How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table – It seems that using pegs for furniture and projects is all the rage these days! I had to try it! We got an old office desk from Facebook Marketplace for $30 and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece!! (IMO anyway haha). I’ll go through the step-by-step process I took to make it below if you want to try it too! You don’t have to do this with a large piece like a table! You can do this with a coffee table or an end table. Honestly, I couldn’t take my eyes off! We use it as our breakfast table in the kitchen every day.

Table: I started by removing the round table from the base. I used a foam roller and painted the top with chalk paint in the shade ‘linen white’. I did 4 layers of this to make sure it’s really nice and you don’t see any material underneath. I like using chalk paint because it doesn’t need to be sanded before you use it and it sticks well to veneers and stuff like that. It is said to let the paint dry for 2 hours between tin coats.

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

Then I applied Minwax’s water-based poly acrylic protective finish (I used a matte finish but I think if I were to do it again I’d use satin). When you use a white part you must have a water based sealer. If you don’t get a water-based sealer, your whites will turn yellow! I did 3 layers of stamps because this is a high traffic area in our kitchen!

How To Make A Round Concrete Table Top

Bess: Now comes the hard part! Your experience will vary based on how the bottom of your table looks. I recommend finding a table with some legs that look like mine below, because we nailed the pipe and that’s how we got our cylindrical shape!

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

The first thing we bought was a form tube! You can get it at almost any hardware store – it’s actually used for cement and is basically just a thick/solid cylindrical piece of cardboard. We need 1 piece cut to size. The hardware store cut it to the right height for us, which was 2 pieces about 27 inches tall. Then we took them home and cut them in half using our jigsaw. These are the two pieces that we put together around the base to form the cylinder shape!

The shape of the tube is quite strong, so we stretched it as much as possible and wrapped it around the base of the table, fastening it to the back with screws and nails. (see picture). Once they are screwed/nailed to all 4 legs it’s dowel time!!

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

Charles Iron Dining Table With 48

Wedges: We use more wedges than we think, so try measuring first. This is definitely the most expensive part and what makes this DIY cost soar! We are located in Canada and the best price we could find for 8 foot dowels at Turkstra Lumber was $8.50 each. If you can get a better price than them, let me know! I support this because a cylindrical base table costs over $1000 at retail.

I added a line of gorilla glue to each dowel, checking frequently to make sure it was level. I walked around the entire base and added a few messy ones. The only tricky part was that the end piece didn’t fit into place, so we sanded it down until it fit. Then we added 3 pieces around the whole thing to hold it in place while it dried overnight.

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

Finished Product: Here it is!! We had so much fun with this project and still can’t get enough of the before and after! What do you think?! We made a 48″ modern rustic round table out of dozens of 2x4x8’s for our basement playroom and I’ll share how we did it here! It was a challenging part to build, but we love how it turned out!

Boca Round Dining Table

The basic concept of how to build this table is simple, but I’ll be honest we faced a lot of problems while building it, even though up to this point, we don’t have much experience in building things. If you’ve never built furniture before, I wouldn’t recommend this as your first piece of furniture. I would rate this as a more than medium difficulty level. It’s not very easy or very difficult, but my tutorial will assume that you know how to build things in general and how to use the tools mentioned if you build this table.

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

For our table design, we looked at several different styles as shown in my concept sketches in actual photos. For the base, we originally planned to create a one-legged variation on the X-based design of our farmhouse dining table, but instead we kept going back to the more minimalist simplicity of the chosen base and decided on a modern, geometric one. Wooden plank design on the table. You may have noticed that our table is subtly connected to our guest bedroom accent wall in another part of the house. I always like to find ways to have a little relationship between rooms without obvious matches – I think it makes the overall design of the house feel more cohesive.

*Wood Buying Tip: Choose your boards carefully. Check each one for accuracy and, if you’re using wood with color variations, make sure the board you choose has the color you want on your table.

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

Hammond Single Pedestal Dining Table From Dutchcrafters

Once your table is completely assembled and the glue has dried, it’s time to cut out the rounded circles. We eventually found that the best way to do this was to draw a perfect circle using a household compass and cut it freely using a jig saw. I think a router would be a good tool to cut circles, but we didn’t have one and it was too much trouble to rent one, and we had a jig saw, so we used that.

First, we tried making a jig for the jig saw, and the jig worked well in theory. It holds the jig saw perfectly and moves in a perfect circle. Unfortunately it didn’t work for us because I think the wood we used was too thick for the jig saw blade to handle the jig because the blade was bent way out and made an angled cut instead of a straight cut. So in the end, we just cut loose and it actually worked out great! We were worried we wouldn’t be able to finish it completely but we did and it’s not hard to be honest as long as you take it slow and steady and don’t try to rush it. I show you the jig I made in the picture below because this concept also works well on pieces of soft wood or plywood/mdf or less thick than our 1 1/2 inch solid wood boards. This jig will be the perfect solution for cutting circles.

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

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Legacy Kateri Round Pedestal Dining Table

I had this old laminate table in my studio for a long time. It’s brown, it’s not that sweet, the laminate is in bad shape. Everyone shouts: Up!

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

Luckily, I love round tables, and I’ve recently been recreating some of the beautiful pedestals I’ve had all over the place with concrete, plaster, and stone. I was able to remove the metal legs from the table and knew I just needed to find a cylindrical or conical base. The next step was obviously walking the trail to Bunnings as I love it. And what do you know, I found the perfect foundation – a bucket! Read on to see how I completely transformed it to make this pedestal dining table!

I spent some time planning this project and deciding what would work aesthetically and practically. I’d love to tape it all, but I know it won’t work for a table where I want to put it in the studio and work or have lunch! So I decided to tile the table top instead (you know how much I love tile!).

How To Make A Round Pedestal Table

Aura Round Concrete Dining Table

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