make sure the holes line up on the mounting plates, I made a homemade drill line and a cordless drill. The fixture, which is recognized as raw, ensures that the holes are drilled directly into the boards and that they are evenly spaced. Make sure you use the correct size drill bit for the size of the pins. There are other ways to join the boards together – some people prefer to use dominoes or pocket holes, but I thought this method was a good middle ground – I don't have a cookie cutter and I just didn't want to cover the pocket hole. Let me know if you see room for improvement here.

How To Build A Round Table

6. Glue the first boards to the table top. Based on past experiences, I've learned that it's better to connect just a few boards at a time than the entire tabletop. Although it takes more time, gluing multiple boards together is easier and you're less likely to have to deal with permanent gaps or cracks between the boards. I glued the first three middle boards together and the next day I glued the second board to both ends. The next day I glued the last two outer boards.

Use shells on the top and bottom of the boards to prevent the boards from collapsing. Also make sure that the curvature of the plates varies. You can see it by looking at the end structure of the boards. For example, if the middle board is curved like a happy face, the surrounding outer boards should curve down like a sad face. The alternating grain directions ensure that the table does not warp as it expands and contracts due to changes in humidity and temperature in the home.

How To Build A Round Table

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With this amount of gluing, you can expect the glue to squeeze out, so it is recommended to cover the clamps to prevent them from coming off – it is almost impossible to remove dried wood glue from a metal clamp. Also fasten the gaps in the boards so that the workpiece does not get pinched. Notice how in the pictures below I have a board covering multiple boards. They are pressed together to create a “sandwich pressure” on the surface of the worktop. And to make sure the plugs don't stick to the tabletop (because the glue will stick out), tape packing tape to any side that touches the surface of the project.

7. Make a milling cutter from a fine flat plywood. Cut a piece of plywood slightly longer than the diameter of the table and nail it approximately in the middle of the underside of the table. Using a plywood jig that can be rotated in a circle, drill a small hole (large enough to fit a number two pencil) at the exact distance from the nail in the center of the table with the given diameter. Insert the pencil into the hole and draw a perfect circle to outline the table.

How To Build A Round Table

8. Roughly cut the perimeter of the table with a jigsaw. This makes it easier to use the reciprocating cutter in the next step.

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9. Use a countersink to create a perfect circle with the fixture from step 7. You will need a long drill bit to completely mill a 1 1/2″ thick table top – I used a 2″ drill bit. a quarter inch at a time to work around the perimeter of the table until all excess material is removed. This is a really dirty step, so wear goggles and a dust mask. You can also do this step outside to make cleaning easier.

How To Build A Round Table

10. Sand both sides of the board and the edge with 80 grit sandpaper, a vibrating sander will do it quickly.

11. Use a miter saw to create smooth, rounded edges around the worktop. I did this for both the top and bottom of the table. This step may be optional for some, but I personally liked the touch, and of course you can sand the edges by hand for a similar effect.

How To Build A Round Table

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12. Sand both sides of the countertop again, but with 120 grit sandpaper. Since the polyurethane coating will eventually be applied to the countertop, no more sanding than 120 is necessary at this stage – just my opinion.

1. Cut all legs, subframes and support pieces to approximate length and width, leaving plenty of room for later adjustments. For example, the final length of the subframe is 48 inches, it would be good to cut the board to about 50+ inches. Or if the finished height of the table legs is 28 inches, their table top should be cut to 30+ inches. The same principle should be applied to the width of the board; Table legs with a final width of 3 inches should be ripped to 3 1/2 inches wide. Feel free to add your rough cuts – whatever works for you.

How To Build A Round Table

2. Glue the legs of the table together and use fasteners at the top and bottom like the table top. Because every foot came

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