How To Make A Suitcase Table

How To Make A Suitcase Table – A fact about my mom: She's a huge Pinterest pinner. He is also very good at choosing/making gifts for Christmas. (I mean it very well.) Last year, my mother took it upon herself to fold my suitcases and paint some suitcases white for me. This year, inspired by Pinterest, my parents made me this amazing table out of an old suitcase.

My father made the feet and soles and my mother painted and re-painted the inside of the suitcase. My parents are very smart people.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

How To Make A Suitcase Table

To fix the inside, my mom used wrapping fabric, cut to size, and then hot-glued. All suitcases I've bought for myself have the original (sometimes in poor condition) lining inside. All of my mother's are beautiful and fragrant.

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The little train bag was also a Christmas present from my boyfriend Sean last year. The little fox above is a small woolly animal that I bought at the Yarn Art Festival in Greencastle, IN.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

I'm actually running out of all the furniture in the room that I built this year. From upholstered chairs to upholstered furniture and all the other cozy projects I've gathered, I really needed a house/apartment to furnish. 🙂 The whole living-at-home-pay-for-student-loans thing is great for good food, , and crafts… but that's really it. The smell of space I usually occupy my sister's room and have access to my Etsy shop/photo studio/outbuilding, but she'll be really rude if I leave anything in there when I get home.

But where should I put everything to make room for great things like suitcase tables? 🙂 Painting and finishing furniture is fun, but sometimes I just want to do one more project. The first upscaling project I did when I started this blog for my senior project was making a DIY hubcap flower. I love the whole idea of ​​taking something or (in this case several unwanted things) and turning it into something new.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

Destinations Vintage… Upcycled & Repurposed Stuff: Upcycled Suitcase Vanity Make Up Table

I have a lot of pieces lying around that I love but serve no practical purpose. I have an old, old blue suitcase that I bought for a project (don't know what that project is yet) and this week while cleaning out the garage I rediscovered a project board that my dad and I Brother picked up for free. Leftovers from yard sales. It was a broken mid-century party table. One foot is misaligned, and the upper part is not flat and clear. After a year of trying to fix it to no avail, I put it to use in my suitcase project. (countertop is great, but well beyond the skill level of anyone living in our house)

This is a fairly simple project. I just used a suitcase, 4 mid-century legs (from a spare table), 4 wood screws, and 16 pivot screws.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

I started by using a drill to remove the screws and legs from a mid-century table. Next, I turned my suitcase upside down and arranged the legs however I wanted. I didn't really measure. Since these special legs are not only horizontal, but also inclined, I placed one in the corner of each suitcase (see picture if you're trying to visualize). Each leg is glued and nailed to a block of wood. Some weren't as strong as others, so before attaching them to the suitcase, my dad helped by adding a wood screw to each to make them sturdier. We had to make sure to pre-drill and screw the countersunk so that the bottom of each leg lay flat on the bottom of the suitcase.

Vintage Suitcase Side Table

When we (my dad was my assistant on this project. I had the ideas, he just needed help getting them done) had the legs where we wanted them, we drilled four holes and passed through the bottom of the suitcase. We made sure to mark the position of each pin so that the holes would align correctly.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

The next part is just assembly, so we head inside to exit the cold garage. One important thing for me is to make sure all the screws on the inside of the suitcase are flat. To make them even, we went to our local True Value and bought some ¾ inch cylindrical screws. They are more expensive than I planned to spend, but if I sell or dispose of an item, there is no worry of injecting myself or anything into the suitcase.

We push the pole in, then screw a screw through the pin through the bottom of the suitcase. The main pillar alone is not enough, so some have holes, but that's what it looks like inside the suitcase.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

Vintage White Suitcases

Once all the legs are in place, it's time to test out our little table. I'm not sure if the feet are flat or only touch the floor 3 feet at a time. They are all lined up beautifully! I also checked the top of the suitcase horizontally and there we were.

I love how this piece comes together. Definitely one of my favorites and will be my nightstand. The best part is it has a storage compartment and even comes with a key so I can keep my valuables in it… I don't own them. I still prefer to call it safe.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

Pin this project please! If you have any questions, comment below and I'll answer as best I can. Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I may earn a free commission if you make a purchase through these links. See Disclosure + my Privacy Policy for more details.

Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table

I bought this super cute vintage Monarch suitcase a few weeks ago at Goodwill for $1.99! I know I want to make her a cute conversation piece, but I don't know what to do. I like that color so I don't want to paint it.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

While reading an email this morning, I noticed that an old spray paint project of mine was making a little noise in my kitchen. To my surprise, it was almost the same color as my suitcase. So I put the two together and created this lovely vintage suitcase bar table. This is a very easy project where all you really need are bolts and a drill! this is how i did it~

I first removed the old railing on the table top to give me a flat surface to attach the suitcase.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

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Turn the table top and suitcase upside down and measure so that the table top is in the middle of the suitcase. Mark four evenly spaced drilled holes on the bottom of the table. My desk already had holes in it from the railing hardware that I removed, so I used those.

Note**If you need to make your own hole, make a circle around the edge of the table under your suitcase. Then mark the holes and use a 1/4 drill to drill through the suitcase at the marked spots. Place the suitcase on the table and use a pencil to mark holes in the wooden table top and drill the holes through the table.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

Connect the holes with bolts and washers to fix the suitcase. I use a large washing machine next to the latch on the inside of the suitcase and a smaller washing machine next to the latch under the table.

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Tighten the nuts and bolts and you're done! It's so simple and I can't believe I didn't have to make it! I was thinking of using black or white and I still can. If I decide to update the board, I'll post it here! I can think of many other uses for this cuteness as well. Perhaps at a party dedicated to silver plates and utensils. Or even a plant stand outside on the deck. Hope you enjoy this super easy craft! Interesting! Do you have an old suitcase and don't know what to do with it? Here are some DIY ideas for you.

How To Make A Suitcase Table

There is always a traveler in each of us. That's why we must have a suitcase or luggage to keep our clothes and other belongings on the journey. But what if your suitcase is old or maybe broken and you cannot use it during your travels? Well, we all know that we can always shoot anything and everything. We all know that no matter how old an item is, it can still be used in a completely different way, making it useful again.

Today we will show you the list

How To Make A Suitcase Table Aviator Luggage Trunk Side Table, Soft Close Drawers

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