How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw – General contractors Tom Silva and Kevin O'Connor manufacture utility trays as a tool to illustrate box jointing, a common method of joining drawers, boxes, trays and similar corners.

Kevin O'Connor works with general contractor Tom Silva in the wood shop to create durable serving trays with custom jointers and boxes. Tom makes a tray from half inch walnut and explains how a box joint is one of the strongest joints you can choose. He shows us how to make a slide to cut box joints as efficiently and evenly as a table saw. Finally, after the glue dries, it's time to finish with sanding and mineral oil.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

Tom uses an old milk stick with some box joints to demonstrate how sticky a joint creates. Each of these “fingers,” as Tom calls them, presents more surface area to cling to and therefore greater holding power. Joint can be done on a router or table saw.

Everything You Need To Know About Box Joints

Tom decided to use a table saw equipped with a blade. He and Kevin make a box jointer, which is a simple table saw with adjustable stops and pins. The pin allows the space between the dice to be uniform. Tom and Kevin use black walnut to make the tray, sand it, mount it, and then finish it with a food safe oil.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

Get the latest This Old House news, tips, tricks and DIY smart projects straight to your inbox from our experts. This is the third table saw box assembly pattern I've made. The first dice were for blades and were something simple and temporary. I don't remember what I did or where I ended up. The other was specific to my last table saw and when I gave it away all the specific jigs went with it. For the third edition I decided to build the final node of John Heisz's box. I loved John's original version of this ride, but I never did it. I had planned to merge another box until he released a new and improved version.

There are many options for box joint sound patterns, but I chose this one based on the simplicity of the design and the fact that the joints produced are limited to 1/8 folds. I really like the 1/8″ reduction here, saw my board standard table and it allows me to use it in all configurations. I don't see the need to mess with any other range. 1/8″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ are All I might have to cut and if I wanted to expand more I would also have options.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

Incra Tools :: Precision Fences :: Incra I Box Jig For Box Joints

I bought the plans in August when John posted them, but I didn't get around to making the template until recently. What struck me the most was getting the 1” threaded rod in place. I live in a fairly small town that doesn't have much of a hardware/woodworking selection. Plus, after I finally got the threaded rod, I somehow misplaced it in a well organized store and had to put it off for another week.

A jig does not require much plywood. I made the first cut on a large panel with an oversized circular saw. This allows me to get a more manageable sized piece to cut to size on the table. The plywood I use is Purebond wood from Home Depot. I have been using my meter saw since the station was built and have had good results. It's also formaldehyde free and made in the USA, both of which are great.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

The plan is well prepared to collect all the plywood parts as soon as possible. This is a series of rectangles. Very easy

Screw Advance Box Joint Jig Plans

After all was torn apart, there were pieces that needed to be put back together. I used my table saw sled for this because it's easier to use as a top block than my saw station when cutting smaller pieces.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

All screw holes are dimensioned on the sketches, making the process much easier. And of course a workout does it much faster.

Two handles are included in the design, which is very nice. These gloves keep your hands in a certain position while using the gyro, reducing the chance of accidentally doing something stupid with your hands and causing an accident. Large holes are cut to set the start and stop points for the saw to remove the inner material for the cutting handle. While writing this article it occurred to me that I have never rounded the edges of a handle with a router. Well, I guess if it was a big deal I would have figured it out when I used it after I finished it.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

Make A Router Table Box Joint Jig (with Pictures)

The index for this lap comes from a 1″ threaded rod with 8 threads per inch. Attaching the planes requires glue or epoxy, but I didn't have that. I didn't want to wait overnight for . If I was going to use the glue to fully cure anyway. Decided to give it a try. It's not an ideal solution. You have to work fast and use a lot of glue. I've used a lot of quick glue. I could and it worked, but I wouldn't really recommend this method.

No need for planer nails. I used some here and there to hold some parts in place while securing them with screws.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

Before you know it, the indexing assembly is ready to be created. Again, the advantage of using hot glue to secure the threaded rod is that I was able to build the entire barrel in a few hours.

Easy Table Saw Box Joint Jig

All the pre-drilled holes line up where they need to be. However, I had to drill another material through the holes. The only screws I had on hand were longer than the project called for, but I tried to use what I had on hand and avoid splitting the plywood.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

A vertical log block is provided at the right end of the carriage. Just some glue and a couple of screws.

However, the shaft is not entirely plywood. There are some parts that must be cut from pure wood. I used a solid maple block from the junk yard. Most of the pieces are the same width and height, so laying them out and ripping a strip along one side gives it some consistency.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

How To Make Finger Joint Box

Having small bits in a drill press is an easy way to grip wood and turn it in your hand. It is very easy to drill all the holes in the small parts before cutting.

As I said before, I was using different hardware than the ones shown in the projects in an effort to use what I had and not go out and buy more. If you know what the device is supposed to do, you can use whatever you see fit. The indexing pin is just a flat washer.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

The index system is very simple and excellent. After securing all the pieces in place, I adjusted the cam stop to get the perfect 1/4″ advance.

Finger Joint Jig

The table runners had holes drilled in them, so a pair of runners were cut to fit. Then, with the carriage and blade almost touching the vertical reference block in the starting position, the fence can be closed by referring to the right of the barrel. Runners just have to stick with it.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

I gave it some glue to fix it and carefully secured it to the bottom with some screws. The beauty of this pitch is that once it is properly positioned in relation to the blade and secured to the runners, no further setup of the jig is required. As long as you use the entire table saw table, you should be able to get fairly consistent results. I tested it by making 1/8″ knots and it saturates with perfect space to close the knot easily.

To minimize any confusion and eliminate any accidental mistakes in the middle range, I used a colored marker to highlight all the other threads.

How To Make A Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

D Printed Box Joint Jig For The Router

Final Thoughts…I'm really happy with this ride. It was easy to make, accurate, allowed for perfect splits, and since it uses a regular table saw table (a blade can be used if desired), time and use are very convenient and quick. If you want to build one of these

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