How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

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How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

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How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

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How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

Giant Bean Bag Cover

That's it, it's great I just shared this tutorial. I have homemade bean bags at home, so this is probably the sewing class I pass on the most word of mouth! FINALLY I'm sharing it here!

I'll show you what you need, where to get it, and how to put it together so your giant bean bag chair will last for years to come!

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

1. MEASURE AND CUT A CIRCLE. Starting at your insert, cut two circles that are 170 inches in circumference. I folded my fabric enough to cut 2 at a time. Bean Bag Chairs, Giant Bean Bag Cover, Soft Micro Fiber Bean Bag Chairs For Adults (it Was Only A Cover, Not A Full Bean Bag, No Filler) 6ft Dark Grey Big Bean

The easiest way to measure is with the radius of the circle, which is 27 inches. Cut about 40 inches of rope and tie one end to a handrail or straight rope. This will be your reference.

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

Tie the other end to a piece of chalk or a fabric pencil, making the string exactly 27 inches long from end to end. Find the approximate center of the area on the fabric where you will draw the circle and hold the bent end there. Pull the string tight, then make a perfect circle with the chalk. Cut both circles.

Having a friend who can hold the supports in place will make painting easier.

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

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2. MEASURE AND CUT SQUARE. From each type of fabric, measure and cut two rectangles that are 87″ long and 32″ wide.

3. SEW ONE END OF THE SQUARE. With right sides together, pin and sew the two rectangles on the shorter side (32 inches). You will now have one rectangle that is 32 inches wide x 170+ inches long. Do this for each type of fabric.

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

4. ONE STONE PINE FOR CORNER and SEW SLOTS. With the right sides together, attach a loop to the long side of the rectangle. Sew in place with a 1/4″-1/2″ seam allowance (depending on your fabric/sewing machine. Heavier fabrics should have more seam allowance, but if you have basting, 1/4″ will suffice).

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Sew the short ends of the last rectangle (right sides together) after you attach it to the first loop to make sure they all line up nicely.

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

5. PAIN AND CHIPPER AND BOTTOM SUIT*. With the right sides together, pin the second loop to the bottom of the rectangle, leaving room for the length of the zipper. Pin the zipper in place. (I have a tutorial for the zipper HERE in steps 6-12 of my dress pillow tutorial).

* Adding a zipper to the insert is optional. You can leave 2-3 feet to fill the insert with foam, then sew it on.

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

Home Theater Seating, Giant Bean Bags

6. FILL INSERT WITH FOAM. In your best interest, follow my next tip carefully! Place the foam pack INSIDE the liner before opening and exposing it to air. It expands like crazy and the lather is so static it sticks to everything. When the insert is filled, pin and then sew! (Or zip it if you zipped your locker!)

7. PUT THE MATERIALS INTO THE ENVELOPE. You will be happy to have world class zippers here. Once the insert is in, zip it up and you're done!

How To Make A Giant Bean Bag

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