How To Make A Cable Drum Table

How To Make A Cable Drum Table – I've been dying to start gardening again and this time I made an outdoor coffee table out of an old wooden trailer I found at Yawn. Plus, I created a cozy nook on my deck for outside cups and chats (with my “new” coffee table, so I did…

I've been gardening again and this time I made an outdoor coffee table out of an old wooden rope I found in a shed. Plus, I've created a cozy space for outside drinks and chats on my boat (with the ‘new' coffee table), so here's how…

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

Blimey, garden furniture is expensive, isn't it? It wasn't until I finished installing some decks in my backyard that I started looking into garden center furniture options and

Wire Spool Diy Coffee Table

Of course, I won't spend the rest of my garden moving furniture, because at least I could make something myself. It will be out so it doesn't have to be perfect and I can probably do something decent.

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

If you saw my blog post last week about the wood benches my husband and I made out of chopped planks, you'll know we're on a project, even though I chop wood all day! And these chairs gave me my next project – an outdoor table with a cable loop.

When we built the benches, they sat around the outdoor brass table (I'll be sharing this awesome project soon), but it didn't take long for me to notice how perfectly the benches matched the edge of the deck and the bed. Behind them they made a nice cozy corner to cool off with a cup of coffee (or latte) on a summer evening.

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

Diy Spool Coffee Table

So I put them in place, surrounded by a beautiful charcoal gray outdoor rug that I found at Rug Retailer. This rug does not belong to plastic fabric rugs, but it is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions as well as for indoor use. As you can see in the picture above, Muffin approves of having a carpet outside!

A large rug defines the area to create a more cozy living room – like an outdoor bedroom/living room. Made from non-rotting polypropylene, it's UV-resistant, so it won't fade in the sun, and it's also stain-resistant – perfect for outdoor grilling and drinking. But even with the carpet in place next to the benches, something was missing. The space between the chairs is just crying out for a coffee table.

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

I remember earlier this year we salvaged an old wooden rope from a site and wondered if it would be the right size for a coffee table. I rolled over and yes it was true! I also liked how the gray lettering on top of the dirt resembled the stain used on the floorboards.

Handmade Cable Spool Table By Caveman Carpentry

So, in keeping with the letterpress style, I decided to carefully clean the top and open the edges to make the wood light enough for a coffee table.

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

I decided to add a layer of gray to the center of the spindle to make the top panel stand out. There was a lot of paint left on the shelves so I bought a large tub of garden paint as a small tub was £8 at B&M and a large tub was only £9.99. So of course I chose the size!

Although I can turn it sideways to fit, I decided to move it on casters for easier movement. I rolled it on a small rocker and four wheels that I had previously bought from IKEA but never used for the collection in my office.

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

Farmhouse Wood Spool Table 20 36 Hairpin &

This cable table was probably the quickest and easiest game build I've ever done – and that's largely due to the ‘as is' industrial aspect. We hung festive lights in my cozy nook (yes, I watched too much Love Island again) to soften the nights.

Instead of solar powered, these lights are standalone solar lights to provide more light and help extend your time in the garden at night. And only £10 for 20 string lights – I put two here for my dog's length (which we did but couldn't switch off).

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

I also styled the outside of the den last month with bench cushions from Wayfair and two throw pillows from VonHaus earlier this year.

Repurposed Wire Spool Ideas

What do you think of my cozy corner that I just finished? I've already enjoyed my first drink on the new coffee table and it's the perfect size and height for the space. Plus, if our rug wants to roll on the dance floor, I can roll sideways!

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

If you have, let me know how the woodball swings in the comments below. And I'd love to hear about any ways you've saved some money in the garden – any profitable hacks are greatly appreciated.

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How To Make A Cable Drum Table

He Lugs Home An Old Cable Drum. When He Sets It Up In His Living Room? I Love It!

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How To Make A Cable Drum Table

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How To Make A Cable Drum Table


If you find my DIY projects or blog posts helpful, buy me a cup of tea. This helps ensure that the content is free for everyone and can be used without ads! I really enjoy the process of recycling and restoring worn items. It feels so good to give them a new life and purpose. For example, we took this old rope boat and moved it to our new table!

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

Repurposed Wooden Cable Spool

Well, I'll admit it… I was mostly an assistant, although I did a lot of sanding and helped with disassembly. But where I really hone my skills is working as an executive… safe… with a cold beer in hand.

The reel took off after us. Three metal rods were held in the middle with metal caps and nuts at each end. We begged for the walnuts, took out the poles and were left with two large wooden bowls and a bunch of short boards.

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

The metal ends that hold the table together are rusting on the outside. Then I gave them some fine sand to clean it up.

Industrial Spool Table

There were many spikes on the surface of the wooden disc. For us, this is done first by angle grinding and then by SANDING

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

Here we have to explain that while we produced only one table, 3 coils of cable were wound in our yard. Not all parts of a spindle are that bad… but 3 gets a bit boring after a while (.

Each wooden disc had a 3.5 inch hole in the center. If we use this design for a board, we don't want anything to happen, so we made a small hole in a circle cut from a small piece of wood. We used wood staple glue to fix it and hammered some nails as a measure. One nice thing about the sanding session was that the plug was flush with the rest of the board before the dark stain was applied.

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

Stencil A Rustic Side Table

We applied several coats of Watco Danish Oil in Black Walnut for a dark finish. It didn't blend well with the wood in some places, but it wasn't super noticeable when everything else was removed.

Since the table will be outside year-round, we also applied a coat of Minwax

How To Make A Cable Drum Table

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