How To Make A Laptop Table

How To Make A Laptop Table – Hi! I am so excited to share this DIY desktop tutorial with you! It’s a great solution for kids going back to school—especially college students living in the dorms. Sitting in bed with my laptop on my lap, my legs are burning and I want a way out. I’m going to make this solution (using my Cricut Explore Air 2) because that’s what I like to do. But it got me thinking – what do college students in the dorms do when their laptops fall into their laps?

When I started college (years and years ago) we didn’t have laptops. We didn’t have cell phones and we didn’t have internet (it was there but not widely used). If you need to use a computer, go to the computer lab. If you want to call home, you used your room phone and prepaid phone card for long-distance calls.

How To Make A Laptop Table

How To Make A Laptop Table

At this time Every college kid has some device or various devices and teachers Teachers Rely on these devices to communicate with other students and get work done. Laptops are the norm for college students, and this DIY laptop desk will definitely extend the life of their laptops and be a more convenient option than going to the library.

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First, measure the size of your table. This project is a complete custom job, so you can customize the size and height of your table. It’s a little big because I use it in bed when the kids go to bed, so I usually have my laptops and phones next to it. It’s a personal preference, but I like to sit a little higher than my feet.

How To Make A Laptop Table

How tall is your desk? width Once you know how long it will be, start cutting the board. Cut off the sides (or legs) of the table and cut off the top.

Attach the table legs to the table top using Dap Rapid Fuse wood glue and secure with three screws from the table top to the legs. To stabilize the table, use 3/4-by-3/4-inch planks of wood, cut about an inch off each side. I found it by accident in my mother-in-law’s woodshop. Using wood glue, place the 3/4 by 3/4 strips on the underside of the table top and glue to both sides of the wood strips. Fasten with screws through the wooden slats on the legs. Don’t let your screws be too long. You don’t want their laptop touching the table.

How To Make A Laptop Table

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After installing the table on the Piesok laptop, you can start. The entire table was sanded until there were no rough spots or edges. Then paint or stain the laptop table. In this particular project I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure White (but any chalk paint will work). I didn’t cover the whole piece, but after the paint dried instead of dirtying the brush. A small amount of gray wax was used throughout the piece to achieve a weathered farmhouse look.

I wanted a word of encouragement, so I chose “dreams don’t work until you do.” I think it is suitable for both college students and adults. Using the Cricut Explore Air 2 I was able to go into my Cricut Design Space and create a new project. This project is simple as it is text only, no graphics or images. Check out the Cricut design space for inspiration or ideas for your college mascot. I made this cute pineapple milk jug over the summer using the pineapple graphic from Cricut Design Space.

How To Make A Laptop Table

I used pink glitter vinyl because I wanted the letters to really stand out. After my Cricut worked its magic and cut the vinyl. I married the excess vinyl letters. Then remove the vinyl from the backing and place it on the table using transfer tape. To do this, you need to remove the back of the transfer tape and gently apply it to the vinyl. Slowly and carefully apply the transfer tape to cover the entire vinyl text while removing the backing. Once the transfer tape has completely covered your text, use a scraper to apply the transfer tape to the vinyl letters. This ensures that the transfer tape will stick to the vinyl when the vinyl backing is removed. The next step is to carefully and slowly remove the vinyl backing. After removing the backing, place the transfer tape with the vinyl on the table in the desired location. Use the overlay tool to go over the vinyl letters to make sure they stick to the wood. finally Carefully and slowly remove the transfer tape.

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This! Now you have your own laptop desk that every student will love. This solution allows them to be more productive; It will help them stay comfortable in bed while studying and extend the life of the laptop.

How To Make A Laptop Table

If your mom is sending your son off to college and you’re worried about how lonely you’ll be. Try the new Cricut Maker! It can’t fill the void of not having your child home, but it can be a fun distraction.

DIY Wooden Lego Nesting Table: A Thanksgiving Farm Improvement Project DIY Beach Souvenir: An Alternative to Collecting Seashells from Home Working from home has many benefits, no matter what your job. Therefore office workers Even programmers and gamers can use it. Same way. However, if you want to work from the couch or bed, you need a laptop table.

How To Make A Laptop Table

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People who work with personal computers or large monitors do not have to worry about this, because they can get a standard ergonomic desk for their workplace. However, these desks are much more than you need when working with a laptop, so it’s better to get a laptop tray for that.

Some people buy desks or laptop tables for sofas because they don’t want to spend money on these things or because they can’t find simpler alternatives. If you are one of these people, you are on the right page.

How To Make A Laptop Table

Here are some DIY laptop stand ideas that you can make at home without spending a lot of money. Plus, Learn familiar materials and steps to make a laptop table; So don’t hesitate and try it.

Diy Lap Desk

As mentioned earlier, we want you to familiarize yourself with some ideas for laptop carts and desks before we take the steps to build your own portable laptop desk. Read these tips to see if your home office style and work are compatible.

How To Make A Laptop Table

All of the ideas below are easy to put together with items you already have around the house or can be purchased inexpensively. Naturally, they don’t have the same features as the portable carts you can find online, but they’re still decent if you need a stand for your laptop ASAP.

The first portable portable desk on this list is probably the easiest on this list because it only requires something that most people have at home. Maybe a shoebox.

How To Make A Laptop Table

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These boxes are not the most luxurious and stylish alternatives on the market, but they are comfortable to work with and are a priority when it comes to DIY office supplies. However, you can paint your shoe box a different color or design something to make it look better.

To go with this laptop stand, a ruler, tape I need a pen and a box cutter. Converting a shoebox into a laptop stand is quick and easy, making it an ideal choice for the less creative.

How To Make A Laptop Table

You can use your new shoe rack as a sofa laptop table because it’s the perfect size to move it wherever you want. Shoe boxes aren’t heavy, so it’s not hard at all.

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Interested in turning shoe boxes into folding computer desks? Try using cardboard for your new portable laptop table. The best thing about using cardboard for your bin or laptop drawer is that there are unlimited designs you can try based on your taste and needs.

How To Make A Laptop Table

Therefore Depending on the office equipment you use and where you need to use your laptop, you can customize your laptop desk to be smaller or larger. Naturally, complex designs can only be successful if you know how to make them.

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