How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy – I saw this chair cover a while back and really liked the idea, but I didn’t have any particular case in mind. Then, wandering around Walmart one Sunday night, I saw a beautiful fabric on sale for $2 a yard and immediately thought of chair covers. At the time, I was still struggling with the princess tea party ideas, so I decided to go with it, believing none of the ideas were good.

(By the way, Sunday night is not the best time to buy fabric at Walmart. No one works in this department, and no one in any other department knows how to cut fabric properly. Finally, a very nice guy helped me. , The guy in charge of paint and hardware department, but it took a while.)

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

I didn’t have a clear idea of ​​how I would make the chair cover until I started. Like my pillow chest and table runner, it’s “let’s try it and see what happens.” I’m really not one to follow instructions. 😉 Fuloon Stretch Jacquard Chairs Cover For Dining Room, Upholstered Armless Chairs Slipcovers, Easy To Install Machine Washable And Dirt Resistant Seat Cover,set Of 4,black

Luckily, this is a very simple sewing project. My biggest problem was that I cut too much for the first fabric. Other than that it was easy and I finished all four in an hour and a half.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

Step 1: Measure the back of your chair and cut two identical pieces of fabric to size. I used the opposite pattern, but you don’t have to.

Step 2: Lay the “good” side of the fabric forward, sew two long sides and one short side together to make a large bag.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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Step 3: Check the bag on the chair back to make sure it fits in that space and measure where the chair back meets the seat. Fold the fabric and iron in place. Sew along the edges, leaving a margin of about 1 cm. Remember to leave a hole for each fold.

Step 4: Cut two pieces of tape along the chair cover and tie to the sides.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

Step 5: Pull the bottom of the chair cover, then place the cover on the chair and fasten the strap. Voila, done! How easy was it?

Hammers And High Heels: Diy Chair Covers: Simple Step By Step To Make Your Own Chair Covers

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How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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And my goal is to help you find practical solutions to everyday problems. Read more about what we do here. Here are easy steps to make a chair cover without a pattern. And also what fabric is better to choose for chair covers.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

How To Cover A Button With Fabric (and Make Your Dining Chairs So Much Cuter)

Believe it or not, I bought this chair from a thrift store for $3. This is an amazing deal and I couldn’t resist a great thrift store product!

The chair was still in great shape, but I wanted to make a cover for it because I didn’t like how it looked in my living room.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

I was embarrassed to put a butt print on a microfiber cloth while I was standing!

Easy Homemade Chair Cover Ideas

At first I thought about painting the upholstery, but I didn’t like the microfiber fabric and didn’t think I would like the texture.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

So even though I’ve never tried anything like this before, I decided to make a fabric case. And it’s not difficult! But I had ancient help.

A few years ago, my mother gave me a book about home decor written in the 1940s. It has many interesting references, methods and ideas from another era.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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I never thought I’d use anything from this book, but it came in handy when I discovered there was a whole section on how to make covers. (Name

I followed the diagrams and instructions in this book and they worked! It is basically a fabric draped over a chair and secured where needed. It’s not hard, it’s simple

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

You want a strong, dense fabric that will withstand the constant wear and tear of sitting on it. The material should be easy to clean and strong enough to hold stitched seams together. 2pcs Simple Modern Yellow Circle Stretch Removable Dining Chair Cover Spandex Elastic Chair Slipcover Dining Room Chair Case For Wedding Hotel Banquet

The upholstery fabric is specially made for wear protection. It is strong enough to hold the seams together even under pressure from people sitting on the case. The material is wider than other fabrics so you can cover more surfaces.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

Don’t use fancy quilting fabrics that most fabric stores accept. They are small in width and very thin in weight.

I wouldn’t go for striped fabric or any other print that matches yours. It can be very difficult for a novice organizer. You will need to line up the pattern on each piece of slipcover you make, and as a result, you will likely need more fabric.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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Choose something with no visible pattern or busy pattern (such as a flower) so that every detail matches each other.

Face to fabric. Thus, when you sew everything up and turn it over, the fabric will be on the front side.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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Boston Accent Chair Covers

1. Lay the fabric over the back of the chair (right side on the chair and wrong side towards you). Pin the fabric to the chair to secure it in place.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

Then cut the fabric to make the detail. You should leave a large seam allowance. For example, cut a chair 2 inches wider than the length and height. This way you will have a lot of seams.

I also trimmed the back to cover my back so I could cut in a straight line without soiling too much fabric on the floor.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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2. Now stretch the fabric over the front of the chair. Make sure the wrong side of the fabric is facing you and the right side is facing the chair.

Attach the front fabric to the backrest pattern, which still needs to be attached to the back of the chair.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

5. You may need to cut a few seams to fit around the curved edge of the upholstered chair.

Patchwork Chairs And Stools To Make

6. Now it’s time to make the chair seat cover. Lay the fabric on the seat and pull on the edges to keep it taut and smooth. If you have a non-removable seat cushion, this should be done.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

Alternatively, you can make a separate cover for the seat cushion. However, if you want to have a covered, removable seat cushion on top of this one-piece chair cover, you can follow this step. If you can remove the seat cushion, measure and cut the fabric from the bottom.

7. Fold in the corners to go around the curved edge of the fabric chair. You can do this by repeatedly folding the fabric until you get a smooth, sleek look.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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8. Now you need to add a length of fabric that will cover the front of the chair. Measure the distance from the seat cushion cover to the bottom of the chair. My chair had a “skirt” or fabric flange from the bottom of the chair to the floor. So I measured a larger allowance where there was no padding, and it went to the fabric skirt. Remember to leave excess fabric for seam allowances.

10. With fabric in hand, continue to make the details of the cover by cutting out the details. If there are curves, you will need to add some folds like you did for the seat cushions.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

11. Now it’s time to assemble the chair cover. Connect all the pieces together around the chair. Dart and fold where needed to ensure a snug and smooth fit. Make sure all pieces are wrong side up.

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12. Now it’s time to sew everything together. Carefully remove the cover from the chair.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

13. After all the seams are sewn, place the cardboard on the chair. The wrong side of the fabric should still be facing out, and all seams should be on the outside. Now it’s time to make sure everything is in order.

Now is the time to start trimming the excess fabric from the seams so that they don’t roll or roll under the finished chair.

How To Make Chair Slipcovers Easy

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